All the Toa Mata Kaita

Warning: Sorta long and nerdy post ahead.

Fusing two or more characters to make another character has always been an interesting concept to me, probably stemming from the original Toa Kaita introduced in the early days of the BIONICLE G1 storyline. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the Kaita, and I wondered, why did we only get two? After all, Kaita can be fusions of any three Toa, right? And additionally, why Akamai and Wairuha? What is it about the specific combinations that cause them to generate “Valor” and “Wisdom?”

So, along that reasoning, I theorized all possible Kaita that can be formed by the Toa Mata, based on the following:

- Three Toa = One Kaita

- A Toa can’t be in the same Kaita more than once.

- The order doesn’t matter (e.g. Tahu + Onua + Pohatu = Onua + Pohatu + Tahu = Akamai)

- G1 personalities and abilities

In total, there’s 20 possible Kaita. Here, I’ve listed them, named them (at least the non-canon ones), and guessed the personality traits that make them up:

1. Tahu’s courage + Onua’s strength + Pohatu’s loyalty = Akamai, “Valor”

2. Tahu’s courage +  Onua’s quiet nature + Lewa’s adventurous spirit = Kaiwhai, “Hunter”

3. Tahu’s ability to lead +  Onua’s endurance + Gali’s teaching nature = Kaiako, “Coach”

4. Tahu’s temper +  Onua’s strength + Kopaka’s analytic nature = Hoari, “Swordsman”

5. Tahu’s ferocity +  Pohatu’s humor + Lewa’s humor = Pupuhi, “Trickster”

6. Tahu’s ferocity +  Pohatu’s competitive side + Gali’s hidden strength = Poma, “Bomb”

7. Tahu’s fiery nature +  Pohatu’s speed + Kopaka’s coldness = Uira, “Lightning”

8. Tahu’s courage + Lewa’s adventurous spirit + Gali’s agility = Tautohe, “Daredevil”

9. Tahu’s ability to lead + Lewa’s open mind + Kopaka’s analytic nature = Rautaki, “Strategeist”

10. Tahu’s ferocity + Gali’s power + Kopaka’s coldness = Whawhai, “Aggressor”

11.  Onua’s kindness + Pohatu’s down-to-earth nature + Lewa’s humor = Waiata, “Music”

12.  Onua’s quiet nature + Pohatu’s down-to-earth nature + Gali’s patience = Kari, “Garden”

13.  Onua’s quiet nature + Pohatu’s loyalty + Kopaka’s solitary nature = Mahara, “Memory”

14.  Onua’s amiability + Lewa’s humor + Gali’s calm nature = Kaitohu, “Counselor”

15.  Onua’s thoughtfulness + Lewa’s adventurous spirit + Kopaka’s analytic nature = Mahere, “Navigator”

16.  Onua’s quiet nature + Gali’s self-control + Kopaka’s solitary nature = Whakaro, “Meditator ”

17.  Pohatu’s happiness +  Lewa’s humor + Gali’s mindfulness = Koa, “Cheer”

18.  Pohatu’s down-to-earth nature + Lewa’s adventurous spirit + Kopaka’s solitary nature = Haere, “Traveler”

19.  Pohatu’s amiability +  Gali’s calm nature + Kopaka’s seriousness = Kaitiaki, “Guardian”

20. Lewa’s open mind + Gali’s passiveness + Kopaka’s analytic nature = Wairuha, “Wisdom”

This is, of course, mostly theoretical and not 100% accurate, but it probably comes pretty darn close.

Next step would be to try to build all of them, but I would need 10 of each Toa! Who knows if that will ever happen.

Anyways, that’s my theory for the remaining Mata Kaita!

