hah thank you!

Something simple and tender to add to the festive season

Happy Holidays!! 🎄😚❤️🎁☃️


FFXV Cosplay - Noctis and Ardyn

FINISHED! We are finished!!! Mentally and cosplay-wise! I cant believe the costumes are finished to wear. And I cant wait to wear them actually! HAH!

Thank you very much for following our progress, for sending motivation and encouragement! For tipps and likes. <3 You are truly the best!

So next will be REAL photos with this two trash-cans. :D Please look forward to it!

The last pictures are Make-up tests only, because we had to train a bit more. And some Ardynoct shenanigans issued… >.>” (do you want to see that?)

Hairu: Koori-senpai!

Hairu: Sorry to keep you waiting! I was able to finish up all the lab work so I’m lucky!
Ui: Hairu. Sorry to make you go all the way here.

Hairu: When we walk together side by side…
Ui: Hm?

Hairu: We look like a double kokeshi doll, don’t we?
Ui: Ah… yeah. What’s up with that?

Hairu: Hah~ That was delicious! Thank you for the food!
Ui: It’s nothing. Oh, right.

Ui: This is for you.
Hairu: ?
Ui: A hairclip.
Ui: …I’m not sure if you’re going to use it but, it’s a Christmas present.
Ui: I bought it a earlier.

Hairu: Ehehe~

Hairu: I’ll show it off to Arima-san!
Ui: Right.

Hairu: Let’s go with everyone next year!
Ui: Yep, next year again.

anonymous asked:

If you are taking requests can you do a sparrowshipping? I really like your artstyle.

I’ve actually been wanting to draw sparrowshipping for a long time so this was a very good excuse..! (I got a little carried away with it hah..) Thank you for both the request and the compliment!


The ending song that gave me so much feels.
At first I am like… What is this? I don’t remember these scenes in the anime. Then it hit me.
It’s Ichigo, in Rukia’s POV. As if all Rukia saw was Ichigo. GOSH. IR is truly spoiled AF
And just so, studio pierrot did a very good job for the nice art for this ending I mean look at that hot stuff! Hah
Thank you Studio Pierrot. And director Abe. You rock guys!!!

Bleach ending theme 26
Song for by ROOKiEZ is PUNKD

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you share your skin care routine? Your skin just look so good!

oh really hah thank you I do not think so tho.
I remember I shared once but I changed all my routines this winter.
But my routine is still pretty simple, as I have troublesome and sensitive skin that I hate a lot, I’d rather keep everything simple.

Shiseido Perfect Whip (I still use oatmeal + water for face washing every other day) →  LUSH Tree Water Toner  →  MUJI Skin Moisturizing Milk Light 

For peeling, I use baking soda + water for nose for twice a week.
Recently I find Meishoku DET CLEAR is quite nice for face peeling, it is suggested to use twice every week but I don’t have serious sebum problems & becos I have sensitive skin, rn I just use it when I remember its existence lol

And I am kind of lazy so I do only two, or three, mask skincare every week, one for moisturizing, one for whitening. Basically I only use MINON, barrier repair,  this, tofu mask & greentea mask and this or Hada Labo for whitening!

And and I think eating habits are super important, I do not eat beef (and rarely chicken) cos they are not really good for skin, I’m not into fried food too. Actually sweets are not good for skin too but anyway nothing can stop me from eating ice-cream & cakes. Lastly old saying, water water water!

That’s it c:
Hope it helps a little bit!


i was tagged by my dear friend @orsonkraennic to post my home and lockscreen, the last song i listened to, and the last selfie i took ! thanK YOU HELIX 💗💦💗✨ (i love these kind of tag games)

i tag @psycho99-universe @snowrose42 @sayana-chan @rioshiny and anyone who wants to do this !!! 💗


Tour de Hamburg - 800 Follower special! 

Yes! I’ve done it, here’s the 800 follower special of me giving a short tour through the beautiful city of Hamburg! I was happy the weather played along and I even got myself some candy. I couldn’t resist. And uh, I kinda failed at the english language today, oops. But please enjoy! 

Thanks again for 800 followers! And now let’s aim for the 1000! HAH! 

((Also a big thank you from mun! I never thought I’d get this many followers and I’m so happy to see that you guys like my weird shit i post haha. I really enjoyed making this video and a special thanks to @hyraxas for filming!))