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Goethe’s Faust (inspired) AU
In which God bets with Mephisto that all his creations (humans and Mephisto himself) will eventually return to God, no matter how far they’ve strayed from him.
Mephisto, unwilling to have God taunt him, offers a deal to one of the immortal creations. He offers him to experience life as mortal, in return for his services after the human body has died.
The immortal, being curious about what life would be like as an ephemeral being, and wanting to know both suffering and happiness, agrees to the pact. Mephisto has him reborn as Moriyama’s second son. This time, he promises, that God’s creation will not return to the rightful path.

I FORGOT I HAVEN’T TOLD YOU GUYS THE BEST THESIS STORY YET which is that I sent the unedited version of my Introduction to my supervisor :))))

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I was in the mood to Kill a Man today so ofc I drew my fave, Lila Killed-Like-17-Men (Before Lunch) Bard

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"You are my new pillow" fluff prompt for Shance? ♥


I’m here to deliver! Hope you like it and thank you for the prompt! I’m sorry it’s short, my brain went  bleh but it’s short, fluffy and sweet! Well I hope so anyways, lmao. 

I missed writing Shance. <33

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“You’re my new pillow.”

Shiro blinks, puts his book away and looks down at his boyfriend, buried deep in his chest. It takes him a few ticks before the older teen snorts and covers his mouth with his free hand, snickering under his breath as he tries to process Lance’s words.

“I’m sorry but did you say ‘Yogurt’s now widow’?” Shiro chuckles, entire body shaking with laughter, “What – Hah – What happened to Mr. Yogurt, Lance?”

The brunet groans and snuggles closer to his boyfriend’s side, his muffled giggles making a soft vibration against Shiro.

“Shut up, you big bully.” Lance whines, slapping Shiro on the stomach but it does nothing to stop the black haired man.

“I’m sorry, what was that? ‘Cheer up, you big buffy’?” Shiro hums, dropping his book on the couch before wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, “Well, okay, babe! I know just the way to cheer you up.”

He smirks when he feels Lance tense at the words and then the brunet is only able to gasp in surprise before he erupts in laughter when Shiro’s fingers starts tickling his side, firmly keeping him close to him.

“S-Shiro! Shiro, no! O-Oh my g-god! Ha-hah – Stop!” Lance pleads, squirming away from Shiro’s hold with little success. He smiles wide and bright as he pushes Shiro’s face, giggling escaping his mouth, when the older teen tries to drop butterflies kisses on his face, his attack flattering.

Shiro chuckles happily, nuzzling his face against Lance’s brown locks, successfully dropping a loving kiss against his temple.

Lance shakes with the reminding of his giggles, wiping away a few stray tears as he leans back on his boyfriend’s chest and breaths. “You are so mean! I – Heh – I just wanted a nap on my favorite pillow.”

Shiro snorts, pulling Lance a little higher until he could drop his chin over his shoulder.

“Poor baby, oh no, it was such a hard training, you deserve a long deep sleep.”

Lance mock gasps at him. “How dare you! I was running all around the room. It was such a rigorous training session!”

“We were playing tag, Lance. That was today’s training, quite literally.” Shiro answers, kissing Lance’s cheek and chuckling when the brunet continues.

“Rigorous training I say!”

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I've been a nonpracticing pagan for a few years, I prefer Norse religion to almost anything else. And for the longest time I have always felt close to Freya and Freyr... Especially Freyr, which I found weird since I am a female. So more often then not I think of myself as a child of the Vanir, following their side of the Gods more than the Aesir...But my question I guess is if there is a group of females who pray to Freyr, and if so, what would they say?

You don’t have to be male or female to worship a male or female or other gender deity. Plus imposing the human concept of gender on gods is a whole ‘nother issue. Basically it is not a requirement that your gender align with the perceived gender of the deity you wish to worship.


I’m sapphic-asexual and I worship Freyr, and like Sparrow said, there’s no real need to separate yourself from gods solely based on sex or gender, let alone other aspects of yourself. Heck, I’m feminine, prefer women, and I’m asexual, all worshiping a sexual, phallic, masculine deity. I’m sure there’s plenty others in a similar relationship. 

