hafi the sim


Somewhere in Forgotten Bay…

Hafi: Phew, I don’t think the zombie followed me but now my ankle hurts after falling into this stupid hole.

*hiss hiss hiss*

Hafi: Oh please, no! Anything but SNAKES! Why’d it have to be snakes? *cries* Maybe if I pretend they aren’t there!

*hiss hiss hiss*

Hafi: NOOO! Go away!

Voice: Hello down there! Looks like you need a hand!

Hafi: People! Help there are snakes down here! I hate snakes! Help me!

Voice: Sure but uhm, you look a little purple so…

Female: I say we leave her. She may be infected.

Male in black: Let’s pour the content of this bag on her and if nothing happens we’ll help her out.

Male in grey shirt: How will that possible help?

Male in black: It’ll get rid of the garbage!

Hafi: I think I prefer the snakes.