• hagrid: [points to friendly domestic pet dog]
  • hagrid: FANG
  • hagrid: [points to mythical three-headed canine beast creature most well known for guarding the entrance to the Greek underworld but which now guards a magical stone with the potential to grant literal immortality]
  • hagrid: fluffy :)
What if Harry acquired more scars?

((Just a little thing I thought of if Dudley saw a bunch of scars on Harry))

It takes a whole month after Harry’s first year for Dudley to notice the scars. There’s a couple little ones here and there that he doesn’t give a second thought.

But then, he walks in on Harry about to take a shower and sees three giant scars on his back.

“What are those!?” he asks, startling Harry in the middle of taking off his belt.

“Scars?” Harry replies.

“But where did they come from?” Dudley presses.

“Oh, Fluffy.”


“Hagrids giant three headed dog took a swipe at me.”

Dudley stared at Harry, not really understanding what he saying and how he was so calm saying it.

“Can you leave now?” Harry asked. “I really would like to take my shower now.”

Dudley left without a word and went to his room.


A few days later, Dudley decided to ask Harry about a couple of the smaller scars that he noticed.

“I got this one because I was half asleep when the stairs decided to move. Lost my balance, tumbled all the way down. Woke me up though.”

“Got this one during training. Bludger smacked right into me, shattered my knee. Madam Pomfrey can fix and regrow bones, but apparently some scars just can’t be fixed with magic.”

“I got this one when the guy who killed my parents tried to kill me, again.”

At that last comment, Dudley chocked on his candy.

“My lightning scar is from the first time, when I was a baby. This line on my arm is from where the stairs cut into me when I fell back trying to get away from him.”

Dudley just stared at Harry, speechless.

“What happened to the guy?” He finally asked in a hushed voice.

Harry shrugged. “The guy he was attached to… a professor… he died. But Voldemort is still out there.”

“And all that happened at school?”

Harry nodded.

“You’re not really going back, are you?”

Harry puffed up indignantly. “Of course I am! It’s the best place I’ve ever been!”

Dudley was going to ask what he meant by that, but they were called in for dinner.

Dudley had a lot to think about. That school sounded ridiculously dangerous; why would Harry want to go back?

harry potter books, rated by Fang the boarhound
  • sorcerer's stone/philosopher's stone: our first appearance ever is him being so overexcited about meeting ron and harry "not as fierce as he looks." fang/mrs. norris as hagrid's OTP. being even more scared than Malfoy in the Forest (i can't blame him but still). a truly ferocious beast. 10/10
  • chamber of secrets: howling when hagrid leaves to go to azkaban and then being the hero we deserve by accompanying ron and harry into the forest to meet aragog. 6/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: snuggling w/ hagrid as the World's Best Therapy Dog after hagrid's worst first lesson. other than that, no mention of how he and buckbeak get along, not tackling anyone at the door out of excitement. 4/10
  • goblet of fire: only one mention of fang "launching himself" at harry in overexcited joy. disappointing honestly. 3/10
  • order of the phoenix: did fang stay at hogwarts while hagrid was gone? who fed him and took care of him? do i need to fight albus dumbledore for again neglecting not only his students but his groundkeeper's beloved dog? but fang is once again overjoyed to see our trio and that's all i want. harry should have just brought fang with him to every class as a therapy dog, he deserved it. "fang's near enough human" honestly hagrid. TRYING TO DEFEND HAGRID AND GETTING STUNNED DAWLISH AND UMBRIDGE CAN MEET ME IN THE PIT. 5/10.
  • half blood prince: they never really go see hagrid and that's offensive bc fang is deprived of attention once more. also buckbeak is back w/ hagrid and we're deprived of knowing whether or not he and fang are BFFs. 1/10
  • deathly hallows: we don't know if he's safe at all while hiding out with grawp and hagrid?? he's never even really mentioned??? how dare you jkr?? does he live through the battle of hogwarts? does he go around the great hall the next morning and just lay with people for a little bit?? -5/10

eugostoderaposas  asked:

Severus already petted Sirius Black without knowing.

Severus Snape paced back and forth in front of the Headmaster.

“I can’t believe you actually agreed to allow dementors here at Hogwarts!” he growled, finally, “Those things are deadly! We’ve already had two students in the Infirmary because the dementors got hold of them!”

“Why, Severus,” Dumbledore replied, clacking some sort of hard candy between his teeth, “I never took you for a gossip.”

