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So, a hundred million years ago, when I was a lil baby fic writer who thought my brief period of easy, endless creative activity would never fade (HAH) I promised a bunch of things to a bunch of people. One of those things was an AU in which Steve was FBI & Tony was NCIS, they do a collaborated case & sparks fly. I’ve never watched NCIS and at this point probably never will. Enjoy this anyway? Also, at the time the requester’s username was “waytopretty”, but that is no longer a valid tumblr username and I don’t remember if they ever told me what it was changed to, so if you’re the person let me know <3

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Visit - (Reader x The Winter Soldier)
Word count: 677

A/N: I bashed this out on my phone too because it needed to be MADEEEEEEEE~ Nat and Clint are so funny~

“He mentioned you today.” At your surprised expression, Camille nodded. You had found out that she had spearheaded the team of agents that had brought the Winter Soldier on site. “Well, it was more like he described a woman who looked exactly like you and talked a lot.”

Hah… Of course that would be the thing he remembered about you.

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Hey shyseoul remember how I said I’d draw you something a million years ago (probably 2 months) …yeah I finally did it. you’re really a lovely person and I seriously appreciate it that you notice when I post art and actually say nice things about it . ♡ I can only offer art as a thank you for kindness hah

cryptic-stars  asked:

Hm how would you all propose to your s/o?

Ruki: When the time is ready I will take her out to her favourite restaurant, make sure she is comfortable with the activities we do before proposing.

Kou: Since I’m an idol, people will find out any ways… So something big~! Something everyone will remember! 

Yuma: Hah? Proposing to Sow…? I’ll just ask her in my garden. It’s romantic right…? It’s just a ring and a piece of paper after all…!

Azusa: Eve-san would need… something special… maybe we could… do some things… she likes… and then… I’ll ask…?

ho ly crap I have been here forever. I always hoped I’d still be around 4 years later when I made this blog and today proves it, so how’s that for achieving goals ayy. so today (31/1/16) marks the 4 year anniversary of the blog, and I remember exactly where I was when I started setting it up (in a business class in college hah I’m such a great student pfft), and I’m super happy to still be here. so so many things have happened over the years, mostly good some iffy but that’s just a part of it. there are so many of you out there who have helped make this blog an amazing place for me, I wouldn’t have had half as good a time here without you lovely lot. 

@datseabass my wife from across the sea who I love with everything I have. she’s my world and I adore her, she saved my blog more than once and continues to make Loki & I incredibly happy. she’s so so dedicated to her muse, she is Jane Foster (or Jane Fister as I always accidentally type hah). I swear you should break into Marvel and tell them exactly how Jane should be written because no one does it better than you. And Jane makes Loki beyond happy. My miserable little cactus who will slaughter a feather for landing on him will happily curl up on her lap forever. we’ve been through so much and I’m so glad to call you my best friend and my wife, I love you very very much <3

and here’s a list of super awesome, incredible people I consider close friends, people I’ve really enjoyed threading with over the past four years, some that inspire me and some I stalk and admire from afar.

@lilylacey, @txssxract, @batteryheart, @varakaar, @bossiisms@kilgrvve, @smartcst, @oftwileks@lionswrath, @floweriisms@adangerouspsychopath, @miiserably, @viiduam, @cxrsedlife, @motherofasgard, @hisbestgiirl, @degeneris@aroseofyork, @consultingspiderinwestwood, @thrungva@fatherofasgard@deadliing, @agentxthirteenx, @virginiapxtts, @majesticloki, @xgamora, @neighbcr, @nachzehrerr, @bxthory, @qxill, @xaedificare, @unseenmockingjay, @creatureofmagic, @evilreine, @pureironking, @wcrldaflame, @indiianbrave, @laceriis, @iindiscriminate, @crxella, @wonnderiism, @consvltant, @twelveminutesoldier, @xstrange, @weaselkiing, @republici, @iletyouseeme, @thedestrcyer, @shortfuscd, @liifes, @pyatnakrcvi, @toughcup, @inevitablc, @zsoldat, @bbcmycroft, @cadaverics, @youmaythinkyouknowme, @swordsheath, @wiickedly, @toflynext, @runawayncble, @soliitudo & my blogroll.