Greetings in Te Reo Māori - Mihi

[When I went to New Zealand I took evening classes in Te Reo Maori; here are some of my notes.
Please note that this isn’t a complete list of every possible greeting but rather a list of the ones I encountered the most frequently. Feel free to correct me if you spot any mistakes/make additions :)]

Saying hello


Kia ora - hello
Kia ora kōrua - hello to you two
Kia ora koutou (katoa) - hello to you (all) (3 or more people)


Haere mai - welcome
Tēnā koe - greetings to you (1 person)
Tēnā kōrua - greetings to you two

Tēnā koutou (katoa) - greetings to you (all) (3 or more people)
Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa - greetings, greetings, greetings to you all (3 or more people)
Tēnā koe e hoa - greetings to you friend


Mōrena - morning
Ata mārie - peaceful morning
Ahiahi mārie - peaceful afternoon
Pō mārie - peaceful evening

Saying goodbye

E noho rā - goodbye (said to someone staying)
Haere rā - goodbye (said to someone leaving)
Ka kite (anō) - see you (again)
Aroha nui - lots of love (often used to sign off letters to friends/loved ones)

Cuando entré a tumblr y acepté las condiciones y restricciones quizá las debí leer. Ultimamente he estado casi seguro que debía haer algún punto en el que decía que estaría condenado a la asocialidad por siempre.

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Disculpeme por venir de entrometid! Peero podría haer un pequeño boceto de Largo-sempai? Para tener una idea, porfa

Muy pequeño la verdad!! porque se supone que debería estar trabajando!!!! 

Didn’t think it would happen (1)