“Have you forgotten who stocks most of the Infirmary’s supplies?” Severus replied angrily, “I was there dropping off a fresh supply of Dittany when they were brought in!  I know you’ve been keeping it quiet, but you can’t keep it up forever.  What will you do if one of the students with parents who work for the Ministry figures things out, or Merlin forbid, attacked?”

“We have rules in place, Severus,” Dumbledore replied, “Early curfews.  Extra patrols.  If the students break the rules, they will suffer consequences.”

“They’re children, Albus!” Severus shouted, bending over the Headmaster’s desk and looking him in the eye, “They don’t listen, especially not your golden boy, Mr. Potter, and his annoying little friends!”

“Be that as it may, Severus, there is nothing that I can do.  My hands are tied.  As long as Black is at large, we cannot do much beyond repeating the rules and trying to catch troublemakers before it gets to that.”

“But, Sir-!”

“This conversation is over, Severus.”

Fine!” Snape turned with a growl and stalked out of the Headmaster’s office, leaving Dumbledore looking mildly amused behind him.

Severus stalked down the halls to the entrance to the castle, his face twisted with anger and frustration.  How dare that man be so calm when such disgusting creatures were about?  When he’d chosen teaching over Azkaban, Severus had been very glad that he’d been able to avoid the dementors.  But now, Hogwarts was surrounded by the horrid beasts, who were almost more terrifying to imagine than the return of the Dark Lord.

Standing outside, his breaths puffing into clouds in the cold air, he saw a fluffy orange cat prowling along one of the fences in the garden.  Though it was certainly beautiful out in the moonlight, the cold nipped angrily at his fingers.  A Warming Charm took care of the sting, but Severus could feel his nose growing red at the tip.

He sat down on the stairs, glancing around to ensure that he was alone, and pulled a bundle from his robes.  The meat pies he’d wrapped in a linen napkin had a stasis spell on it, so they were still piping hot, and the flavor seemed to burst in his mouth with every bite. The first was mushroom and steak, with gravy and vegetables.  Severus almost moaned with delight as the flavor hit his tongue.  He’d missed the evening meal due to his patrols, and had stopped by the kitchens instead.  Of course, then he’d run into Madam Pomfrey, who had reminded him to bring the Dittany up, which meant that he’d tucked the food away for later, which had led to seeing the students, which had led him to Dumbledore…

“Ugh,” he grumbled, his mouth half-full with food, “Best not to think about that old fart or I’ll lose my appetite.”

Just then, a rustling in the frost-covered bushes made him start and he stood, wand drawn, his food tucked back into his robes again.

“Show yourself!” he said angrily, almost hoping it was a Dementor so he could banish the foul thing.

But instead, what burst from the bush was an emaciated black dog, his muzzle matted with dirt and leaves.  It was large, almost wolf-sized, but the ears and eyes were distinctly domesticated canine. Severus knew that Hagrid had not gotten another dog, and besides, any dog that Hagrid owned would have been well-cared for, not like this pathetic cur.

The dog whimpered, looking up at him with big, brown soulful eyes.  It was obvious that the beast was hungry, especially since the castle was quite a ways from Hogsmeade and it was dark and cold to boot.

“Fine!” he snapped, though the animal hadn’t asked him a thing.

He pulled the linen bundle from his robes and marched back over to the stairs, sitting down a bit harder than he’d intended to.  Pulling out the un-bitten pie, he held it out.

“Here you go, you pathetic thing,” he said, his voice growing gentle, the way it always did when he talked to an animal. He’d fed his share of strays on Spinner’s End during his childhood.  They reminded him of himself, so he helped when he could.

The dog walked cautiously towards him, his tail held out stiffly, showing caution.  His head was down, but his eyes were up, looking him in the eyes.  There was something in that gaze that struck Severus as being both humble and proud at the same time.  There was an intelligence behind those eyes more than any mere beast.  As the dog came closer, it whined and wagged its tail slowly back and forth, looking from the pie to Severus and back again.

“You must be starving.  Here, if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll put it here.” Severus stood, placing the cloth napkin down a few feet away and placed the pie on top.  He also pointed his wand at the ground and conjured up a dish and filled it with water.  There was no point in leaving the poor creature to drink brackish water teeming with bacteria.

Then, Severus turned and went back to his seat, munching on the rest of his meat pie as he watched the dog approach the meal and look up at him with a whine.

“Go on, you can eat,” he said with a shrug as he pulled a sealed carafe of pumpkin juice from another pocket in his robes.  Taking a swig, he could hear the dog tearing into the pie, and soon, there was nothing but crumbs left, crumbs that the poor animal was licking up hungrily until the cloth was soaked with dog drool.  He then drank from the bowl as though it was the first drink he’d had in his life. Then, the dog looked up at him again, an expectant look in his eyes.

