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there’s tons of momo redesigns out there and i love them, but i thought i should tackle one that gets brushed over way more: hagakure! she’s fifteen and fighting criminals and yet no one thought “hey maybe her being actually naked isnt the best course of action here”

credit to @tenya for the new hero name!

main points:

  • it’s made of her dna similarly to how mirio’s is made of his, meaning it can turn invisible with her
  • the panel tracks her vitals, so if she goes unconscious it makes her costume visible so her teammates can find her, as well as giving them a log of what’s injured and what her status is. there’s some specific exceptions to this, but i’ll put those under the cut to avoid clogging dashes!


  • the chest plate is the sturdiest, strongest part of her costume, though the elbow and knee pads aren’t far behind
  • the rest of her costume is made of lightweight fabric that is as strong as possible while staying lightweight to help her sneak
  • her boots are also made to help her sneak! they muffle her footfalls and make her nearly silent in most cases


  • the costume being made of her dna allows it to be invisible in the first place, but it also taps into her light refraction ability. this makes it so she can turn it on and off with the control panel
  • there are two settings for when it turns visible after she’s unconscious: close ally and sudden ally
  • close allies are those who approved a special chip being added to their own costumes (at this point, 1-a, aizawa, and all might). with it, if she goes down, the closest person is alerted that she needs help without her costume turning visible. this prevents her from being taken hostage or used as an easy target while unable to defend herself. once they’re in proximity (guided by the same alert), it turns visible so they can check her injuries and help her
  • sudden allies, on the other hand, are those without this. this mode means her suit still turns visible once she’s unconscious so she can be found, it just removes the ally proximity failsafe. she always lets these sudden allies know that, ofc!


  • this aids her in her light refraction. it points out where her best sources are, where there are a lot of shadows she can hide in or blind spots, things like that
  • related to my blind hc, this also improves her sense of light bouncing off objects. she can already tell the shape, size, distance, etc of things, but the visor helps make it a lot more precise

ive been wanting to design this for ages, so im glad i finally sat down and did. i hope you guys like it!!


here’s a textless transparent version just for fun: