haethon wedding

Mirianda Haethon,

You have no idea how…hesitant I was to arrive. If you couldn’t tell, I was the not-so handsome blonde Kirin Tor captain. I assure you, the face magic was only temporary and has no doubtedly worn off. If so, I’ll be wearing my helmet. I know how some Haethons feel about me….and I understand.

I want you to know that I was so proud when I saw you wearing Aliatoc’s Wreath. I…I don’t think you understand how that made me feel. I felt as if everything in the world had gone away for a moment and I was looking backwards in time. A time that I cannot go back to, but you have a chance of making.

Fool around, have kids, grow old…do the things I’ve wanted to with someone else. I love you Miri, and you’ll always have a friend in the North.     

-Tiberiaus Winterscar  

The box was simple and small, bearing the Winterscar crest. Within, was the most lovely Winter Azule. It looked…enchantded, and seemed to create little snowflakes all around it. The gift made me smile. I even looked for him then…but I knew he’d had to have left by now. Still, it warmed my heart to know he’d been there at all.