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Hi so i have a few requests if thats okay. 1. Evil! Tony where he has secretly been working with loki or something like that. 2. teen AU theres still the avengers and all but they are teens, and lokis good. 3. avengers meeting lokis kids with frostiron. Sorry if thats too much I'm just having trouble finding these things. Thank you

Me when I first got this ask: this is totally not too much, you are fine, this gives me more opportunities to read
Me now: This! Took! So! Fucking! Long! I’m! So! Sorry!


*cracks knuckles* alright friend, ive got at least a couple recs on here with that first request- dark tony working with loki in this rec list, particularly 3, 6, 7, and 9.

Now! teen/hs aus w/ the avengers. those are gonna be a bit harder lol. All of these don’t necessarily have the Avengers, but then I would have virtually no fics for this part of the rec ajkdhlfa

  1. And Everyone Knew Except Them- miaao3, G or T, No Warnings. It started as a stupid joke; Tony smacked a kiss on Loki to freak out a homophobe, except everything went belly up as soon as Loki started kissing back.
    I loved this?? So Much???? I’m so sad mia isn’t writing anymore :(
  2. What? Wait… What?- msMynx, Mature, No Warnings. Loki is entirely too busy to even think about prom. Prom is what other people did, not him.
    Hilarious, honestly. Totally something that could happen in canon, imo.
  3. I’m Your Guy- STARSdidathing, G, No Warnings. “You might be gay, but he likes girls, Loki.”
    Thor is a bad bro sometimes, and Tony is awesome.
  4. It Just Sort Of Happened- Potrix, T, No Warnings Apply (Mentions of drug abuse, mentions of attempted suicide, mentions of overdosing)
    Sometimes, Loki learns, getting in trouble is just the first step of something new and wonderful.
    Buddy,,,, this was,,,,,,,,,  angsty and wonderful

This one was difficult and annoying, bc I found Loki’s kids meeting Avengers with frostiron, but it was badly written, or gross, or some kind of shit imo. Then I found meeting Loki’s kids with frostiron! But barely any Avengers, SO, Buddy, I Tried. Honestly, this was the section that took the longest alsdkjf. (A note, I didnt go as in depth for this tag as i have for others bc i thought i spent enough time on it, but here is the link to the search terms i used. Therefore, a lot of the fics on this sec are pretty new, and im sure there are plenty of other good ones in the tag, i simply kinda didnt feel like reading them)

  1. Loki’s Brood (series)- Raven_Ehtar, T, (Past) Rape/Non-con, (Flashback) Graphic Violence (IMO violence is not that bad, and to me the non-con was glossed over)
    After the trial in Asgard for his various crimes, Loki Laufeyson walks away estranged from his people and burdened with tasks to amend his past wrongs. In so doing he also walks away with his three children - Fenrir, Hela and Jörmungandr - taking them out of the hands of the Æsir. He entrusts them to Tony Stark, much to everyone’s surprise, and what could have been a disaster turns out to work out remarkably well for everyone involved. At least most of the time.
    This entire series was amazing, I loved it, I want more right now, thank you very much. (This one has the most kids+avengers)
  2. Crossing the Line (series)- pristineungift, M, No Warnings/Graphic Violence.
    Tony Stark may not know it, but he is Loki’s.
    Not in a creepy way tho! Imo, at least lkasdf. I really loved this series honestly. Also, Angst :’> (More… adult ‘kids’, and mostly avengers tbh)
  3. Hel is Other People- Moosepelheim, M, Graphic Violence.
    “So what if I ate the cheeseburger?” Tony shouts, throwing a wrench at Loki’s head. The bastard dodges it easily as he stalks closer. “That doesn’t mean I belong to you!”
    “Oh, not to me,” Loki says lowly, a smile like honey slowly spreading its way across his face. “But with me? Surely you’ve heard of Persephone.”
    “A cheeseburger isn’t some fucking mystical pomegranate, you smirking lunatic.” It isn’t, it just isn’t. Not even close. “You aren’t even Greek!” he adds, throwing another wrench which is dodged just as easily.
    Loki spreads his hands wide, posing like the showman he is. “I think you’ll find that a pomegranate symbolizes the fruit of the dead. Your cheeseburger, made of dead flesh, was topped with fruit. It’s close enough for the symbolism to bind.”
    “Ah-hah! There’s no fucking fruit on a cheeseburger,” Tony says triumphantly, finger pointing accusingly at Loki. “I fucking win, no going back to crazy town with you. I stay here in my workshop, and you fucking leave before I call the Avengers.”
    “Oh Stark,” Loki murmurs, almost affectionately. “A tomato is a berry, you ignorant fool.”
    I’m fucking counting this bc this is one of my faves and Im justifying it by the fact that Loki’s kids are in it, albeit as adults, and more towards the end than anything else.

