hah gayyyy

The 100 Characters
  • (I’m blonde but not dum)  Clarke Griffin 
  • (Cute Racoon)  Comander Lexa 
  • (Friendzoned)   Bellamy Blake 
  • (She doesn’t even go here)  Jaha 
  • (Handy Manny)  Raven Reyes 
  • (Nobody’s Perfect…Oh Wait)  Monty Green
  • (I’m Hot But I’ll Still Kill You)  Octavia Blake 
  • (Do You Even Lift Bro?)  Lincoln
  • (Mmm whatcha say?)  Finn Collins 
  • (I need a Tumblr account to get these feelings out) Jasper Jordan
  • (I was an addict once…Now I’m not)  Marcus Kane
  • (Greys Anatomy Reject)  Abby 
  • (I act like a dick but I’m a cinnamon roll)  John Murphy 
  • (Hah Gayyyy)   Miller
  • (Wizards Of Waverly Place)  Harper 
  • (I liked you) Gina 
  • (Lmao who?)  Wells
  • (I’m not excited about your existance)  Pile of shit…I mean Pike