I will not talk myself out of hope, hiding behind scripture to support all my reasons for being “wise” and measured in my responses to the not-yets in my life.

Because when I choose hope, when I choose to engage in that awkward intimacy of believing that He might say no while asking expectantly that He says yes, He gets the most beautiful part of me.

—  Sara Hagerty, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet

Josephine M. Hagerty House by Walter Gropius 1938.

This is another house designed by Walter Gropius and the first house commissioned by his German based architecture firm Bauhaus built in the United States. It was built in 1938 and is placed in Cohasset Massachusetts overlooking the Massachusetts Bay. This house design was a great choice to encompass the beautiful landscape of the bay area due to its floor to ceiling glass windows at the back of the home. It was one of the first examples of foreign design within the United States. It is understanding how this design became popular over the decades after this one was built. it was able to bring the outside in with the large windows and show off the surrounding area of the bay.



[see Part 1 for a brief narrative history of Till’s murder]

  • Till Headline from The Chicago Defender, 17 September 1955: Published by John Sengstacke, The Defender was one of the most widely circulating Black newspapers in the country, and initially one of only two national papers to publish Emmett’s story.
  • Emmett Till Protest Rally Flyer, 21 October 1955
  • Eisenhower’s first Cabinet Secretary, Max Rabb, sends this memo to the WH Press Secretary, Jim Hagerty, explaining why “it was felt inadvisable to make a courteous reply” to anyone just yet regarding the Till case. In three short paragraphs Rabb tears down Mamie Bradley, describing her as a tool of the CP USA and claimed, “Mrs. Bradley was discredited for using her son’s death as a means of making a living.” She actually worked as a civilian clerk for the U. S. Air Force. Rabb also noted that “The boy’s father, incidentally, was executed by the Army in Italy on a sex charge.” Mamie separated from Louis Till back in 1942, and Emmett was only 4 years old, and an ocean away, when that happened.
  • Jackson Mississippi Daily News Says Till’s Father Executed for Rape: Mississippi senators James Eastland and John Stennis, who were apparently provided this information by someone with access to Louis Till’s confidential military files, leaked this information to southern papers. Although the trial was already over news about Emmett’s father remained on the front pages of Miss newspapers for weeks, in both October and November.
  • Louis Till’s (Emmett’s father) Ring: This ring is how they were able to ID Emmett’s bloated corpse when it was pulled from the Tallahatchie River, 28 August, 9 days after his arrival in Money. 
  • Look Magazine interview with Till’s Murderers: After receiving $3,800 for their testimonies, Till’s killers go into great detail in describing just how and why they really did torture and murder him.
  • H. R. 6127, aka, The Civil Rights Act of 1957, 9 September 1957: Till’s murder was one of the reasons for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Although primarily a voting rights bill, it established the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department to intervene in local law enforcement issues when civil rights were being compromised. Don’t miss the irony that this same justice department which came into existence because of Emmett Till’s murder has thus far failed to prosecute the murderers of Trayvon Martin, Mike, Brown, Tamir Rice, etc.
  • Emmett Till & Tamir Rice …or is it… Tamir Rice & Emmett Till
  • The More Things Change… : Just as in the case with Emmett, the media seems to think smearing Tamir Rice’s father absolves the child’s murderer of all responsibility. Do you see the importance of studying history, yet?

Airplane! (1980)
Dir: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker
DOP: Joseph Biroc
“The life of everyone on board depends upon just one thing: finding someone back there who can not only fly this plane, but who didn’t have fish for dinner.”

8 Ways You Can Survive — And Thrive In — Midlife
One secret to midlife happiness is being a rookie at something. Trying new things and failing keeps you robust. Also, to revive a midlife marriage, mix things up: Hike, go dancing or set out in an RV.

After two years of research and more than 400 interviews about midlife, former NPR reporter Barb Bradley Hagerty received dozens of insights about how to live well in the middle years. We’ve distilled them here, with a little context. And, by the way, these ideas work well for people on both sides of the midlife divide.