These last three are pretty much Loki+kids+Tony, no Avengers. But they’re all lovely nonetheless, and I would love more of these kinds of fics

  1. Hidden Within- Lynds (Incomplete, updating regularly), T, Chose No Warnings.
    Tony’s on the verge of giving up when he stumbles into Lucas and his large brood of troubled children. He knows they’re on the run, but frankly, he’s not going to live very much longer, so he doesn’t care. He just wants to hang out with the hot guy with stunning green eyes and crazy kids, and maybe fall in love with all of them. Just a little.
    When Loki finds out he isn’t Odin’s son, he washes his hands of the lot of them. He steals his children back from their prison and takes them on the run, hiding their true nature and magic in a mortal form. But then Tony comes to their aid one day, and he has to choose between keeping his children safe and hidden, and releasing his magic to save the life of a man he might be falling for.
    This is the best of the ones I read, no lie, and even tho its super new it deserves to be on this list.
  2. Late Again- andquitefrankly, G, No Warnings.
    Single dad’s Tony and Loki always bring their kids late to school. And those kids see something that they don’t: love.
    Def Loki’s kids, and… kinda an oc for Tony’s kid? However, this was delightful, and light, and fluffy. Exactly what I needed after some of the other angst heavy ones on this list.
  3. Forming a Family- siver_drip, T, No Warnings.
    Odin cast Loki’s children through space and time. Tony finds Hela.
    Seeing dad!Tony was amazing, I loved it, and Hela was a wonderful little hellion, whom I adore. More pre-slash than anything during the story

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Hi~~ Can you do the skinship timeline with Jimin, please? :) Thank you! ♥️

I haven’t started writing or even thinking about this yet but I predict I will die of bias feels midway. SO. Lets get started. This is going to be long.

Holding hands: everyone knows jiminnie wants to hold hands and he will definitely really want to hold hands – so much so that he will practically be…I don’t know how to say this…hungry for it? HE’D JUST REALLY REALLY WANT TO HOLD HANDS SEE everything else be damned and he really really wants to do it as soon as possible because he strikes me as the type to want to show off to the world HEY LOOK THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND with the help of PDA and literally the only thing that would probably be a halting factor would be the fear that he’d come off as too pushy and that you’d leave him because of that which hah why would you because excuse me um Park fucking Jimin but back to the point. He’d think and think and think and just about kill himself over how badly he wants to hold your hand but IS THIS THE RIGHT TIME HAVE YOU PROGRESSED ENOUGH WITH YOUR RELATIONSHIP?? Eventually it’ll get so much he’d just ask you like hey can I hold your hand? Which you wouldn’t refuse because like I said, PARK JIMIN and then he’d give you this smile this really cute heartmelting smile that reminds you of a kid who you just gave candy to and then he’d reach out shyly and take your hand AND HE’D BE SO CONCERNED ABOUT IT TOO LIKE WHAT IF MY HAND IS TOO SWEATY OR CLAMMY BUT I CANT GIVE UP THIS OPPORTUNITY and it’d be so awkward and so embarrassing and you’d practically feel the awkwardness and the insane amount of happiness radiating off of him and basically here starts the time where your hand practically belongs in Jimin’s

Hugging: skinshippy boy who just needs all sorts of physical contact BUT JUST CANNOT BRING HIMSELF TO INITIATE IT– he’d gather up all his courage to hug you when you’re not looking but just then you’d turn and smile and he’d feel it all drain away and he’d hate you so much for reducing him to such a desperate state. He’d keep trying to convince himself hey its okay she wouldn’t mind BUT OH GOD WHAT IF SHE DOES until eventually he finds himself sitting next to you watching a movie or something and he just stretches and does that arm around hug thing AND HE TOTALLY DOESN’T MEAN TO but you think he did it on purpose because he wants to hug you and you’d shift until you’re leaning against his shoulder AND THAT IS WHEN HIS BRAIN PROCESSES WHAT IS HAPPENING oh she’s leaning against me and my arm is over there and oh shit oh shit oh shitttttt and then he’d force himself to pull his arm down until it’s around you and you’d snuggle closer and then he’d just be elated like I HUGGED HER FUCK YEAH I’M THE MAN