“Don’t tell, you can smell this too,” Severus groaned, setting down the carafe of juice and pulling another wrapped package from his robes. “I hadn’t intended to share it, but I suppose if it’s for a good cause I can part with some.”

The dog ran up with a small snorting “wufff” noise and thrust its matted muzzle and head under his hand, his tail wagging broadly from side to side.

“Very well,” Severus said, a smile pulling up one side of his mouth, “If you insist so adorably.”

He patted the poor animal as the fingers on his other hand worked at the wrapped package of food, feeling every bone under the poor thing’s dirty fur.  A matted area on its side appeared to be crusted with old blood, and Severus found himself feeling pity for the neglected creature.

Pulling some Dittany from another pocket in his jacket, he set down the packet of food and looked at the dog, speaking to it as though it were a person.  He knew that the dog would not understand his words, but he found that speaking in a calm, droning voice helped animals to trust him, and the animal would have to trust him enough for him to do what he was hoping to do next.

“I know you’re a smart boy,” he started, “but it does look like you got yourself a little injury there on your side.  I’ve got some medicine and it won’t hurt you a bit.  I know it’s intended to be used on humans, but I’ve found that it works on animals in a pinch as well.”

He covered his fingers in the substance and held them out for the dog to sniff.  The dog didn’t lick them the way he expected it to do, but he still wagged his tail and stayed still while Severus moved to rub the salve on the wound.  He could feel the cut underneath knitting back together under his fingers.  It had been deep, and likely would have been infected if it was left that way.  Severus Scourgified the matted fur of blood for good measure, and was rather surprised when the dog merely sat quietly and allowed him to do it.

“There, well, now that’s settled, so I suppose you want some of this now,” he said, chuckling quietly when the dog barked and wagged his tail as though answering in the affirmative.

He unwrapped the assorted miniature cakes and cookies that were wrapped up.  There were jam cookies and chocolate chip and some raisin and spice cupcakes that were simply to die for.

“I’m keeping the chocolate, you know, bad for dogs and all that, but you can have these,” Severus said placing down a few cookies and two of the cupcakes.  

The dog happily gobbled the sweets down, his tail wagging the entire time, and Severus found himself smiling almost fondly as the dog finished his meal and rolled over on his back as though expecting to be petted on the belly.

“Now, now, you ought not to eat too many sweets or they’ll rot your teeth,” he said kindly, his face seeming to change completely from its normal sour and pinched expression as he finally allowed himself to smile.

The dog allowed him to pet his belly, which was surprisingly soft, even though Severus felt a pang of sadness at the prominent bones that protruded through the fur over his ribcage.  And then, as though a spell had broken, the dog rolled around a bit and turned his head to the side, staring at the orange cat, which was now quite a bit closer, its tail up in the air like a fluffy exclamation point. 

The dog barked a few times, wagging his tail, and then sped off after the cat, which ran out of sight, the dog disappearing moments after.

Severus shook his head and washed down his last bite with pumpkin juice.  There were still some jam-filled cookies left, but he found that he’d lost his appetite.  He placed the remaining sweets down on the linen napkin and walked back up the stairs to the castle, his hands in his pockets.

It was getting colder and the Warming Charm was wearing off, but he allowed himself one last look at the grounds behind him, his eyes widening as tiny flakes of snow began to fall slowly from the sky, before he shook his head, resuming his customary scowl, and pressed his way through the doors into the castle beyond.

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For Harry Potter AU, Spock is Herimone, Jim is Ron, and Bones is Harry.

Instead of Aragog it’s a giant tribble and Jim is terrified. 

Uhura is Ginny and she is just so, so unimpressed by everything these three idiots do.

Khan is Voldy and most of his show downs with Bones are predominantly Bones yelling at him

Harry Mudd is Lockhart and Spock has a huge crush on him and Jim and Bones never let him forget it

Pike is Dumbledore and Bones spends a lot of their solo time trying to improve the school’s safety standards

Scotty is Hagrid. His dog is a robot. He turned to muggle engineering when he was kicked out of Hogwarts

Chapel is McGonagall and she just has no time for Jim and Bones’ bullshit. She’s fond of Spock, though

The Gorn is Draco and he just keeps trying to fight Bones, it’s surreal

Cragge and Goyle are both Tellarites

Sulu and Chekov are Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan and Chekov has a curse on him that when he says “Russia” something nearby get set on fire and that’s why he keeps burning things

Rand is Luna, M’Benga is Neville. The Weasley twins are both Kevin Riley. 

