WOW SO i’m getting a lot of asks calling me esteban after that Bi post. like ok. i’m gonna explain a wild concept. latinx people, sometimes we have long names. it’s culturally a thing. i’m not making a nod at 1 character from a disney show from 10 years ago. latinx people exist outside of latinx fictional characters! i’m making a joke by and for latinx people and honestly i’m not the person that calls every possible slip up racist but the amount of “HAHAHA ESTEBAN” messages i’m getting is reaching that line. if i wasn’t latinx and I came across a post I didn’t understand I’d stay in my lane maybe idk

@ y'all who keep trying to slam me for wanting damian to have an accent??

pls stop??? like, i’m just an arab kid who wants to see other arab kids with accents and a lil representation??? idc if it’s “stupid” or “unreasonable” or “completely illogical” that an arab kid has an arab accent but y'all it’s just a simple HEADCANON i came up with on my HEADCANON ACCOUNT :^) to you he might not have an arab accent, but to me i like to imagine that he does and your arguments about how unreasonable i’m being isn’t going to change my mind ;^)

  • friend: do you just look at someone and you try and imagine how they're so perfect
  • me: yuuri katsuki
  • friend: i mean i was talking about my significant other bu-
  • me: yuuri katsuki

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To that trip iwa au, what if he's playing guitar and carrying it everywhere, he plays songs on sidewalks for some money, maybe in bars and most of his songs are composed while thinking of oikawa. Sometimes, in smoky bar with bottle of beer and guitar iwa hopes that he will appear before him and maybe stay to listen



And what if one day Oikawa shows up???
Like Iwa playing in this little Bar in this small ocean town. And let’s face it, he doesn’t think he will see Oikawa. Not here, not now, not after all this time.
But Oikawa is on a little holiday trip with friends and out of all towns he stays in this small ocean town this night.
And he sits down at table with some friends, back to the stage, not knowing who is up there. It’s a loud bar, people are laughing, drinking, chatting and the music is more a background noise and right now Iwa is taking a little break.
Iwa gets back on his seat at the stage. The bar is crowded and the lights are blinding him..he has no idea who is in the audience. He closes his eyes as he starts his next song.
Oikawa is enjoying the evening and having a good laugh with his friends. He isn’t really aware of the music. Until suddenly through all the noises of the bar the voice of the singer waves over to him and his skin tingles and his heart almost stops. For a second he doesn’t really know why…but then it hits him. THIS VOICE!!! HE KNOWS THIS VOICE!!! THIS VOICE!! And he quickly turns around to face the stage and there he is, Iwaizumi Hajime!!!

LGBT+ Scrapbook For Gerard

The post I made on Gerard’s birthday gave me this idea to put together an lgbt themed scrapbook for him filled with messages from you guys as a way to say thank you to him for showing so much support to the lgbt+ community to give to him at Thought Bubble in September. So, if you want to, please email me with scans of messages to go into the scrapbook if you handwrite the message or a typed message is fine.

  •  If you are handwriting and scanning them please make sure the scan is as clear and as readable as possible since I’m going to be printing them and sticking them in. 
  •  Also please be aware that I will be reading through each of the messages to make sure that they’re not inappropriate or like trolls so if you don’t want me reading anything too personal, please don’t include it. (also related to this, please don’t force a label onto Gerard in your message that he hasn’t said he uses) 
  •  The scrapbook is 345×320×23 mm & I may have to fit 2 messages on each page to please make sure that your message is big/small enough to fit 
  •  The deadline for emailing me these is July 31st so if you want to have your message included please make sure you email it to me before then. 
  •  My email is harleyquinn221c@gmail.com 
  •  If you have any questions just shoot me and ask/message!

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Okay but my favourite thing about Jake and Amy is that even though season 1 brought us glorious episodes like "The Bet" and "Charges and Specs" that were clearly meant to move their relationship forward into *core relationship* territory it's never felt like a large set up to get us invested in a relationship that doesn't exist?? If that makes sense?? Like some shows push their leads SO HARD and you can ~feel~ the writers being like "YOU SHOULD WANT TO SHIP THIS" but Jake and Amy was just (1/2)

(2/) so organic?? I loved them as friends and partners first and right from the very beginning it was clear they were comfortable with each other and so them eventually falling in love was just so natural and idk how to explain it but I just?? even rewatching season 1 knowing where they end up it doesn’t feel forced at all, it just makes total sense and I’m so glad that it happened like that

like okay i’ve been!! talking about this for a while but i’m always down to be extra so i will talk about it again

it boils down to a few different factors, perhaps the most important of which is andy and melissa’s incredible acting chops and their own friendship. like honest 2 god u can be the best actor in the world but if u don’t like ur costar/character’s love interest u can only be so convincing. andy and melissa are genuinely friends, they hang out outside of filming for the show and they get along really well. that combined with their awesome individual acting abilities makes for a REALLY great television couple.

all of that to say that their chemistry makes for a very tangible kind of chemistry between jake and amy - starting from the very!! first!! scene!! we’re able to CLEARLY see the exact kind of friendship they have!! and listen my friends i am not going to lie, the fact that amy’s first words are “what are you doing, weirdo?” with an irritated look on my face immediately made me think oh no she’s the kill-joy the first time i watched the show but then!! then!! less than two minutes later!! jake starts talking to her through the nanny cam teddy bear and instead of being annoyed she gets that soft, affectionately exasperated look on her face and!! guys!! my literal thought was oh he must do this to her all the time

all of that in less than 2 minutes of screen time together!! and that idea - he must do this to her all the time - is reinforced every time they share the screen!! there are even a few early episodes where i wasn’t positive jake and amy were going to be a thing in canon - i knew i wanted them to be, but really honestly i couldn’t quite tell initially - and you’re right, that is so hard to do!! and ur right there are definitely shows where you know right away which couples are endgame and which ones you’re supposed to be cheering for, but with jake and amy - idk how to explain it, it just felt more…unpredictable. i was overinvested pretty much immediately

but yes, the thing that really gets me about jake/amy is that their relationship is not solely romantic - they’re friends. and u just don’t get that a lot in mass media