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Are you Haexan as well? We are called many things. For some we are hæxan, witches, hexen, streghe, sorcières, brujas, nornir, veneficas, gwradchod, ... Others think of us as wiccan. We do admit that there are some similarities, but we are not wiccan. So what are we then? Does it really matter? We have no special name. If we might use a sobriquet then 'Hæxan' would do the trick. We live amongst the people. They are afraid of us and they keep distance because we are perceived as 'different'.

i’ve been called many things along the lines of witch. some good and some bad.

i think i am comfortable not having a title, aside from something self appointed. I live, after all in the Emerald City - magical titles are easy to imagine.

so what are we then? indeed it may not matter. we will always be special and they will always keep their distance.

Approximate statistics on the number of trials for witchcraft and executions in various regions of Europe in the period 1450–1750

The classical period of witchhunts in Europe and North America falls into the Early Modern period or about 1480 to 1750

British Isles and North America trials~5,000 executions~1,500–2,000

Holy Roman Empire (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lorraine, Austria including Czech lands - Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia)              trials~50,000 executions~25,000–30,000

France trials~3,000 executions~1,000

Scandinavia trials~5,000 executions~1,700–2,000

Eastern Europe (Poland and Lithuania, Hungary and Russia) trials~7,000 executions~2,000

Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal and Italy) trials~10,000 executions~1,000

Total: trials~80,000 executions~35,000

About 75 to 80 percent of those were women