Kissing: I think this won’t take much time tbh. Most likely he’d take you out on what would be like your fourth maybe fifth date and you’d just be sitting there and laughing about something and he’d lean across the table and kiss you – yes in front of everyone – and you’d just be so shocked and embarrassed and happy and he’d apologize to you like I’M SORRY I COULDN’T HELP IT and you’d just smile and laugh at him and everything would go back to normal but he’d spend the rest of the date being worried about it until he leaves you at your doorstep and you stop him when he turns to go by pulling at his collar and kissing him full on the mouth. He’d definitely make some greasy comment about it like “you just cant resist me at all can you” (to which you should be sassy and reply with “you cant resist me either” and tease him very sexually – I’m sorry back to the the point..) but he’d be shy about it and would still be shy with every kiss you give him for a really long time after that and he’d TOTALLY be into giving you small cheek kisses in front of the rest of Bangtan (something that would embarrass you, disgust them and give jimin an ego boost)

Cuddling oh baby he’d want this so quickly he wouldn’t even wait too long he’d be all for showing up at your place on what he deems are “good cuddling days” and he’d just sit on the couch/bed and pull you with him and wrap the blanket around you and tell you how much he loves you and just give you these really cute kisses and make greasy comments (he’s so famous for that jimin you shitface) and you’d just really love him so much at that point you’d kiss him all over his face to see him grin shyly at you and basically cuddling with jimin would be something you would look forward to every week ALSO I THINK YOU CAN MOST PROBABLY GET HIM TO AGREE WITH WHATEVER YOU WANT HIM TO AGREE WITH YOU ON WHILE CUDDLING because skinship is jiminnie’s weakness and he’d do anything for you at that point

Making out this would take time. He’d think about it frequently but he wouldn’t really dwell on it as such. It’d be a thing he’d expect to happen sure but it might not necessarily happen in a relationship. It’s a semi-sexual thing to do and he wouldn’t want to go too far with someone he might not really last with. He’d hold out as long as he can and I think he’d probably wait for at least 5 or 6 months before he just cannot hold himself back one day and it just happens. He’d DEFINITELY be intensely greasy about it oh my god he’d so so so smirk at you when you part all breathless and panting I can almost imagine it—it’d still be pretty infrequent at first but then as your relationship progresses and you become more serious about the thing then I guess it’d get more of a recurrent thing

Sex would be a HUGE deal for him. It’d be something almost taboo until you’re at a certain point in your relationship. Tbh I think Jimin would actually be the most aware of the sanctity of sex - that’s just my opinion tho, that sex is a kind of sacred act, people might disagree with me on this, but I feel idk that Jimin would agree that sex is a big big big thing. It wouldnt necessarily happen in a relationship, like with making out. He’d actually sit and weigh the pros and cons of going that far with someone – are you the right person? Has your relationship gone that far? Would you be okay with it? Is HE okay with it? Eventually, when he decides that sex with a certain someone is something that he’d actually be okay with at a certain point in time, he’d still delay the matter and most probably hint something about it, until he finds out that you’re okay with it too. Now there’s mutual consent and he can actually go ahead and have sex with you. And this is where his greasiness and teasing starts oh god there would be no end. He’d get his fair share of teasing from your side, sure sure, no doubt about that but he’s so cheesy god help me he’d be so gentle and sexual and inappropriate at every moment of the day. He’d go for sexting at first – when he knows you’re in public – before slowly progressing to phone sex and basically just telling you how much he’s desperate and just you wait and then eventually naughty touches during cuddling which would also be taken outside of cuddling and in public, LIKE EXCUSE YOU JIMIN GET YOUR FUCKING FOOT AWAY FROM MY PRIVATES WE ARE AT A RESTAURANT—but the actual sex would be carefully planned and gentle and cautious. First time. Second time. Third time. And now you are in for a regular feeding of your sex drive get your vaginas ready goddammit jimin how dare you destroy me like this

I knew I’d die. Hello guys this is my soul.


