Q:groups with have more members need to have unity in minds. Especially on how you present yourselves, did you all discuss about it everytime?

hyuk: no matter what we always talk with each other, not just about stage performances but also other stuffs. When members cant meet with each other because of individual schedules, donghae will go to that member room during midnight and wake them up. Then during midnight few of us will go together to eat out and talk (laughs). Even though accompany him is a bit annoying. Recently we did had steamboat at 3am midnight.

Q:donghae,why must it be midnight?

hae: because i want to talk at night, if i dont do so, we wont have time to talk isnt it? I want to listen to members problems, because i always starts the conversation, slowly it will turn into an atmosphere which we can talk about anything which we were unable to talk about, during the past 14 years i had been doing the same thing, but even if its like that, i really want to meet up our members, will be worry about them “did they eat well today?” something like that.

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