Yamagishi Ryoko - Yureidan

I’d been wanting to read this for a while, but all the editions were out of print; I finally succumbed and bought a not-very-pretty used copy for 200 yen. Yureidan is one of the early horror stories Yamagishi wrote, and when it was published as a furoku to Ribon magazine it left a big impression on many people, so it’s historically significant in itself, but the real reason I wanted to read it is it’s a collection of ghost stories as told by Yamagishi’s friends and acquaintances, and as such it features a large gallery of famous manga artists.

Morita Jun is a significant artist of 70s shojo and was influential in the development of early josei. Her husband is influential shonen artist Motomiya Hiroshi, an important figure in the history of early Shonen Jump.

Takemiya Keiko needs no introduction; she’s often depicted as a suave, almost Sailor Uranus/Takarazuka type by other manga artist of this time. Masuyama Norie was her long-time manager and the (uncredited) writer of Takemiya’s Hensokyoku/Variations.

Hagio Moto tells a story about how she woke up one night and saw someone who looked like her father in the next room, but it couldn’t have been him. The comment at the bottom of the panel says “Sayo’s yukata was based on her nightwear!” which is a reference to an early Hagio short story called Sayo no nuu yukata which left a big impression on many readers at the time (one of my favorite early Hagio short stories too).

Oshima Yumiko, another hugely influential Year 24 Group artist, tells a story of how she often has dreams that come true.

A few more artists appear in this story, but these are the ones I found most interesting. The stories themselves didn’t scare me, to be honest; I’m much more scared by Yamagishi’s psychological horror than her ghost stories. But a really interesting glimpse into 70s shojo artists and how they all used to hang out back then!


I had no idea this even existed, but it’s quite fantastic! It’s a segment from the NHK series Shojo comic o kaku about drawing shojo manga, where they visit a new manga artist in every episode and film them drawing. These 12 segments are up on youtube:

The commentator is Satonaka Machiko, herself a legendary manga artist.

eta: This is also quite funny because a lot of the artists are drawing manga while dressed in pretty dresses and wearing perfect makeup, lol. They would never unless there was a camera there.


Unexpectedly, I have uploaded the photo of the time that I went for dinner with Ryuji and Ryo-san
the other day

Ryuji’s eyes are so incredibly cute that it hurts…SasukeEEE

Ryo-san is a really nice person; it was fun!

I want to go for a meal [with them] again!

Live Spectacle Naruto 2017 ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~ Report

Live Spectacle Naruto 2017 ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~

ライブ・スペクタクル「NARUTO-ナルト-」〜暁の調べ〜 レポ

Hi guys, I don’t usually talk here but… well, sit yo’ asses down because this is a nearly 5k word essay about the greatest thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

Warning: 5000 words of screaming under cut

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