You Break Up with him bc of the Other Boys

Hellooooo, so someone wanted this with the other boys. Here it is! :3 -Alex


“Calum, you still owe me 100 bucks from last time. Pay up!” Ash snickered to Calum.

 Calum face palmed. “I dont have a hundred, man!”

Ash pouted. “Well fine then, you have to pay me some other way.”

“How?” Calum groaned.

Ash was silent, thinking of ways to torture Calum.
His eyes landed on you, Luke’s girlfriend, and he grinned wickedly.
“You have to flirt with Y/N non stop, as hardcore flirting as possible, for the next two weeks.”

Calum groaned. “You’re fucking evil.”

So, for the next week, he did. From complimenting you on your outfit, to staring at you while you bent to tie your shoe. Calum flirted with you blatantly and thoroughly.

And it didn’t go unnoticed by Luke.

He got in the habit of watching Calum, and smacking the back of his head when he checked you out. He laughed it off the first few times, but he was really upset about it. Calum was his supposed to be his best friend, not his rival in love. He didn’t want to make a big deal out of it though, it would just start a fight.

But one day… he snapped.
Calum had been staring and winking for a while now, and Luke was pouting. You pecked his lips and got up to get him a soda from the mini fridge behind Calum.

And when you bent, Calums hand was on your butt.

You shot up and squealed, and Calum laughed. You wanted to say something, but didnt want Luke to get mad at you for starting something. So you laughed while a blush covered your cheeks, and before you knew it Calum was on the floor.

Luke stood above him, his eyes flickering back and forth between you two.

“What the FUCK, Calum!?”

“Dude, it-“

“I don’t want to hear it!! What the hell is the matter with you!!”

“Luke-” you started, but he cut you off too.

“And you too! Why do you never say anything to stop him!? What, are you seeing him behind my back or something!?” He yelled.

“No! Of course not, Luke-“

“Dont lie to me!!” He screeched, his hands flying to his hair. The room grew silent, all eyes on him.

“We’re done, Y/N.” He said quietly.

“Luke, dont-” Calum began, having risen from the floor.

“Shut up.” Luke said sternly. “Get out, Y/N, go.”

With cloudy eyes, you did.

As soon as you stepped out of the house, Luke lowered his hands from his eyes and stared at Calum. His eyes welled up and it didn’t take long for them to be streaking down his cheeks.

“There.” He said. “Now we don’t have a reason to fight.”

“Luke, Y/N didn’t- “

“Dont say her name. Just pretend you never knew her. I don’t want the reminder.”

And then he left the room, and it wasn’t long before his sobs flowed to the living room.

The boys all looked at eachother and breathed the same word.


“Mike, you coming out tonight?” Ashton asked. They were all perched in Michael’s living room, like always, eating junk food, like always.

“Probably not, Y/N wanted to see a movie so I dont think I can.”

“Oh, what movie?”

“She’s been wanting to see Big Hero since she saw the trailer for it.”

“Aw, dude, that movie looks so good, I’ve been wanting to see it too.” Calum said.

Against his better judgment, Michael asked the question. “You guys wanna come with?”

Calum’s face lit up and he nodded. “You sure? Will Y/N be okay with it?” Luke asked, glancing away from the video game on the TV.

“Yeah, she wont mind. She loves you guys.”

And you did. You absolutely adored the boys, they were your best friends. But.. you didn’t want to spend every moment you had with Michael with them.

Sometimes it just feels like your in a relationship with the whole band rather than just Michael. And a lot of girls would want that, but not you. So when you were told they were all going, you were obviously upset.

But you smiled tightly at them and slid into the car. The boys babbled on in the back, talking louder than you’d liked. Michael slid his fingers into yours and murmured a quiet “what’s wrong?”. You shook your head and smiled, squeezing his hand. You weren’t in the mood to argue.

When you stepped into the theater, Ashton was quick to loudly point one thing out. “GUYS WE HAVE THE WHOLE ROOM TO OURSELVES! HELL YEAH!”

You sighed and took a seat next to Michael, and the Calum plopped next to you, reaching over you for the popcorn. You dusted the bits that fell onto you offf your dress and waited for the film to play.

As the trailers dragged on, the boys grew restless. It wasn’t long before Luke was standing on his chair after Ashton dared him to see if he could jump over to the seats behind them with his long legs. Calum and Michael were laughing hysterically and you were annoyed to say the least.

