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I was asked recently “What is our purpose?” and it really got me to thinking. The answer is, simply, we are to make the Netherworld a better place.

Make the ghosts comfortable, the monsters cozy, the hags happy, the darkness secure and safe.

Some villains want to end the world (this is fine), others want to take over (good to have goals).

But for Evil Supply Co.? We want to make the Netherworld a better place for every wretched, vile thing – alive, undead, or something else entirely. Feels like a solid way to run a company.

Thanks for being a part of the continual mission of excellence in evil.

if you are on tumblr and your post gain note consistently, people start to become obsessed with you. but not cool people. just freaks. instead i get socially anxious hags pushing 30 whom stalk me cuz i am okay with transgenders. 20 year olds who say the word ‘discoursers’ unironically. abusers who use privilege politics to mask their devilry. stefins unicorn fans who smoke kilos of sherm. and i’m sure louis farrakhan has agents on here who have tried to recruit me. But it’s funny i cain’t get this kind of hallucinatory experience anywhere else

Shakespeare: living in a world of witches | OUPblog
Since he was born a year after the Witchcraft and Conjuration Act of 1563 brought about the era of the witch trials in England, it is hardly a surprise that witches and witchcraft would come to feature in Shakespeare’s work.

‘‘Double, double, royle and trouble; Fire burne, and Cauldron bubble.’’ So repeated the three witches in Macbeth, as they stirred their cauldron to conjure up ‘‘a Charme of powrefull trouble.’’ In fact, in the first printed version of 1623, from which I have just quoted, the three weird sisters are not constantly referred to as ‘witches’, as they are in subsequent editions that contain speech prefixes and stage directions. He also refers to them as ‘instruments of darkness’, ‘midnight hags’ and ‘night’s black agents.’ They are characters that transcend the mundane world of humans and are more than just neighbourhood witches.

Read more about Shakespeare and the supernatural from OUP here.

Home or High Water

Bending your beliefs like wind in a sail,
Pulling my raft across a river of bodies turned pale.
Fags, hags, heathens and cigarette butts.
Heavens trash falls to populate my land behind the vale.

Gritty be my bloodline the sediment runs deep,
I couldn’t allude temptations and faith is a leap.
Snatching airborne particles the benefits we reap,
We’ve become werewolves in a herd full of sheep.

Pain sprinkles down like summertime freezing rain,
Twinkles off of off key piano keys, dripping down a window pane.
Cheering for the beast as the knight lays slain,
Wasting my time I’ve been casting curses in vain.

Bestowed is my prince’s crown by spirit of sparrow,
Rituals and potions stirred under the weeping willow.
Blood, flesh and semen. Ginger and tally weed.
Blessed by tears that my royal family will swallow.

The sound of nature plays through the air,
The breath of the woods and breaking branches.
It swallows your soul and leaves you feeling bare,
The cold, bold stares and fabulous taboo.

A delicate and deadly dance like that of moths in light.
The skin, eyes and leaves that the moon’s reflection bleaches.
Too many phenomenon, science will lose this fight.
Our forest, our kingdom will not let you define its reaches.


Carl welcomes Lord Stanley to Sweden (19-08-2016)

Swamp Lemons

At the heart of summer survival, for many, is lemonade.

Lemons, squeezed. Swamp water left to absorb moonlight the night before. Sugar. Nightshade or foxglove petals.

Peyroux hags traditionally make the tastiest lemonades, using citrus from their ancestral groves deep within the Grimwood Swamp. Over the long, hot months, the trees soak up the sun’s energy and the swamp’s ambient enchantments to produce some of the most poisonously delicious lemons in all the Netherworld.

Recipes vary widely from hag to hag, so gatherings are common to swap ideas and hard-to-grow ingredients — Have you tried to find deathsbloom truffles this year? It is scandalously hard!

Jewish women can never just be seen as women, as human beings. When we’re not the ugly hag, the nagging mom, the frizzy-haired prude; we’re the Jewish American princess, the sexy exotic Israeli (and most of the time we aren’t even Israeli), the “pretty for a Jewish girl.” We are caught between the antisemitic demonization of Jews and the antisemitic exoticification of Jewish women. We are both hated and commodified. The intersection of antisemitism and misogyny do not allow Jewish women to just be Jewish women; there is always a negative adjective in front. I don’t want to be a bitch, a reptilian, a snob, a prude, or a sexy kosher fantasy. I want to be me and I want to be a Jewish woman.

My paladin who kind of traded part of his soul to a hag (it sounded great at the time ok), went with his team to fight her on the shadow plane. (she had the bard’s voice too it was terrible, all team members are very dumb and make a lot of mistakes)

The hag like instantly took control of him as a meat shield and it was not great. And the bard couldn’t cast or inspire, if he tried he just screeched and hurt his allies. But they luckily(?) had the help of this like demon creature or whatever, and made it in the end though!

So hags, apparently bad

Mom watches Bismuth
  • Mom:I like her, she looks like a reggae gem
  • Me:emphasis on the gay!
  • Pearl:*receives new weapon* you shouldn't have!
  • Mom:no, really you shouldn't have! You look like some little mermaid shit. Get back in the- pause the show- back in the ocean you sea hag! Pearls are from the sea, just go back in hag! Sea hag
  • Me:done?
  • Mom:sea hag
  • Me:*after episode* I still don't get why they bubbled her instead of talking
  • Mom:Bismuth was mad at Rose, and believed Steven is Rose. She couldn't be trusted not to hurt him, so that's all he could do, even the rest would have agreed they don't want him hurt because of his mom
  • Me:that's... thats the simplest answer I've heard on this yet