call for salon submissions: VANITAS

Vanitas is a style of Netherlandish painting that highlights the transitory nature of life and material goods. For this salon and accompanying zine, HAG invites performers, writers, and artists to investigate the relationship between the ephemeral, martyrdom, and objecthood. We are also interested in problematizing subject/object dialectics and feminist theory that posits the discursive work of feminism to be a simple crossing from the realm of the object to the realm of the subject, largely inspired by Karen Barad’s work on what she calls agential objects, and in the relationship between the ephemeral and femininity. In what ways is martyrdom, both literal (Joan of Arc) and non-literal (Francesca Woodman), coded feminine? WE ARE DEAD & YOU CAN BE TOO.

For the salon itself, we are looking for:
i. performance and theater pieces (we are especially interested in non-solo pieces, but will be accepting some solo pieces as well);
ii. poetry readings;
iii. lectures;
iv. film screenings; and
v. anything that problematizes the distinctions between these categories.

Please send salon submissions (just a few lines outlining what you would like to do) to hagcollective (at) gmail (dot) com by August 9th, 2013. Include a short bio.