You held it together pretty well for as long as you could though. But the feeling of cold soda spilling over your new dress that you realized you didn’t want this. “Oh shit, Y/N, I’m so sorry!” Luke said, getting off the seat.

You shook your head and stood up, taking off your soaked cardigan.

“Babe, you okay?” Michael asked, standing up.

You shook your head. “No. Take me home.”

“Y/N, I really didnt mean it, I’m- ”

“Its fine, Luke. I just want to go home.” So Michael gathered everyone in the car and drove to your house.

When you arrived, he got out to walk you to your door and he followed you in. “I’m sorry you couldn’t see the movie.” He said quietly.

“Michael, we need to talk.” His face paled and he swallowed.


“This isn’t working out anymore.” His eyes shut tight and he ran a hand through his hair.

“What?” His voice cracked, and even you could tell he was about to break.

“I’m sorr-”

“No, no, no, no!” He yelped out, covering his ears. “What did I do, Y/N, I’ll fix it, just dont make me listen to those words. Please.” He flung himself onto you and wrapped his arms around your torso, nuzzling into you.

“Michael when I agreed to date you I didn’t mean your whole band. I can’t do this, it’s not fair.” You bit back your own waterworks.

“Please.” He sobbed. You pushed him off and rolled your eyes.

“You have to go now, Mike.”

“Don’t be so cold.” He said in whimpers.

“I’ll be better, just please.” You eventually pushed him out of the house, and the guys all bolted to his side when they saw him trying to fight his way in.

“What happened!?” Ashton asked you when Calum and Luke got him into the car.

“I broke up with him.”


It had been a long day. You had gotten into an argument with a customer, and was nearly fired. The only reason you weren’t was because the store had already lost three people and were severely short staffed. All you wanted was a nap. A nice, long, uninterrupted nap.

Clearly, that wasn’t gonna happen. As soon as you stepped into the house you heard Michael’s gaming screams, Calum laughing so hard you were afraid he might stop breathing, Luke strumming a guitar and singing wildly, and Ashton popping popcorn. Your headache worsened.

“Y/N’s here!” Luke yelled out.

“Now she can make us food!” Ashton smiled and made his way over to kiss you.

“I cant today, sorry Luke. I’m heading up to take a nap-”

“Aw, please Y/N! Be a good girlfriend and make your boyfriend and his best friends fooooood!” He laughed, and Ashton tried to hide it, but he laughed too.

“Sorry. Ash, I might head over to my moms instead, can I borrow your car?”

“What happened to yours?”

You sighed. “It started leaking water halfway here and got really hot. Can you take a look at it later?” You couldn’t deal with this right now and it was frustrating you.

“Hah! You crashed it right? Pfft, women and their driving fails.” Ash stifled a laugh and handed you his keys.

“You’re actually gonna let her go?! Come on man, tell her to make us fooood, she’s the girl, isn’t she? You’re the man of the house!” Luke bubbled out a giggle, not noticing what effect his words had on you.

Ash rolled his eyes. “Ignore him, he’s drunk.”

You scoffed. “Right.”

“Hey, Y/N, when you get back will you give me a foot massage?” He carried on with his manipulating manner that just made you want to slap him. Obviously you wouldn’t, you weren’t that rude.

“Dude, shut up.” Calum laughed nervously, noticing how offensive his phrases were to you. You were fuming when Ashton sent Luke a playful thumbs up.

“Are you just gonna let him talk to me like that?” You finally asked, gritting your teeth and throwing your arms up.

Ashton smiled, wrapping a hand around your waist. “C’mon, babe. He’s only joking. He’s drunk.”

“I dont care if he’s only joking, Ash. Its rude, sexist and it hurts my feelings!” He pouted.

“Lighten up, Y/N. Dont ruin the fun.” Ashton frowned, catching on your anger.

You nodded. “Alright, fine.” You snatched his keys from him. “If you think disrespecting and putting down your girlfriend is fun then we’re done. I’m fucking stressed as it is and I don’t need you treating me like a toy. I’ll be back for my car and the rest of my things later. I’m done with this.” You left, leaving behind Ashton for the boys to calm down when he had his panic attack.

 Sorry Ash’s seemed a little short xc Calums is already up and written and complete so if you wanna read that just keep scrolling cx Our ask is always open, come on in!^-^ ~Alex

Quick update that Ashton’s preference is edited now! :3