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So I was at a schooltrip to London a few years ago and we visited a little market while there. I wanted to buy something so I haggle with the owner. Next to the little market are some proper but small stores. My classmates not understanding the situation try to haggle with the saleswoman who desperately tries to explain that she can't change prices. Since I spoke English the best in our group I had to translate and apologized to the poor woman.

commissions and stuff for digital art

yo, i’m doing digital commissions now. i’ve been thinking of revamping my blog, trying to improve.

sorry for making it more expensive… it’s just that it’s taking more and more time to draw these. i dont mind compromise. if you dont have a lot of money, it’s fine. you can haggle prices with me. (but please pLEASE I URGE YOU not to take advantage of me. look, i know im worthless and my art isnt worth being paid for but i’m trying my best)

in case the gif doesnt work:

Sketch + Lineart - $3

Flat Colour - $4

Shading/Full Colour - $5

Background - +$1

Extra Characters - $3

my messages are open so go right ahead and ask about it. Just check out my blog for more of my work if you want (the image i used was really scrappy and i just doodled stuff)

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why do u sell your dragons for so much. do they even sell

They absolutely do dear anon ;) And if they don’t and nobody wants to haggle, they are going to be exalted.


@SeanPrice Haggles Pawn Star Chumlee #HHMS

Alien Companion (closed)


The marketplace felt red.  Red curtains and canvases lined up to the horizon covered a myriad of colors of aliens, all of whom seemed to be red-faced as they shouted their wares or haggled on prices.  A heady aroma of red spices permeated the air as more flushed aliens tended to steaming food carts, and Gildor wondered how any of them could stand the heat with the red sun beating down on them mercilessly.  He stopped by a shaved ice seller and ordered something blue, and its color alone seemed to cool him down.

He already missed home, a sea-side town, windy and salty and foggy and with a proper, yellow sun.  The red sun this planet orbited just seemed so much hotter and angrier, and Gildor was not fond of it.  He was not fond of much here, and it seemed the locals could tell, as he had made no friends since his move four months ago.  An old friend had told him about this market after they talked one night, Gildor commenting on his loneliness.  He had said that Gildor could buy companionship, which, of course, had led to a hilarious misunderstanding.  Once his friend had explained (through his laughter) however, he thought it might be a good idea, and so he was here.

Ducking into an enormous tent, Gildor was briefly grateful for the respite from the sun until a wave of body-heat hit him full in the face.  He sighed and thought he should have made his ice last longer as sweat began to pour down his back. Uncomfortable enough and never a fan of crowds, he tried to make himself as small as possible as he worked through the throng of people to the object of their attention.  He was only marginally successful; Gildor was tall and muscular and not very good at being small.  He stood a head above most of the aliens present, so he decided to stop near the middle of the crowd, where he had a clear view of the raised platform.

Plain hewn wood created a massive platform on stilts, two rickety looking staircases leading up to it. Two poles were set into either side, and what looked like a chain was strung between them.  A particularly short, wide alien was walking up to a microphone placed off to the side one the platform, and he carried with him a little silver pad.  He began speaking, too quickly for Gildor to understand at first, and a line of aliens was brought onto the platform.  They were chained together, and his face blanched, his skin suddenly cold.

Was this a slave auction?

He fidgeted through the first auction, his suspicions confirmed, and he was making his way back to the entrance when the auctioneer slowed his speech and caught his attention.  Something was being hoisted onto the platform, and Gildor’s jaw dropped when he realized it was a tank.  A tank containing a merman.  He had known mermen on his home planet, and he knew how delicate their anatomy could be.  This tank was not clean; green algae clung to its every surface, and it seemed that they only bothered to clean it enough to give a clear view of its occupant. The water looked murky and off-colored, and Gildor swallowed thickly. He would get sick if he stayed in that water, Gildor thought. Looking around, he made a snap judgment and determined that none of the hungry-looking bidders would know how to care for the merman properly (and, if he were being honest, looked more like they might eat him.)  So, when the bidding began, Gildor’s hand shot up.

@skvgga​ || Continued from (x)

Rafe’s step faltered at the sound of the woman’s voice. He’d aimed to walk
right past her uninterrupted and had mostly acted as though he hadn’t
seen her. He wasn’t going to ignore her, however. He turned on his heel - 
one step past her - and cocked his head aside.

