Ben Haggerty better known as Macklemore. Though not the best photo I’ve taken of someone holding the suicide sign it’s one I’m very happy with, specially considering the circumstances. In the following sentences I’ll try my best to explain how this photo came to be.
So a few days ago I found out that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were going to be in town. Considering how much kids look up to these guys I knew I had to try and introduce them to this project. I started by emailing, texting and tweeting at everyone i knew. After 2 days of contacting who knows how many people, no luck was had in finding a way into the show. No photo pass, no friends who could guest list me, just nothing. I decided that despite all this I’d try my luck at just standing by the buses with all the fans, so that’s what I did. After waiting 2 hours standing next to about 35 girls screaming “Macklemore, Macklemore” I realized if I was to make this photo happen I needed to get on the other side of the fence that separated the fans from the artist, and so the “fake it till you make it” plan came into action. I took out my camera, put it around my neck, pulled my hoodie up and decided to walk into the parking lot. Though there were several security guards and a door blocking the entrance I just looked at the security guards straight in the eyes, gave a nod and walked in. Once on the other side of the fence I stood next to a food truck and just waited. As the minutes passed and the wind picked up I started to lose hope. It was now drizzling rain and I was freezing. After waiting about another hour I decided to give up and walk back to my car and that’s when I ran into Macklemore and his security and videographer. Lets just say his bodyguard was not fond of me being there and that if it wasn’t for Macklemore I probably would have gotten beat up. He humbly introduced himself, allowed me to explain to him the sign and the project and agreed to take the photo. I thanked him for his time, apologized to the security guard and left.
If this experience has reminded me of anything is that everyone is a fan. None of us are entitled to anything and regardless of your status quo you should always stay humble and work hard for what you want. It’s nice to have people help you out from time to time but that sometimes nothing is more rewarding than getting things done yourself.