haeppy birthday :)


Donghae’s precious words ♥  

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY TO OUR LEE DONGHAE!! Wait, you are 30? No, you’re forever 3 to me ^^ !! Thank you for coming into my life. You are truly the best gift God has even given me! #HAEPPYBIRTHDAY


Hyukjae’s quotes ➞ Donghae. [D-636 waiting for HJ | D-638 waiting for DH]

It’s just a short journey, once you comeback after 21 months we’ll never part again.



Hey, Donghae! Lee Donghae. The one and only Super Junior’s Lee Donghae, a.k.a. everyone’s favourite fish from Mokpo. Aiden Lee Donghae. ^^

HAEppy Birthday, Lee Donghae. ^^ Growing old is mandatory, however growing up is optional.

Thank you for being born. Don’t ever change, we love you.


Donghae’s precious faces through the years lq selcas - Happy Birthday 2013

In my eyes, and I know that in the eyes of many as well, you is a precious gift from heaven. You are an inspiration. You always seem to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing. You, out of all the members, makes me believe that one truly never grows old. Okay so just keep it many many years after. You are also an amazingly strong person. Going through losses and failures but somehow, constantly confusing us by having that beautiful smile on your face. Sometimes i worry about you, I’m sure a lot of people do when the fatigue and loneliness appear on your smile. Don’t try to keep everything to yourself, share with people who you love, they are there because you were there! And I’m here because you were there.

The most remarkable thing you’ve ever done is that you always try to make EFL feel important. Continuously telling us that we’ve done a good job, cheering us up and encouraging us to be strong. Whether it is verbally or not, we understand. One thing certain to let you know. You may be called a fish but among all the other fish in the sea, you are surely a great catch. 

Up to now, do you still hate your birthday? Well, just wanna say you really really need a real date with someone on this year, tbh.

I can’t believe you’re turning twenty-eight because you looks forever young and just look what you had done with other members n__n… btw I hope next year will be your shining year. You know? You’re so talented. I’m very happy to see you on MPH drama last year, your act skill is improved so much and your composes are great. Hope to see you in next project soon.

You’re always going to be in that precious place you scribbled on my heart and remember to keep smiling that lovely bight beautiful smile of yours.

S o .

That one person’s birth that brings a million smiles.

L e e D o n g H a e .

♥ H a e p p y B i r t h d a y ♥

p.s I love your type style xD

I’m just going to blatantly say that I don’t think you have any idea how much you are an impact to us.Even if I have never even been less than 20 metres from you,I can tell that you are a wonderful person.Off or on camera.That’s one of the things I like most about you; you don’t try to be someone you’re not.

When you do the simplest things,like giggling,right away,thousands of fangirls are on your side.It just shows how lovable you are.You are the sweetest person alive and I’m not exaggerating when I say that.The love you have for your members,family and fans is indescribable.We don’t have to strive over secret moments because you publicly show us that you care about the members.

You are also an amazingly strong person.Going through losses and failures but somehow,constantly confusing us by having that beautiful smile on your face.

The most remarkable thing you’ve ever done is that you always try to make ELF feel important.Continuously telling us that we’ve done a good job,cheering us up and encouraging us to be strong.Whether it is verbally or not,we understand.

So here’s to you,to the person who has the biggest heart.

Happy Birthday,Lee Donghae ♥

Yeap, the gurl who makes my dash full of Eunhae posts cause she loves them more than Kyuhyun. And it’s hard to believe that she is a Gamer. -__- Oh well, never mind about that. Kai, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fun one and hope you’ll see Eunhae in your dreams. Like the one that you had with Leeteuk? MUAHAHAH I love you again and again. And It’s true. Stay pretty and bubbly as you are. Don’t change. Not even a single thing. Even your hairstyle. Loljk. May Shisus bless you and hope I’ll see you soon my man!! YEA! =))