hafi the sim


The Laundry Gnome Altar..

El Bandito: Oh no, not I. I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to love
I know I’ll stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live
I’ve got all my love to give and I’ll survive
I will survive,
I will survive!

Laundry Gnomes: Encore! ENCORE!

Hafi: Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Ow, leg cramp.

El Bandito: Hafiiiiii!

Hafi: It would be the raccoon I find first! Watcher help me! Seriously help me out of the water this jacket is leather!

El Bandito: You heard the lady! Help her out of the water laundry gnomes.

Laundry Gnomes: Only if you sing again!

El Bandito: I have fans! They like me here, Hafi!

Hafi: They must be tone deaf and only have stuffing for brains…


Somewhere in Forgotten Bay…

Hafi: Phew, I don’t think the zombie followed me but now my ankle hurts after falling into this stupid hole.

*hiss hiss hiss*

Hafi: Oh please, no! Anything but SNAKES! Why’d it have to be snakes? *cries* Maybe if I pretend they aren’t there!

*hiss hiss hiss*

Hafi: NOOO! Go away!

Voice: Hello down there! Looks like you need a hand!

Hafi: People! Help there are snakes down here! I hate snakes! Help me!

Voice: Sure but uhm, you look a little purple so…

Female: I say we leave her. She may be infected.

Male in black: Let’s pour the content of this bag on her and if nothing happens we’ll help her out.

Male in grey shirt: How will that possible help?

Male in black: It’ll get rid of the garbage!

Hafi: I think I prefer the snakes.


Hafi: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Wait! how the hell am I floating? Am I floating? Oh crap! This is gonna hurt! Damn you, Skunky!

Ninja Gnomes: Should we take her back to the temple?

Wise Ninja Gnome: Probably but she’s a Sim. She may very well be infected already. Let’s leave her be and observe.

Ninja Gnomes: But, master, she came out of the same hole as the skunk and raccoon. Maybe she is their pet.

Wise Ninja Gnome: Perhaps. Very well, bring her along. If she starts turning purple it is on your heads.

Ninja Gnomes: PURPLE! She might be infected with the zombie strain. *drags Hafi to the temple* Damn, she is heavy.

Wise Ninja Gnome: I hear she sits at her PC everyday creating things for The Sims 2 Community. She’s bound to be chunky.

Ninja Gnomes: Chunky, my arse!!


Somewhere in Forgotten Bay..

Hafi: Are you sure you want to stay, El Bandito?

El Bandito: Yes, more than sure. I can deal without purple zombies but where will I find others who will love my singing?!?! I mean, I’m a star here!

Hafi: Okay! Great! Well, I better set out then. It’s been a while since I fell into that lake and caught a cold.

El Bandito: Yup but at least the leather jacket survived.

Hafi: True! We’ll pick you back up on the way home, I hope.

El Bandito: No worries. I’m fine here.

Hafi: See ya, Raccoon. *whistles and walks away* Those bears, Watchers bless them. *breaks into a hula dance* No more Raccoon, Hallelujah, no more raccoon.

El Bandito: I can still hear you!!!

Hafi: Sorry, but totally not! *runs off*

Hafi: Oh my head! What did I land on? Why do I feel like I’ve been dragged for miles?

Wise Ninja Gnome: Er, well you landed on top of the hole and you were dragged for miles. I had to listen to them complain the whole way about you being so heavy.

Hafi: I am not heavy! I..well, I guess I am for a gnome. You haven’t seen a Skunk and a Raccoon pass through here, have you?

Wise Ninja Gnome: I have and they ran away.

Hafi: Figures! I should go, thank you for the bed.

Wise Ninja Gnome: Wait! I didn’t get a chance to warn those two but I should warn you. There are things in this world, horrible things.

Hafi: Yeah, that’s every world.

Wise Ninja Gnome: But we have purple zombies!

Hafi: Oh man, that is….just friggin’ awesome. I mean that’s cool! It’s great. Purple is my favorite color. Anything else?

Wise Ninja Gnome: Blue aliens, pink Sims, black werewolves…I think the vampires look normal.

Hafi: I’ve fallen into Heaven! Except for the pink part but hey, close enough!

Wise Ninja Gnome: Your generation is odd.

Hafi: My generation? What are you, like 2 months old?

Wise Ninja Gnome: *coughs and poofs away*

Hafi: Yeah, that’s right! Now to find those pesky rodents.