@hagolokiquiero (it’s not letting me tag you for some reason) aaaaa thank you so much! (: And don’t worry, I get what you’re saying C;

katribou asdfgjkllll you’re so sweet ;u; I guess I never really thought of it that way, now that I think of it, I don’t see much traditional art :/ but thank you so much! .u.

arabrax asked:

Dear best friend:

HEY ALL OF YOU?? (How can I write this I don’t know who my best best friend is)

(There’s Al and also Quinny and Sissel and Daev and uhm lots)

I MISS YOU ALL I guess the real letter subject here is the fact that I don’t spend any time with any of the people I consider a best friend, so y’all probably don’t even realize you’re my best… I intend to, I miss y’all a lot but I’m kind of weird with friendship, I’m either all over you or all away from you and then all over you again in like, cycles.

So… did you know you’re my best friends? You are. Al is the one person who knows me thoroughly, Quinn and Sissel and Daev have stood with me through my really asshole-y phases and moods (I’m a dick). I’m always looking out for y’all and I try to help in anything, and do the best I can, but I don’t succeed often or anythin’ so… I’m really not worth much as a best friend, I probably look like an acquaintance sdgdsfh.