hag house

*inches closer*

*hangs the post on the board*


‘Leo’s Library’. Kitt knew that bookstore. He passed it on average few times a day for the past couple of months on his way to jobs. It was after all in situated on rather crowdy street.

But in all honesty, he would have never stepped in if it wasn’t for his own forgetfulness.

He had a job. An important job. Job that had high probability of him having to sit in one place for hours to no end, waiting. And it was when he was passing said bookstore that he realized, he forgot to grab some book from home to pass the time. And since it would have taken to long to get back, he just went to the shop.

He rummaged through the shelves for a moment, before a rather handsome clerk came to him, asking if he needed assistance. Kitt didn’t pay him much attention. Oh, he saw that his name was apparently ‘Leo’ (either a coincidence or he was talking with the owner); that he had bright hair peeking out from under the beanie which made Kitt smile; that he was right-handed; that he obviously loved books by the way he touched their covers.

When Kitt asked for something interesting but quick to read, Leo though for a moment and handed him 'The Island of Villains’, claiming that Kitt will like it.

That was two days ago and now Kitt stepped into the bookstore again.

Leo was sitting at the counter, examining a tattered book.

“Hi.” Kitt waved a hand at him.

Leo looked up from his book. He was scowling. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah” Kitt reached to his bag and pulled out the 'The Island of Villains’. “This is just the first part of the series right? Do you have next one?”

Leo’s scowl lessened and this time Kitt saw that he had those wrinkles around his eyes, that said he had to be smiling a lot.

“So you liked it?”

“Very!” Patting the cover, Kitt smiled. “All the mystery and suspense? And the main character has quite some wit. Shame that he was a bit to perfect.”

“Well, the book was written in Poland during the times of ZSRR, so it was actually made to be a bit spirit-lifting.” Leo took the book and opened it at random page. “But when you consider…” and he started talking about the book.

Huh, Tomasz was really such a deep character?… And the scout boys were a metaphor for that?… Wait, THAT was foreshadowed this early?… Kitt haven’t considered even fifth of those stuff when he was reading it… Now wait a second here, were they really talking about the same book?!

Seemed that Leo finally realized what he was doing, because suddenly he shut up.

“Um, sorry, I was boring you, weren’t I? You wanted the next part, right?” He put the book down and started to move toward the bookshelves when Kitt grabbed his hands.

“Please, teach me!” he whispered in awe.

Just a silly short featuring @seirui OC Leo a truly striking fella.

I have no idea where it came from. I just once saw it in a form of a comic and wated to draw it… Then I remembered that stick people are the top of my ability… And I just couldn’t do it to Leo.

So here, have a story

Don’t ever let Kitt meet Kay

no matter what i do, i can’t get on a good foot with the “nice” old ladies at the retirement home

but i’m the only one who gets along with the angriest, grumpiest and snappiest old hag of the entire house

…does this say something about me as a person??

My Horror Game

So, in general, my horror game was built off of my experiences growing up.  Growing up, I was terrified of the dark, of monsters, etc.  Looking back at it, night terrors might’ve been to blame, but I’m not sure about that.  I’d frequently see things, things walking into my room.

Even to this day, for some reason, I prefer to sleep with my doors closed and feel uncomfortable looking out into the dark hall from my bed.  When I was younger, the hall was the worst.  I’d see ‘things’ walking into my room and loom over me, sometimes dark, sometimes glowing (like the after image you get from a camera flash).  

I frequently got the feeling of being watched at night, when home alone, and to this day I’m hyper aware of myself in the dark.  I’m less afraid of the dark now but there are still moments where I feel like something isn’t right.

So I built my game around that.  The game’s conceptual names are along the lines of “Hag”, “Yaga” or “Baba Yaga”.

My idea is you’re playing as a young girl, around the age of 10, and your parents are away.  Night falls and “she” comes to your house.  A hag or otherwise monstrous old woman, tries to enter your home.  You must survive until daybreak.

The first part of each night involves you having to lock doors, pull blinds, barricade openings, close shutters, etc.  Everything you can to stop Her from getting in, while subsequently trying to keep out of Her line of sight from outside.  You might see moments of her shadow through a window, peering in, and if pass by a door or window with her on the other side, she’ll drag you through. 

Regardless, even doors you lock or barricade will eventually become unlocked or unstoppered.  She wants to get in and no lock will stop that.  Eventually, She’ll make it in.  A door outside left ajar, a window open, blowing wind through the curtains, something will let you know She’s slipped in despite your best efforts.  It was only a delay.

With Her in your home you can only flee and hide.  You must manage your noise, your panic levels and stay away from her as she goes through the house, hunting you.  She will check under beds, under tables, in closets.  You simply can’t hide under your bed for the night because she will, eventually, find you.

You may be able to draw her off, drop objects, knock things over, and flee.  But if you run, she’ll hear you.  If you descend stairs, the might creak and force you to flee quicker.  You might have to hold your breath if she’s right there, around the corner.  If she sees you, if you enter your sight, she will give chase with frightening speed, faster than you by a long shot.  And if you don’t see her, she will stalk you, creep upon you until she can grab you from behind.

As the night(s) go on, stranger things happen in the house as Her influence takes hold.  Mirrors distort and act as her eyes, lights might flicker on and expose you, you might start seeing things.  All of these would raise your panic and cause you to breathe louder.

All the while, you hear her shuffling footsteps and quiet murmurings as she roves the house, beckoning you to come out.

The game itself mixes a bunch of different elements.  The Boys of Silence from Bioshock, as well as Scarecrow’s levels in Arkham Asylum, combined with bits from Slender/Amnesia’s darkness and 'insanity’ levels, with a touch of FNAF thrown in at the start (namely trying to keep her out of your house).

Options could include different houses (smaller/single story homes would prove more difficult), weather (lightning illuminating rooms momentarily or howling wind making it harder to hear), as well as Her own AI and aggressiveness and intelligence (like being able to spot ideal hiding spots immediately instead of after a couple passes).  Potentially different modes, like surviving a week of it, or a 'real life’ mode, where you actually play for a long, single night of survival.

Undecided if a flashlight would be involved.  Might be better to do without it entirely.