So I recently went to Ikea and after many “my sims have that, hihi” I came across something my sims didn’t have. So I made it. 

Behold the Skruvsta Swivel chair (gloriously misspelled, because apparently I can type Skruvsta a million times but swivel is just too hard fml). It’s slaved to the Skruvsta chair that came as a pre-order bonus, so both that file (which I included) and the Ikea SP are required. I also recolored the original chair with LACK colors, those recolors are included too :3

Download Skruvsta Swivel Chair

Credits: Maxis, MustLuvCatz for the wheels, hafi for the color actions.  

Parted by life, parted by death: Palestinian loses child without ever meeting him
Bakr Hafi is in Gaza and his wife and children are in the West Bank. Last week his infant son died, but Hafi has also been barred from attending the funeral
By Gideon Levy and Alex Levac
What measure of cruelty and hardheartedness is needed to deny a father’s request to see his critically ill infant son once in his life, and then bar him from attending the child’s funeral? That’s what the High Court of Justice – Supreme Court President Asher Grunis and Justices Zvi Zylbertal and Elyakim Rubinstein – decided with respect to a petition filed by Hamoked: The Center for the Defense of the Individual, a human rights organization, against Israel’s security authorities (“High Court rules Gazan can’t attend son’s West Bank funeral,” by Amira Hass, Dec. 17).

The baby, Emir Hafi, died on December 14 from a hereditary disease in the home of his mother and grandfather, in the West Bank village of Artah, south of Tul Karm. A mere two-hour drive separates the home of the baby’s father, Bakr Hafi, in the Gaza Strip, and the home of his mother, Waad.

Emir, who was 18 months old when he died, came into the world not only with his illness but also with parents who were forcibly separated by Israel. His father, expelled to Gaza, never got to son even once during the infant’s truncated life.

Waad’s parents were born in the Bureij refugee camp in Gaza and moved to the West Bank in 1971. Her father, Ismail Balahawi, has spent most of his life doing various jobs in Netanya, where he’s called “Shmulik” – a Hebrew nickname for Shmuel. He says he speaks Hebrew better than Arabic. He continues to work in Netanya, with an Israeli work permit.

Balahawi’s daughter and his two granddaughters moved in with him after his son-in-law was expelled to Gaza.

Bakr and Waad were married in 2007. He built her a house in the village of Shweika, adjacent to Tul Karm. He too is originally a Gazan who lived most of his life in the West Bank. He’s 42 now, she’s 23; their beautiful daughters are Suar, 7, and Hala, 5 and a half.

Five years ago, security forces arrived at their home in the dead of night and arrested Bakr. He was incarcerated for three months in Shikma, a prison in Ashkelon, and was released without having been put on trial. But instead of allowing him to return to his home in Shweika, where his wife and daughters were waiting, he was deported to the Strip.

Bakr’s ID card states that he’s a resident of Gaza – and Palestinians have no way of changing such a designation. In virtually all cases, Gazans are not allowed to move to a new home in the West Bank even if they marry a resident from there. Family-unification requests submitted by the Hafis were rejected by Israel.

About two years after Bakr’s expulsion, Waad and their daughters moved to Gaza for a time; denied direct access by Israel, they entered the Strip via Jordan and Egypt. But the Israel Defense Forces’ bombing raids on Gaza at the time were too much for Waad, and she fled back to her parents’ home in Artah after 11 months.

Today her father recalls that Bakr “would sit on her and her daughters during the attacks, like a chicken sits on her eggs to guard them. He is such a good person, so nice.” Waad says she didn’t feel comfortable in Gaza, which is not her home. “It is not a place for her, it is a place of hell,” her father says.

She became pregnant during that stay in Gaza, and Emir entered the world under an unlucky star on May 17, 2013, in Tul Karm. Diagnosed with a fatal genetic disease, he underwent treatment in several hospitals, including Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. It was clear, however, that his days were numbered.

Emir died a week ago Sunday, late at night in his bed. Here’s his photograph, in his mother’s cellular phone. His father never saw him.

“We asked the whole world to let his father come to the funeral, so he could see him just once, and then go back,” grandfather Shmulik-Ismail says. “I said to God: ‘You created the world. I can do nothing to help the boy. My hands are empty. But at least let his father attend the funeral.’ We did all we could.”

We spoke to Bakr by phone. “I am shattered,” he says in excellent Hebrew. “A child is born, he gets sick, I didn’t see him. I asked to see him after he died, and you know the end of the story. I am truly suffering. Truly suffering. They made me out to be a black panther, but I am a human being, flesh and blood. I have children in my house, I have a wife. They didn’t give me a chance to see my son …

“Last year, in July, I met with the Shin Bet [security service] at Erez terminal. I said to them, ‘You didn’t come up with anything on me, you released me. Why did you send me back to Gaza and not to my house?’ I am between a rock and a hard place.

“The tears flow from my eyes. You don’t know what my situation is like here. My house is there, my beehive is there, I was a beekeeper in Shweika, my daughters and my wife are there, my whole life is there. I don’t know what to tell you. I am not, heaven forbid, hoping you will go through what I am going through – but try to feel what I feel, without a wife, without children. I do not belong to this world here [in Gaza].

“Believe me, my brother. I have an ocean of friends in Israel. I was a professional in auto bodywork. I do not belong to Gaza. Why didn’t they release me to my home? I am shattered. Completely shattered. I am talking to you with tears running down my face. Let me go back to life. Let me go back to breathing the air of my house. You know, if I were a terrorist they wouldn’t have released me. Not even the judges of the Supreme Court gave me the chance. One chance. Even to see my daughters, the way you are seeing them now.”

