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Well, as some already intuit, this is simply an AU (?)

I like the Ship of RoyEd (In any form, be OTP -which is- brotp or parental) and I have my own headcanons and AU to be together (?)

Here Edward is already Colonel (rank that he has in the game of Bluebird Illusion) and Roy is Führer, of course, who is the Roy of 2003 who has the eye patch (As we already know, we never looks like Roy looks without the patch , so on my own initiative try to imagine how he would look without the patch, he would keep some scars on that side of his face that he won during his confrontation with King Bradley -O Pride in 2003- and added to the loss of the eye, a scar that covers the eyelid and the white pupil in a sample that does not have sight in that eye)

The image is basically that Edward is going to wake up Roy to his bedroom in the military dormitories (Roy several times would end up sleeping there for the convenience of not being late to work xD) since Edward ends up being the secretary of the Führer (Fact that also happens in Bluebird Illusion xD)

Btw, sorry if something is not understood, it’s late and I’m kind of tired (?)

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An important message for my friends and some more people that I like and admire

Also, that dragon lady is my sona~

((Also I hope not forget anybody lmao))

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