hah sorry y'all

Guess who just got rejected for not one, not two, but three jobs!

That’s right. All of the workplaces I applied to have officially turned me down.

Starbucks ran out of space, which I totally understand.

My local pool turned me down, as they were only accepting people who were certified to teach lessons. Again, I can’t help that, totally forgiveable.

But then… a small Halloween Store officially turned me down for being trans. Like, seriously? This is 20-heckin-17, people. They wanted me to use my birthname and wear the female uniform (which happens to be a form-fitting dress). So I told them no, and they immediately said there was no chance of having a trans worker in their crew. How messed up is that?

I dunno guys… I wish I could live off commissions but the income isn’t steady enough… If you get a chance, could you maybe take a look over on that page? I’m officially between jobs for who knows how long, and I hate being so desperate.

*Losses steam on a piece*
*looks at clock; reads 12 am*
*Sees I have 500 followers*
*Decides to post unfinished sketch*

In all seriousness guys, thank you so much for 500 followers!! I think I’m gonna take things a bit slow because I might have overloaded myself with things to draw since finishing my first semester of college heh. So thank you all so much to sticking with me through and through! It means the world to me!