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I have a question, when you see photos of Donghae in tight shirts, like the one you just posted and when his manboobs are so prominent, have you ever ask yourself and the universe "Why is this boy have so big boobs?" 'coz I did that a lot of times.. my mama even said to me that donghae should wear a bra, you know, for support .. and donghae on your side bar is so gorgeous ... i want to bite him :3

first of all dear anon,

thank you for making my whole morning.


have you ever ask yourself and the universe "Why is this boy have so big boobs?”“ i just choked from your question because it sounded too cute written like this and how you asked the universe (and ofc your mama LOL)

but yes i do ask myself a couple of times and i came to conclusion that he’s just naturally developed that way esp after he trained himself on his biceps. pectoral chest muscles tend to grow along with the biceps esp if he did those upper arm trainings.

tho one other factor that i believe also is, his fat just likes to stay on his moobs n_n

those moobs weren’t there when he was still a skinny teenager lmao XDDDD

so pardon him coughs, grown up men do tend to have moobs. in the mean time, we shall invest a bra for him. anyone wants to join? n_n

p.s i like my sidebar too let’s bite him together ;^;

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i think its because of his fat and nothing else :D it look so squishy, doesn't it? especially on the one you include in your answer :D hihihihi :3 and yes, I want to invest as well for the bra we will buy for him.. thank you for answering me :D

you sure are one cute anon ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

gonna post it again to you because you like it so much n__n

and bonus

yes haha hae is a bit healthy nowadays kekeke tho i think he was the chubbiest back at ss4 paris. he lost a little since then but still a fatface now n///n

see you on the lingerie store then anon o/