Originally posted by mewchim

I walked in my classroom as usual being the first student to get in there I started to write stupid things on the black board.After 5 minutes of drablling weird things someone enterd the class with a loud sound. I turned my head to the door to see no one but my friend Jackson looking lost at his books that where all over the floor. “I swear Jackson,every time you enter a class you need to drop something."I said lifting his books from the floor and putting them on the fist desk that I found. "Sorry ,I was reading something a text from Ella and I got distracted as always."he responded with a gummy smile,giving me a hug and taking his usual seat in the second desk.I looked at him for a few seconds almost laughting at his extremly concertated face while texting his ultimate girl crush from 6 grade.Jacksonn is an amazing boy and is always there when you need him or when you feel down and sometimes I really can’t understand why Ella is not dating him though. I sighted really hard and started to erase my writings from the board.The class started to fill quickly and soon the teacher eneterd the classroom . Angela was talking to me about her last dream while the teacher was corecting some test when the door swing open and the "bad boys” of our highschool entered filling the class with their expensive parfume smell. “Mister Kim ,you and your friends are 15 minutes late for my class."the teacher said getting up from his seat even tho he was so short comparing to the tall boys. "And the earth is round,do ypu have any irelevant facts for me now ,profesor Park?"V asked taking his seat beside me. The teacher opened his mouth to say something but gave up really quickly and took his seat back. I was allready familiar with V’s comebacks for everyone he didn’t like ‘because after all he was in the same classrooms with me for 2 years now .He and his group of frinds are hands down the most atractiive guys in our high school but the bad thing about them is that they are dangerous ,a lot of people are scared of them because last year ,rumors about them where floating around the school taht they are the kids of the most dangerous mafia group in Seoul. On the other hand I didn’t belive it because rumors where always floating in our school,like 2 years ago when I came here and everyone thought that I was spy send fro CSI to find things about Korea. "Y/n,are you going to stop staring at V?"I heard Minho say and I imediatly snaped not realizing what I was doing . "It’s really funny when stupid girls like you stare at me like they never seen beautiful peoples in their life."V said giving me a smirk and bumping his fist with Jimin. I rolled my eyes knowing how big it’s V’s ego and retun to Angela to listen to the final of her dream. The classes where over and me,Angela,Minho and Jackson where going to the convenience store to pick up some icecreams for Valine who has her leg broke. "Do you think she would like vanilia ove apple?"I asked getting lost betwen flavours. "Just pick whatever and let’s go home,it’s getting dark"Minho said pushing my back to the cashier. "Y/n,you think you could run to the school,I forgot my math paperworks in my locker and I need them for tomorrow or profesor Park is gonna fail me"Angela said coming to me out of breath . "But why me?"I asked whinning about going all the way to the school. "Girl,you have freaking abs and you wined 5 medals at long running marathons and you are still asking us why you?"Jackson sopke paying the icecreams. I groned in respons and got out of the store and started running to the school.In 10 minutes I was enetering the empty hallways of our highschool and starteed shearching for Angela’s loocker when I heard a lot of giglles coming from our math clasroom.I ignored the thinking it was our teacher flirting with one of the nurses as usual and grabed the math papers and walked out . The sun was completly set down as I was leaving the was school yard and to be honest I was scared as hell to walk alone to my house in this pitvh blacknes so I called Jackson. "Please tell me you and the guys are coming after me right now?"I almost whispered in the phone scared of my own voice in the empty street. "No,we are still waiting for you at the store,where are you tho ,is really getting late."Jackson asked with a wary tone. "I’m on my way but everything is really dark and I can’t see much,could you abd the guys come my way because I’m really scared to be honest."I said and started to walk slowly haering footsteps from my back. "Okey,we are coming your way,see you in 10."Jacskon said an hang up. I put my phone in my front pocket and started to walk on the lonly streets scaring myself everytime a cat apared on the road.While I was thinking about what way to walk to get to some ilumintaed streets I heard someone talking form my back. "Aish,you really are lost in your stupid world,aren’t you?"I heard a low voice say from me back.I turned faster and saw the one and only headass from my school ,V. "I didn’t heard you."I said trying not to stare again at his face. He smiled and looked at me "Trying not to stare at me like a crazy person again?Don’t worry,like I said today ,I’m used to weirdos like you to stare.” “What do you actually want?"I asked strated to lose my interes in this stupid conversation. "You said you where scared to walk alone so I thought that you might want to me take you somewhere close to your house."V spoke pointing to his expensive sports car waiting for him a few steps back. You heard about him and his gang inviting girls to get them home but insted they took them out to drink and made horrile things with them after ."I think I will pass,my friends are coming for me."I said and started to walk away from him.I just heard a short laugh and them a car door closing and the street became silent again. —————Next Day———————————————– As ususal I got early to school and because I did’t want to stay alone in my classroom I took my gym close and headed to the football field.There was no one as usual so I quickly changed my school skirt to some Nike leggings and put on my running shoes and head off to the field.I loved doing sports,I was in the track team back in my home country but now being in the 12 th grade I had to focus more on grades than hobbies. While I was running my last lenght I saw Angela and Minho sitting in the players steats on the field so I started to slightly run trowards them. "What’s up with you guys so early at school."I asked getting a water bottel from Minho. "Well I had to take some books from the library and Angela wanted to make sure she didn’t came late at least to this class."Minho spoke whipping some sweat with his shirt sleve.I changed qiuckly back to my school uniform and headed to class with them. "Do you think V has a think for you?"Angela asked for the 14 time in the last 5 minutes. "No ,I am not the only girl he asked to walk home."I said bored while grabing my notebooks. "Maybe he actually likes you but you are being ignorant as usual and can’t see that."She started jumping excited while holding my free hand. "Angie,for the last time,V is never gonna like me or even look at me ,there are more changes for me to freaking hit a freaking phoneix bird than go on a date with him."I said while moving my hand dramaticaly in the air. When I swing open my locker door I herad a loud sound and everyone from the hallway stopped in their tracks and looked at me worried.I didn’t understand what happend so I closed the door slowly and I almost jumped out of my shoes when I saw V rubbing his hand on his now read forehead. It took me 10 seconds to proced what happend and I imediatly dropped my books and put my hands over my wide opened mouth. "OMG,are you okay?"I asked feelling my cheeks turn red from the embarsement and the stares.Angela was in shock too but she managed to move a few steps away letting me sit there hopeless in front of V and His boys. "You really are some difficult women to deal with."he said still rubbing his forehead"You don’t have other things to do?"Joon shouted loudly and the crowd of students quickly started to move. "I’m so sorry."I managed to say one more time before he passed by me bumping hard into my shoulder………
Viktor Krum's accent is totally wrong

Now, I realize it wouldn’t be fair to bash JKR for not getting the Bulgarian accent right. She couldn’t have known. But I still cringe when I read GoF in English (I hadn’t until recently) and come across zis type ov sentences vit terrible Russian accent written off as Bulgarian. I’ve been seeing it quite a lot in fanfics featuring Viktor Krum as well. But even during the early 90s when Russian cultural influence was still strong, no one in Bulgaria spoke English like that.

Now, please don’t take this as a rant. It’s just that after 70 years of being USSR/Russia’s lapdog (oops, I made this post too political) many Bulgarians, including me, don’t want to be associated with Russia. So without further ado, here’s a guide to proper unrefined Bulgarian accent if you decide to include Viktor Krum or another Bulgarian in your Harry Potter fanfiction:

1. The problematic Thorn:
Now, Th is a tricky consonant for many people across the globe. Russians (and Germans) opt to shift to S/Z and pronounce everysing like zis. Uvva folks fink F/V is better. Bulgarians opt for hard T/D instead. I tink dis sentence, aldough short, should get you acquainted wit di issue.

