I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Hillary Clinton carries around hot sauce in her bag and everyone thought she said it to pander to Beyonce-loving millennials and then someone had to pull out the hot sauce #receipts on Hillary dating back to the 90s to prove that she wasn’t joking when she said she loved hot sauce.

Suicide Squad: *has problems with soundtrack, under developing characters, bad CGI for the Enchantress, boring villain, bad plot, sexist writing for Harley, neglecting all the Squad members except Deadshot and Harley, bad tone for the film, underwhelming Joker, cliche story, shallow and meaningless, dull motives, plain sound mixing, ugly set design*

Critics: *decides that because of such problems, they aren’t going to endorse the film* 

DC Stans: OMFG YOU ARE RACIST!! You’re opinion doesn’t matter, unlike mine :) :) :) marvel sucks by the way