Friendly reminder to all whovians
  • gallifreyans are aliens
  • with alien physiology and biology
  • speaking an alien language
  • the TARDIS translates everything in order to blend in
  • to the closest concept we have
  • but
  • what if we don’t have similar concepts?
  • we hear them using words like “mother”, “brother” and “child”
  • but
  • fuck knows what they actually refer to
  • consider that
  • #LOOMS
Help me, please?

Hi all. So…. I hate begging tbh. I hate admitting that I don’t have all of my shit together. But, it’s real. And I know I have folks out here to help me. So here’s the deal - I am in a financial rut at the moment. I literally have no money to my name and I have recently applied for jobs and got none. I just went on an interview today and it went well so I’m hoping that comes through but yeah. In the meantime, I am in dire need of emergency funds. The first thing on my list are chargers for my phone and laptop. Literally JUST NOW, they decided to just give up and I am in college and like…I need them! I need my phone to get the callback for the second interview. I need it for my alarm to go to class in the morning lol. I nee my laptop to do papers! Second, I need to buy more hormones - testosterone blockers and estrogen. I’m about to run out of my monthly stock and I need to go to the pharmacy and restock but I don’t have the money to do so. My co pays are only $40 for that though so it’s not like an extraordinary amount but still, I have nothing at the moment. Last, I need help with graduate school stuff. I am applying to PhD programs and the application fees are like… a lot. On top of that, I need to take the GRE which costs $200!!! wtf. I promise that I will get my life together really soon and not have to reach out to y’all anymore for money but please please please for now, please help me? My paypal email is buckson.ent@gmail.com and anything would seriously help me at this moment. Your girl is looking for a miracle lol. The devil is busy and she’s trying to hold me back! :(