2. In what way would we write the W vowel?
Contrary to popular belief, Bulgarians vould not tvist the vords containing W into vicked varlock incantations. Most Slavic nations do it, but we don’t. We pronounce the W just like any native speaker would. Sorry to disappoint. ^^

3. Hey Harry, is my H like hissing?
Okay, this is going to be confusing. What you mean by ‘H’ and what we mean by 'H’ is different. No, I am not referring to the fact that Cyrillic Н is actually N. We consider the Cyrillic Х and Latin H to describe one sound, but that’s not true. Yours sounds like a breath - behold, holy etc. Ours sounds like a cat hissing. That’s the only description I can think of. It’s not Kh either - that’s a cat choking. (Poor thing.) If you have to write it, I suggest using normal H and noting that it sounds like a hissing cat every time.

4. Uh… Er… Ъ.
Here’s the key difference we have with the Russians: Ъ. That’s the sound of confusion. You know, “uh” or “er”. We are so proud of it that we put it everywhere, even in our BЪlgarian names. But let’s talk about where it shouldn’t belong in our English speech, but due to our accent, does. Now, unlike Russians and Serbs, we don’t like lumping consonants together. So we put an Ъ in-between. Let’s take, for example, the word different. You would expect us to pronounce it like 'diff-runt’. However, even 'fr’ seems to be too much for us so it becomes 'diff-uh-runt’. Also, since I’ve written above that 'er’ equates to Ъ, you would think this applies to suffixes as well, so 'driver’, 'teacher’, 'splendour’, 'honour’ are pronounced like 'draiv-uh’, 'teach-uh’, 'splend-uh’, 'hon-uh’, right. Nope. We love our R’s too (see below) so we keep them. Or 'ever’, 'never’ 'forever’ become 'evUHr’, 'nevUHr’, 'forevUHr’. Strangely though, 'every’ remains 'evry’. Go figure. 'Bl’ as in 'table’, 'able’, 'available’ (but strangely not in 'blatant’) is another blatant example. And while I’m at it: 'ExampЪl’! Oh, and Krum is pronounced Kroom (just imagine him saying e"I am Groot!“), not Krъm!Oh, and we love doing this to negative modal verbs and the like: hadЪn’t, didЪn’t, couldЪnt, shouldЪn’t, mussЪn’t. You needЪn’t worry, it’s quite simpЪl. I said quite, you shouldЪn’t cЪnfuse that with quiЪt (quiet)

It’s like a motor engine. In that we do resemble the Russians. It’s a Slavic thing.

6. Phonation
Perhaps it’s out of relief that we managed to say another word in English, but at non-stressed syllables and especially the end of the word, we forget to use our larynx or keep our mouths open. That is, voiced consonants become voiceless (only at the end of the word) and open vowels become closed (in every non-stressed syllable). D becomes T, G becomes K, B becomes P, V becomes F, so 'had’, 'rag’, 'cab’ and 'lived’ sound just like 'hat’, 'rack’, 'cap’, 'lift’. Of the vowels, only E remains intact - O as in 'osprey’ turns into OO as in 'doom’ or 'voodoo’ and A into… you guessed it, Ъ. Uh… Ъvaduh kedavrъ, Igoor Kъrkaroof, Hedmastъr ъf Doormshtrank. (Germans read ST as SHT and the word sounds German, so we took that pronunciation from them.)

7. Think, wink, drink ink with the king on the wing of a flying thing.
8 words in that sentence rhyme with ink if pronounced with Bulgarian accent. A particularly notorious example of the aforementioned consonant phonation is our treatment of the -ing form and everythink rhymink with it. We just fail at that nasal -ng. Our present continuous sentences are full of ink, if you get what I’m tryink to say.

8. Dammit, man, that A as in Black Jack has me so bad that I couldn’t be any more angry and mad than I am now!
Okay, so this is a problem. That barking Æ in the sentence above. As far as I know (please correct me if I’m wrong) British accents tend to pronounce it more as A (as in mask) and American ones lean towards E (like west, best, fest):

"Demmit, men, det ey es in Bleck Jeck hes mi (i as in brick) saw bed det I couldЪn’t bee eny more engry end med den I em now!”

