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  • Ayato: pinning Yui against the wall
  • Ayato: being pretty scary and menacing tbh
  • Ayato: we're having pancakes for dinner tonight
  • Later that day
  • Everyone: eating pancakes at the dinner table
  • Yui: Ayato why did you tell me we'd be having breakfast for dinner in such a weird way???

Was there ever a chance of a romance between you and Beth working out? 
               There was definitely a taste of it in the air

The Owl

He always expected it would be like floating and for a time, perhaps, it was. Floating between dimensions and time frames, seeing all of history blink in and out at once. He sees it all, witnesses everything, and thinks how horrifyingly tragic it is for a demon to actually keep true to his word.

Then, it was more like swimming, slogging, drowning, fighting. The fun never lasts forever, and he was out of his league by a billion different times and cities and constellations. He was stuck, sequestered, forever doomed to roam an eternity of various Purgatories. He had committed the crime and he was paying for it in his own, twisted way. Nobody would have to remember his sins. 

But someone did; and that someone sought him out. Bill. He knew the name well, he knew of deals and blue flame and a frightening omnipotence hidden behind the mask of a benign, sanguine shape. Bill sought him out, he knew, and it wouldn’t be long before he was fighting for his life, jumping dimensions, trying desperately to get himself out of the punishment he had created for himself.

He doesn’t know how long the tug-of-war with the demon lasted. Maybe just days or hours, stretching forever into the infinite horizon. Maybe it was years, a battle exhausting for both of them, a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.  How could he hope to even gain an upper hand on a being of pure energy, not flesh and bone? When that was all he was; still human, still frail, still fragile in his tiny mortality. He’s all too aware that he could die in this place, but he knows Bill won’t allow it. He’s too important for the plan. He’s stuck on the wheel. His fate is sealed. 

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((I was all fresh out on starter ideas I mean Damn xD, maybe we could do an AU where we're rebels against the government? Because that seems frickking awesome x3! So again sorry for the horrific starter:P)) Taylor stalked down a side alleyway, it was around the time they were meant to meet up and so far, she didn't see anyone. She lurked around in a circle while checking the time every five seconds, where was she? (( be whichever oc you want x3))

[[Ooooh, that sounds interesting hah. AUs are always awesome ;3 If this one doesn’t go well I have lots of AUs and plot ideas on my blog]]

Ruby slips into place from the other side of the alley, pausing before reaching over and tapping Taylor lightly on the arm. “Sorry for the wait.”


they’re not even next to each other but still…  ̄∀ ̄;

Each night, or day, whenever Dominic was sleeping and she was bored, or Dom went out to do his own thing, Ava went ahead and played around on his tablet, looking at different things. His explanations served her well and cured her curiosity for the most part, but they hadn’t done anything since the first time. It didn’t occur to her that he could’ve possibly been getting his fix elsewhere, but it didn’t really matter- she was content with lounging around on the beach, exploring the island, and then looking at all sorts of different things. At the moment, she was lid on her belly on the bed, playing some sort of app game. She knew she could explore porn with him around, but she didn’t want to make him uncomfortable, if that was even possible, so for now she was trying to waste some time.

It was late morning, and she figured they’d be having a lazy day at the hotel today- they weren’t able to go out to the beach due to a storm that was raging outside; the rain was coming down like there was no tomorrow. “Dom,” She called out, practically whining. “I’m bored. Can we do something so I don’t fall asleep?”