I usually call to Freyr for self-care, self-love, and sensuality. For me, he is also aligned with death, compost, and cycles, so anything about change, death, shedding skin, etc is also a part of my prayer. 

My prayers are very short, usually 3-4 lines total. Some quick examples:

Flowers & Phallus, Sex & Dreams 

Before you, I am modest. Near you, something teems. 

I tremble, even now. 


Decay becomes us, as we turn 

From flesh and bone to dirt for ferns 

Mold, decay, and compost-grey 

Strange new life then grows from fray*

(*spoken pun, hah)

NorseGodCalls has a list of prayers by gods. Here are Freyr’s prayers.

NorthernPaganism has a Shrine to Freyr with a prayer. Though I don’t normally go to them, the prayers are usually nice.

Here’s another prayer from wordpress.

However, these are just suggestions to help get you started. If anyone else has any prayers, poems, or example of what you say to Freyr, feel free to add.

Hope that helps. 

~ Rose  

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harurin 'walked in on you in the shower'

on ao3 | OH BOY WILL THIS BE FUN + also works kinda for an inappropriately timed confessions prompt i got a while back. warnings for bathroom-related things and rin being embarrassing and haru being embarrassing and makoto being a scheming mother and all sorts of college things. au in which they don’t meet until their first year of college; they’re third years here. 900 words of cringe-worthy, too-many-feelings-at-once weirdness, rated t for haru being naked.


It isn’t that Rin doesn’t know what Haru looked like when he showered — they’re on the swim team together, and Haru was never, even when they first met, shy about peeling away all of his clothes (in one go, too, which Rin still hasn’t exactly figured out, although he isn’t complaining).

It’s just Rin doesn’t know that Haru, apparently, likes to shower in places that are definitely not his own bathroom.

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I don’t think show creators/writers or heck even the actors really understand what fans mean when we want a pairing to happen, to become a thing in canon. They don’t seem to realize it’s not about the sex, not about slash and having your gay ship become true necessarily, and showing them doing sexual stuff and getting together just for the heck of it- it’s about these two people who have amazing chemistry and gravitate towards each other, who could be good for each other, the intimacy- not the sexual kind even but being close with someone in ways you never have been with anyone. Finding trust, companionship, all the little things, just, you know being with the other person and learning about them, learning about yourself. I would want to see something like that, caring between two wonderful individuals and subtle nudges and words and talking about shit. Nurturing. Literally everything, I don’t even care about the sex or kissing or whatever (it would be a plus of course haha).


not that I assume this applies to everyone but goddammit.

I’ve been holding off on answering this for quite a few reasons. Well, actually ONLY ONE reason, which is the soul-crushing weight of the regret from my choices!!!!

I did my ctrl+F nameswapping in an endless fit of increasingly frantic laughter. I seriously can’t even tell the amis apart anymore because they are all pretty much just random names from a list and they already only had a couple of lines of dialogue each in Gnomon, so THAT’S not helpful. Some of these changes are so fucking lazy that it’s humiliating. I am not even joking about this, Courfeyrac -> Courgerac or some shit because it was like 2am and I just fucking GAVE UP. And then I’ve got a couple where I’m like what the fuck was I thinking??? and just. Yeah, it was bad. I should’ve taken just a teensy weensy smidge more time and effort doing this part; at the time it was just like a blast of desperate scrolling down a list of random french last names???? Ugh. It’s bad. It’s so, so bad. I barely remember most of them beyond me just fucking giving up on Enjolras and Grantaire (and then life) after HOURS of being terrible at this so I scrolled on down my list and went FUCK IT THAT WORKS.

The other thing to keep in mind is that I am not remotely serious about Gnomon. Like, I call them stupid terrorist boys for a reason - that is how I think of it; they’re fucking morons and y'all seem to take it SUPER SERIOUS so I apologize for my reasoning here. Particularly Enjolras. Hah.

So, here comes the pain:

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