The giant snake of Slytherin is actually the Horta and they don’t kill her, they save her and her children

Fluffy is another of Scotty’s terrifying robots

Quirrel is that dude from the Jack the Ripper ep, the little bald guy who was possessed by Jack the Ripper, but in this he’s possessed by Khan instead.

Spock drinks polyjuice potion in second year and turns into half a unicorn dog

The Durmstrang students are Klingons and the Beauxbaton students are Orion. This means Spock is hot for a Klingon, sorry, I don’t make the rules.

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Dear Diary (Young Sirius) PART 2


* * *

Anon:  will you do a part two of dear diary, where sirius in dog form becomes like her therapist and she tells it everything and somehow sirius find out about it. maybe y/n has really bad social anxiety and depression and she’s being bullied thats why she has kind of been withdrawn lately. maybe something a little sadder??

WARNING: So this is super super long! And i din’t mean for it to be so sorry about that hahah I hope you don’t mind

* * *

Being with Sirius had made you completely forget about the random black dog you saw in the hallway. That was, until you say it one night from your dorm as you looked out the window and across the grounds. You didn’t know how, but you knew it was the same dog. You followed it with your eyes and saw it walk into the forbidden forest and out of sight. ‘Marlene?’ You asked, not taking your eyes away from the window. ‘Yeah?’ 
‘How many dogs does Hagrid have?’ You asked. 
‘Only one remember? He has a puppy called Fang.’ She said. You nodded slowly. ‘Why?’ She asked, looking at you oddly. You finally tore your eyes away from the window and looked at her. ‘Nothing. I just keep seeing a black dog.’ You said. Marlene stopped smiling and furrowed her eyebrows. ‘You know black dogs are a death omen.’ She said, half serious. You smirked, 
‘Come on Marlene, like you of all people believe in death omens.’ You said. Marlene frowned, ‘I don’t believe in them! But don’t you think it’s odd that you’re seeing a back dog everywhere?’ 
‘Not everywhere!’ You said, ‘I’ve only seen it twice.’
‘Where?’ She asked, sitting on the edge of your bed. 
‘Once in the hallway outside the common room and again just now out there.’ You pointed towards the forest. ‘In the Forbidden Forest?’ She asked. You nodded. ‘Well it’s probably just a stray dog. I’m surprised Hagrid hasn’t taken it over yet.’ Marlene stood up and hopped into her own bed, saying goodnight before closing the curtains on her four poster. You sat there, watching out the window to see if it would come back. You saw movement but was disappointed when you saw it was just a stag. It had something small and brown on it’s back but you brushed it off, thinking it was just a leaf. 

The next morning you woke up early. It was a Saturday so you had no classes. Looking at your watch you saw it was only 5am. You groaned. Why do I wake up so early on the days I am allowed to sleep in, you thought, annoyed. You got up and pulled on some clothes before deciding to go for a walk. Breakfast wouldn’t be served for another couple of hours so you figured you should entertain yourself until then. You slipped out of the portrait hole and down many flights of stairs before exiting the castle

You hadn’t been walking for too long when you saw it. The black dog was sitting beside the lake, looking at you. You walked towards it. ‘Hello again.’ You said, sitting down beside it. You rubbed its head softly. The dog lay down resting it’s head on your lap. You petted it lovingly. ‘You know, my friend thinks you’re a death omen.’ You said, smiling. ‘But I don’t think you are.’ The dog barked softly, making you smile. And then you started to talk. You didn’t know why but whenever you were around this dog you felt like you could talk to it about everything. And it was crazy but you felt like it was listening. 

For the next few weeks the dog would keep popping up. Usually when you went outside but always when you were alone. No one else had seen this mysterious Black dog you were talking about. When you told Sirius, he looked at James and smiled, telling you he had no idea what you were talking about. 