“I had a meeting,” He explained briefly, blinking as he spoke before his
brows raised and he let his head tilt back slightly - his chin raised up a little.
“And no - I’m not lost.” Along came the fake yet very natural-looking smile.
She may have been an attractive woman, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t
after something. Maybe she knew who he was. It wasn’t uncommon for
women to steal from men once they were vulnerable…

Luckily for him, vulnerability didn’t come around often. An area like this
meant trouble - thus underneath his suit jacket his pistol sat (pearl inlays
and hand-carved details and all) tucked beneath his belt.

“You want something?” Straight to the point. He had little time to be chatting
on the streets with strangers.


This is Swallowtail and he’s for sale! First baby of my newest breeding pair “Pollenthroat Flutters”. Sky Crystal, Sanddollar Butterfly, Flaxen Glimmer with Lightning Eyes. He comes with this art and his profile already has the transparent version.

 •He’s here and he’s up on the auction house for 250,000 treasure, but feel free to send me a CR for haggling, I accept gems at a 1:666 ratio, partial payment in apparel, whatever, I’m flexible!

Here’s my art shop and here’s my thread for other dragons with art for sale.


I’ve got a couple of boys I did art for for sale! Both have the same color palette oops >.> I guess I just like the purple and gold/orange combos 

Unnamed Obsidian Paint / Mulberry Iridescent / Mulberry Okapi 500g

Unnamed Triple Mulberry Giraffe / Toxin / Glimmer 600g 

I will take pure gems/treasure, mixed payment, item equivalency, other dragons, etc. Just PM me at krissybuttbutt and we can work something out!

I am always willing to haggle too so don’t be afraid to ask!!

Please don’t remove the credits!


Aelin took a bite of the meatballs. They weren’t bad, but they certainly weren’t eggs that was for sure.

“How about this Daddy, I get eggs, and I’ll keep my room clean all week long?”

“No, your gift for cleaning was the slip and slide. You’ve used your haggling chip already. Now eat, or go to bed hungry.”

that’s it, prepare for boogers.”

i’m alive my dudes. I took a trip to the art museum.. i didn’t get to see the modern art wing, but i saw all the european art up to the 1800s and most of the impressionists and mannerists !! 

they had a caravaggio there and it was so large and beautiful that i felt scared lol – Truely sublimity.  I hope i can go back soon and see the modern art and photography and old world arts!


decided to make a special post for my older dragons with art :>
the two tundras are double gened g1s who come as a pair- not that you have to buy them as a pair obv- and the ridgeback and wildclaw are 2 years old.

they have bios but they can be edited or removed if bought. will take gems at 1:800 and i can haggle and/or hold!

swamp/seafoam/lemon G1 500kt

sky/royal/stonewash G1 500kt

obsidian/caribbean/platinum 150kt

caribbean/aqua/brown 150kt

Smuggler!Ben/Rey AU drabble

For: @politicalmamaduck who likes smuggler!Ben AUs! :3

Rating: T

AO3 link

It was meant to be a routine stop-and-refill of the Millennium Falcon, but like always, something just had to go wrong. He should have expected it from the desert wasteland of Jakku. He hoped to make it to Takodana to refuel but the incessant blinking red light on his dashboard said otherwise. And thus began Ben Solo’s hour of arduous haggling for fuel from junk lord Unkar Plutt.

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Ladies in Blue Katako Grain Market Niamey Niger Photo Hugh Ardoin

Katako is one of the most important markets in Niamey

Apparently chaotic but organised in trade zones according to timeless African tradition of castes and crafts

You can sense the strong imprint of the 15th Century Songhai Empire and even older empires that followed the long exodus of the African people from Egypt

This is the grain market in the early morning

Women in their traditional blue dresses relating them to their specific community start unpacking for a busy day of talking, haggling and selling

Hugh Ardoin Africa by any Means Necessary Gallery


Selling some things to make ends meet!

First up is my one of a kind, hand made Meowth hoodie! It is in a small size! It’s dyed, so handwash and air dry only. The tail usually hangs free, but you can pin it up on the back with a safety pin.

Asking 60 dollars USD shipped. I know it’s pricey but it’s seriously one of a kind and awesome. I’m willing to haggle a bit too.

I DON’T REMEMBER WHERE I GOT THIS BEAR FROM. It has a reversible head so you can from cute to terrifying in the span of a second. Holy shit.

Asking 25 dollars USD shipped!

Still got the Driftloon hat for 20 bucks shipped.

That’s it for now! I may make a separate post for jewelry sometime. Just gottah pay these bills :\