Super Junior D&E- Strength Of Love

[P55] HaeHyuk/EunHae - WGM ep.3 proofs of love - The safest refuge

❤ At the very first of the vid, I tried to show you that Lee DongHae is the unique person who can use EunHyuk’s money/clothes/belongings,etc. He’s also the only one who can eat Hyuk’s food, drink his water, his strawberry milk,.. without any complaints/anger from him.
Like DongHae used to say… Hyuk will buy anything he wants. Moreover, Hyuk is the one who is always willing to wakes up at midnight to go out with DongHae or get some midnight-snack with him.
“I’m always the one taking care of & protecting you” – EunHyuk said

 ❤ In the 2st part of the vid, you’ll see in some moments 2h even don’t look at each other, no talk, no eye contact. There were times when things were so hard for both of them.
4:57 131231 Shanghai Countdown - Hyuk tried to contact with Hae. But obviously, he avoided him. He hugged EXO’s members, talked with everyone but not Hyuki.
5:56 Though 2h tried to hide the conflict, but it was showed clearly thr DongHae’s expression & his eyes.
5:15 Summer 2015, this was the time that I believe they hadn’t spent time together as always. They denied their relationship, refused to hug each other though they did it a thousand times off or on stage.
I personally think they was just trying to protect one another. I think most of the reason is because of the enlistment. If 2h had the rumors about the sex, this will affect their safety and privacy when they enlist. I’m sure you guys still remember when 2h changed avar couple. A lot of people, anti, fans,non-fans,… attacked them and said bad things abt them..
Beside, Hae is a sensitive person. If he is worried about something, we can easily recognize it thr his actions. All of us know how much Hae love Hyuk… be separated from the one he love during two years, this was very difficult for both of them. So that they tried to cool down the rumors abt their sex. They didn’t talk much about each other on the media.
But we can’t know what they did in their private place, right? 

 ❤ And in the last part, I showed you some lovey-dovey moments of 2H.
 Do you realize that Hae always likes to tease Hyuki? He will always try to tease Hyuki when he cries.  Just bcz… “I’m heartbroken seeing you cry” - DongHae said
But sometimes, Hae’s very gentle with Hyuki. He was willing to wait for Hyuki, telling him, he’ll buy a house for him.
Yup. That’s what I tried to convey in this movie. Although a lot of bad things happen, but I believe no one understands and love 2H more than themselves.