Hi guys! It’s kyurrots here, (formally known as suju-cho). So, since there’s a new year upon us, I decided to make a follow forever.

Last year I achieved my goal of 1,000 followers! Thank you all for the love and support you have all given to me, I could never thank you enough. I’ve evolved into a crazy, wacky Super Junior blog, with the help of meeting some amazing people on here.

A few times, I felt like leaving, but, you guys keep me strong. Even though I’m WAAAYYY too shy to talk to some of you (sempai blogs, oh em gee, I don’t want to seem weird or anything. Sometimes I feel intimidated to talk to you guys because I think highly of you guys. ; A ; //sobs)

But, being on tumblr has made me even more open minded than I was, really. It’s really nice meeting people with the same taste as you, seeing where I live, there isn’t a lot of KPOP fans, let alone ELFs.

Alrighty! So, here’s the run-down:

Bolded = People who I talk to a lot.

Italic = My sempai blogs that I look up to so much. (Notice meeeee… Haha, kidding kidding~)

** = Tumblr crushes.

*hyuncafe*, *happykyuday*, *mingteukies*, *chokyuhyunsweibo*, its-y0u, hae-tits, haeppenis, gebriel, sj-andanteuk, super-seal, shyseoul, henliilau, kyuclam, dontletdonghaedrive, mimiship, eunchen, it-has-to-be-suju, haeppiteuk, inourshineeworld, evenastoppedclock321, hexagonish, byuntaebaekyeol, ilovesushii, mysilentmemory, kyuline13, fyukjae, tumblespark, ediiofcourse, kyuma-sj15, baekhyuunie, kyuhyun-sempai, haebabo, iamjaceyandlovesuju. 13elieve-in-15, iheart-kyu, chorgasm, superandyy, *hongbinnis*,

Thank you all for all the love, I love you all~

- Soo Jin