Following is the response of the Supreme Court to petition No. 8588/14, filed by Bakr Hafi and Hamoked on December 16, 2014, two days after Emir’s death: “Having perused security material which cannot be made public, we reached the conclusion that, despite the petitioner’s difficult circumstances, there was no flaw in the decision not to allow him to enter the West Bank from Gaza, even for a short visit subject to certain conditions.

“It should be noted that the security material is considerable and covers quite a few years, including the past year. At the same time, we want to note that if the petitioner’s wife, who is in the Judea and Samaria Region, submits a request to visit him in the Gaza Strip together with the couple’s children, the request will be examined under the rules and in a positive light.”

A final note: If it were up to the IDF and the Israel Police, this article would not have seen the light of day. They detained me for some seven hours when I was in the course of preparing it, earlier this week.


The last part is a bunch of objects and object recolors :D

Pocket Animals on FT Artig

I found these adorable prints at Society6 by Budi Kwan, and I had to use them for painting recolors! But this time I used the Artig mesh, so the Free Time EP is requred! If you want a smaller, slaved version of this mesh, get it here :)

Swatch - Download - Alternate

More resized 4t2 Hafiseazale Toys

It took me so long to get around making them, despite I planned it since September XD But it’s done, finally! They’re all slaved to the originals, so you need these huge toys by Hafi, or the fixed ones by FreezerBunny for the textures to show up! They come in three sizes: quarter, half, and three quarter :)

Download - Alternate

Stewart Mourning Cafe Curtain with polka dots

What would an object recolor post be without something polka-dotted? I chose this BG curtain this time, because I thought it would look cute with that print!

Swatch - Download - Alternate

8-3 Popup Toaster Recolors

I fell in love with these adorable sims 4 toaster recolors that Budgie2budgie made, so I “converted” them for sims 2! Which means I did nothing but extracted the textures and swapped it to the original sims 2 toaster. It was probably the easiest recolor I ever made XD Swatch is stolen as usual, and the mesh is included (since the original site seems to be non-existent anymore, and I have no idea what was their policy)

Download - Alternate

And that’s all! I hope you like the gifts! And again, thank you so much for following :3


Hafi: El Bandito, what is the matter? Will you stop that yowling? STOP IT!

El Banidto: Hafi, I do not like you anymore. You come and visit my house with the laundry gnomes but you forget to bring a table with many slots for all my things.

Hafi: I brought you a very nice coffee table!

El Bandito: It only has one slot!

Hafi: *sighs* Give me 5 minutes!

Five minutes later…

Hafi: There is your damn slots!

El Bandito: *pats Hafi’s foot* Let me love you! I can love you, yes?

Hafi: No, just be happy with your damn slots.

Oh hi, readers! This isn’t a Forgotten Bay update because well, you see, I’m still making stuff for there. I did however make an override for all the Maxis coffee tables which gives it a lot of slots. You can hop over to my Livejournal to check it out. Although, you’ve seen these tables. Eh just follow the link and get MOAR slots!

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”
(Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist)

p/s: *The Auckland Sky Tower… ;)

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Lastly I made a bunch of object recolors! :D

IKEA PS Rug in 8 patterns

I clearly have more than enough recolors of this rug, but it didn’t stop me in making more! IKEA is required!

Credits: Colourlovers and Backgroundlabs for the patterns and Kahlena for the rug texture base

Swatch - Download - Alternate

IKEA Poang Chair

Honestly I never used this armchair because it had one subset and the frames never matched. But I found an awesome CEP extra by Hafi, and everything changed! I quickly recolored the frames in AL woods + black and white, and also managed to recolor the cushions, but it was tricky (thanks Eaxis for the fantastic mapping…). So I made only 4 recolors. IKEA and Hafi’s CEP is required!

Credits: Colourlovers and Hafi

Cushion swatch - Download cushions - Alternate

Download frames - Alternate

Goth Garden on FT On Their Toes

I got the idea from Allisas’ recolors, and I just grabbed 6 shots from my own 3t2 Goth Manor makeover and recolored these fancy pictures. I recommend these resized addons by CuriousB. FT is required!

Swatch - Download - Alternate

Steampunk Prints on BV Travel Poster

Back to our lovely Travel Poster! :D I made 8 recolors with steampunk-ish prints that I found on Etsy. I’m totally into steampunk nowadays! Pictured with CuriousB’s addons. BV or HugeLunatic’s BG version is required!

Credits: HamiltonHousePrints2 and MagnoliaHousePrints on Etsy

Swatch - Download - Alternate

That’s all, I hope you like the gifts :3


Happy Birthday, Shastakiss. This is all the mirrors you wanted resized minus one because no matter how I tried with the OFB one, it just didn’t slave right.

Everyone came out for your small birthday party in the loo. Although those dang Yeti’s didn’t get the concept of eating the cake. I guess he wanted a cake bath.

Hmm, I guess you want the mirrors instead of just pictures of them right?


Happy Birthday! I think I’ll let El Bandito sing for you!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Shastakiss
Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

Skunky: Er, sorry about that. I don’t know what Hafi was thinking. El Bandito is tone deaf. I’m truly sorry. *scampers off to muzzle El Bandito and hide Hafi’s body*