One Sunday evening you went outside looking for the dog. It had just been one of those weeks and you needed to vent. After a while of looking you found it coming out of the Forbidden Forest. ‘There you are y-’ You stopped. Following the dog was a stag. A stag with a rat on its back. It was a moment that was almost comical as you stood there, looking at these three animals who all started back. ‘Right.’ You said. Not even knowing how the situation could get weirder when suddenly Remus walked out from the trees, immediately stopping when he saw you. ‘Remus?’ You said, shocked more than anything. He swallowed hard and looked at you. ‘Um hi.’ Was all he said. You looked at him, ‘What are you…what are you doing?’ You asked. Remus’ eyes darted from the animals to you. ‘Nothing. Wh-what about you?’ He asked. You frowned, ‘Well this was the dog I was telling you guys about. The dog that you said you had never seen.’ You said , slowly. Remus’ eyes went wide. ‘Oh uh you meant this dog?’ He laughed nervously, ‘No yeah I know this dog. But no one else does! I just liked to walk in the forest with this dog and um,’ He looked at the stag and the rat, ‘-and uh this deer and this rat.’ He finished. You nodded your head slowly, ‘Right.’ You both stood there looking at each other for a moment before Remus cleared his throat. ‘Well I am going to go back inside to the…uh…castle. I’ll take the stag and the rat away and the dog is all yours.’ He said, his face slightly red. He quickly walked away towards the castle, the stag with the rat on its back following him. You followed him with your eyes until they were out of sight. ‘What the fuck was that?’ You said. The dog barked.

You sat next to the Black Lake with the dog at your side. You vented about annoying people in your classes and how unfair some of the homework was and how annoying it was when you and Lily just wanted some alone time but Severus kept following. After the long vent you breathed in deeply. ‘Can I tell you something?’ You said. You knew the dog couldn’t speak but you always felt like he could understand every single word you were saying - it was weird. ‘I don’t think I’m…well. Like I don’t feel physically sick but mentally…it’s just…i don’t know. I just feel like maybe there is something wrong with me. I want to be happy but I can’t! And I don’t feel sad either I just feel…empty. I feel like nothing matters and that if the world suddenly ended tomorrow I wouldn’t care.’ You said. You had never ever told anyone this before and suddenly saying it out loud made you shake. You hadn’t even admitted this to yourself. Tears sprang to you eyes and slowly dripped down your face. The dog whined and put it’s head on your lap. ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ You said your voice cracking. You felt weak, like you could collapse at any moment as the tears made streaks down your face. ‘What do I do?’ You said, starting to panic, ‘I don’t know what to do! I can’t tell anyone but I’m-I’m-not okay! Sometimes I just wish that Sirius had read a few more pages of my diary. Then he would know all of this.’ You said, sniffing. You heart rate slowing down a bit. The dog whined again and moved closer to you. You smiled, ‘Thanks.’ You leaned your head on the dogs head, cuddling it. ‘I miss the old me. I don’t like who I am, anymore.’ You said flatly. You had nothing else to say. So, you just sat there with the dog for half an hour before deciding it was probably time to go inside before you got caught. 

‘Hey are you okay?’ Marlene asked you as you entered the dorm. ‘Yeah.’ You smiled, not meaning it at all. Marlene raised her eyebrows at you, ‘You’ve been a bit AWOL lately.’ She said. You shook your head, smiling, ‘I’m fine! Just a bit worn out.’ You lied through your teeth. She nodded and patted your back, lovingly. ‘I’m always here for you.’ She said. You got into bed and closed the curtains of the four poster. As you lay there, blocked off from everyone else you just felt so tired. But not in a sleepy way. Just tired of life in general.
You heard the dorm door open and you figured it was just one of the girls coming to bed when. ‘Y/N?’ Someone whispered. You peeked through the curtain and saw Sirius standing in the middle of the room, looking around. ‘Sirius?’ You whispered back. He turned around and smiled when he saw you. ‘Come.’ He said before disappearing out the room. You pulled on a jumper over your pj’s and followed after him, closing the door behind you. 

‘What are you doing?’ You asked him. He just smiled and took your hand leading you to the completely empty common room. ‘Sirius?’ You asked. Sirius looked around, ‘I have to show you something.’ He said, still whispering. ‘What is it?’ You asked. Sirius stepped back. Then he stated to get smaller, and hairier and black fur was growing on him and suddenly he wasn’t Sirius anymore he was- ‘Black dog.’ You gasped. The dog was Sirius. ‘What-how, how is that even possible?’ You said, stepping back. Sirius changed back into himself and shrugged, ‘I didn’t know how to tell you so I thought I should show you.’ He said. 
‘Oh my god. This means you k-know everything that I-told the dog. Oh my god.’ You whispered, tears coming to your eyes. Sirius nodded and g=took your hand, pulling you into him. ‘I’m so sorry y/n. But whatever happens I want you to know that you can trust me. And I’m going to help you through this.’ He put his arms around your waist and pulled you into his chest. You wrapped your arms around him and cried softly into the crook of his neck. ‘I’m so sorry.’ You said, your voice cracking. Sirius shook his head and kissed the top of your head. ‘Don’t be.’