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The Travellers - Ħafi Paċi Kuluri
Release date: July 2017

OK so this is a super brilliant music video. The first time I watched this I didn’t even pay attention to the music. It was just amazing. Colourful nuns dancing around church? Oh yes sister!

The Travellers is a Maltese band that debuted in just last year, but they seemed to be already very well known in Malta and gaining attention abroad. Sings in their native language of Maltese, Ħafi Paċi Kuluri is their newest single which translates to “Barefoot Peace Music” (according to a YouTube comment). But hey, you don’t need to understand Maltese to understand this awesome piece, I promise!

We have reached Dhul Hijjah. There is no days in the year in which good actions are more accepted than these ten days. Allah took an oath by the first ten nights of this month. These are the nights of crying, repenting, and turning back. These are the moments when du'a is accepted. You may be far from Makkah right now, but the mercy of your Lord is close. The Hujjaj are covered in Ihrams, but you can also be enveloped in His compassion during these moments. People have booked flights to the Haram, but you just need a soul that desires to return back to its Lord with the wings of hope.

Make efforts to fast these days. Forgive those who have wronged you. Pray for what you desire. Fulfil your obligations. Allah’s doors are open. Don’t let these moment leave you except that you have transformed into a better person. These days are like the days of Ramadan so seize the opportunity. If you spent your life in sin and disobedience; don’t despair or be worried. Remember Bishr al-Hafi became a saint within a single night whilst he was in a state of drunkenness for simply picking up a piece of paper with the name of Allah on it - You have 9 nights, to pick up your heart and soul - Purify it, cleanse it, embellish it and decorate it with His love, so that you may also be forgiven.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Lítill íþróttaálfur

Magnús segist halda að hann hafi verið lesblindur þegar hann var lítill og kom hann sér upp sérstakri aðferð til að koma sér í gegnum námsbækurnar. Hann hljóp tugi kílómetra á dag með skeyti sem lítill drengur og var sannkallaður lítill íþróttaálfur í íslenskri sveit. 

My Icelandic translation of Wishing

Þú varst eitt sinn mitt ljós í myrkri
Þú varst mitt aðsetur
Þú varst eitt sinn vinur og faðir
Þá hrundi minn heimur

Ó bara ef þú værir hér á ný
Ef þú værir mér við hlið
Þær nætur sem að mig dreymir þig
Veita mér sálarfrið

Ó bara ef ég gæti heyrt rödd þína
Þótt hún hafi dáið með þér
Þó ég dreymi minn draum
Get ég ey uppfyllt ósk þína af raun
Um gott líf handa mér

Gráar bjöllur og steyptir englar
Við þeim mér ofbýður
Þau sýnast ey vera af þinni manngerð
Þú varst hlýr og blíður

I of mörg ár hef ég barist við tár,
Því deyr ey fortíðin?

Ó bara ef þú værir hér á ný
Þó ég þurfi að kveðja þig
Reyni að fyrirgefa, kenndu mér að lifa
Veit mér styrk til að reyna

Engar fleiri minningar, eða þögul tár
Nú segja skilið þarf ég við mín æskuár
Hjálpaðu mér að kveðja þig
Hjálpaðu mér að kveðja þig!

And here it is translated into English:

You were once my light in darkness
You were my home
You were once a friend and father
Then my world fell apart

Oh only if you were here again
If you were by my side
The nights that I dream of you
Give me a peace of mind

Oh only if I could hear your voice again
Even though it died with you"
Even if I dream my dream
I can’t make your wish really come true
Of a good life for me

Gray bells and sculpted angels
They distress me
They don’t seem to be like you
You were warm and gentle

For too many years I have been fighting back tears
Why doesn’t the past die?

Oh only if you were here again
Even though I have to say goodbye to you
Try to forgive, teach me to live
Give me the strength to try

No more memories or silent tears
Now I’ve got to part with my childhood years
Help me say goodbye to you
Help me say goodbye to you

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(Dammit this is the third time I'm asking this and Tumblr has been a bitch to me) wcif Don's care products on his dresser, the mirror above his dresser and his printer in chapter 12? And wcif john mole's printer and Sharon's boxes in Chapter 26 (btw loved it and got diabetes from how sweet Beau and Lucy were and took my cringe pill from Ellen's psycopath self) that were extracted from Apartment Life clothes rack for dressers?

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