We Bulgarians like to keep it simple. And since we don’t have a separate vowel for æ, it’s either A (last blast from the past) or E (west). Now let me get political again. During the Cold War, political, and therefore cultural perceptions of the West portrayed the USA as a leader. So American accent was closer to the Russians’, and therefore our idea of how English sounds. And the A in those words was always equated to E as in West. Nowadays it’s not so prevalent anymore (for example people say Jack instead of Jeck) but at the time of GoF (1994) the æ was still approximated to E. Oh, and you don’t have a Bulgarian accent. You hef. Like Hugh Hefner. Or you het it in duh past. Oh, and “thank you” is mutilated into “tenk you”. Better that than “tank you”, right?

9. Approximations, approximations again. We write a word in our alphabet as you would pronounce it (or, back then, as we thought you do), and then approximate the vowels we hear to the 6 we have in our language, international phonetic alphabet be damned: A (as in archer), Ъ, O (as in osprey), U (like OO in doom), E (as in west) and I (as in brick). Six vowels, very distinct from each other (to our ears, English sounds like the vowels fade into each other. We, on the other hand, have a very rigid position of our mouth for each of the six). So basically EA (heart), A, Ah are all pronounced as A, Y and I fall under I (sometimes elongated in the case of EE, EA (bleak), IE) and so on. Everything too dim to be an open vowel goes ЪndЪr my favorite Ъ.

But to avoid all this mess, I would suggest just writing the vowels as they are in English and just note, if the narration allows for it, that they are… well, accented upon. Distinct from each other.

10. Hermione…
Let me be clear: no Bulgarian would ever call the brightest witch of our age 'Her-My-Own-Ninny’. At least not while trying to pronounce her name properly. It would be just 'Hermione’ with the hissing H, the Ъ for 'er’ and the roaring R. Boar ink, I know. (Boring). Alternatively, if Viktor was trying to say her name without having heard it, he might have said something like 'Haer-me-ON-ae’ (the Greek version which is almost unchanged in Bulgarian), because honestly, those vowel twists you have are confusing.

Now, since all of this takes much of Viktor’s image as a foreigner, you could compensate by having him speak slightly broken English by incorrect analogy with Bulgarian grammar. Plausible ways of achieving that are:

1. Since we have one relative pronoun for “who” and “which”, you could have him confuse the two, like “the wand who is in my hand” or “the boy which lived”. 2. Mess up the present tenses: Bulgarian has no present continuous, so he could confuse it with present simple.
3. Because noun genders are present in Bulgarian, it is possible to have him refer to inanimate objects as “he” or “she”, but since you probably wouldn’t know which noun has which gender, I recommend you avoid that.
4. Mistake irregular verbs (“speaked”, “bringed”, “runned”, “builded”) and adjectives (gooder, goodest, badder, baddest) for regular ones. Now that I think of it, that one sounds almost Orwellian.
5. Make it so that he confuses words and concepts which are homonyms in Bulgarian, such as the word for both “way” (to something), road and time (number of repetitions); the word for both “weather” and astronomical time (a common joke with that is “my English is getting gooder and gooder with the weather”). Also “land”, “earth” and “ground”, similar to how Daenerys said “other dirts beyond the sea” in Game of Thrones.
6. Use modal verbs with a preposition, similar to “have to” and “ought to”: “can to”, “must to”, “shall to”. If you really want to mess it up, use conjugation as well: “She cans/doesn’t can to say whatever she wants”.

Okay, if you actually read this, I hope it did sound educational and not patronizing or overly chauvinistic. Thanks for reading and if that helps any of you to write Viktor Krum with a more accurate accent, I’ll be happy. Feel free to ask me anything. ^^

Speeding Cars

This goes off of Overflow PT 3, a little Cal and Daph bonus.

The song Daph is singing in the beginning

“Daddy?” The whisper was swift, a secret gust of wind in the middle of the night. Little Daphne Hood, just a week and a half into three, popped her whole head out the door and caught her Dad’s attention. It was as if she was waiting for his footsteps, broken and tired from working all day and dodging calls from just about everyone, she was so quick that Calum only saw her small ball of a face for a moment before she was just one mess of curly brown hair then gone.

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