Okayyyyy so I just reached 10k followers!!! And I’m soooooo happy. I decided to make a new follow forever even though I don’t like to call it ‘follow forever’ because things happen and people change and sometimes I have to unfollow someone :/ BUT at the moment I love every blog that I see on my dash. I love my mutuals, I love my followers, I love everyone. I know I talk a lot of shit on my blog but I always try to be nice and most of the time I live in my happy niall/nouis bubble. So thank you for following me!! and thank you for talking to me :) I talk to so many of my mutuals and it makes me really happy because I love you all. I love tumblr and I’m not going anywhere because I love niall and this band way too much. So here are my favorite blogs and you should definitely follow all of them because they are amazing. bold: you’re one of my best friends and/or one of my favorite blogs. Sooo yeah :) THANK YOU! ♥ (and please don’t hate me if you can’t find your url in this list. I still love you and you’re wonderful)

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Punishing Leo?? damn Ravi calm down

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14 Embarassing Things Girls Who Are Bad At Flirting Do

Flirting is one of those things that you’re either great at or horrible at. Once you get the hang of it, flirting with someone comes naturally and feels pretty easy – but until you get to that point, flirting can be your worst nightmare. And chances are, if you’re a girl who is bad at flirting, you know it. You know it, and it tortures you. On paper, you’re amazing: beautiful, smart, talented, and fun. But in real life, you push possible partners away by being awkward, shy, timid, and maybe standoffish. You send out a million tiny signals that you’re not actually interested (or that you’re way too interested) when you want to do the opposite. Your flirting skills need some work!