Tokyo Ghoul Fandom Schedule

Friday: Freak out about potential spoilers, cry

Saturday: Explode over new chapter, cry

Sunday: Talk excitedly about new translations, cry

Monday: Start to calm down and look at new fanart, cry

Tuesday: Calm down and talk about shipping and fanfiction, cry

Wednesday: Argue about irrelevant bullshit like someone’s shoes in chapter 27, cry

Thursday: Wait restlessly for spoilers and throw out theories, cry

rinse and repeat

‘I didn’t expect to get Casanova at all,’ he says. 'When I saw the list of people up for it I thought, “Oh well, it will go to the beautiful boys.”’

And that’s not how you see yourself?

'I don’t think I am, no. What?’

Nothing, I’m just raising a sceptical eyebrow. Have you not read any of the press that’s put you in that category?

'I genuinely don’t think I am, I’ve never read anything that suggests I might be … whatever you’re suggesting,’ he mumbles.