The other recruit who wrote a letter to his noona said that Donghae is really handsome but his height is not so tall ㅋㅋ
“if you’re envious, go cut your hair and come here. it is okay to live here than what i have thought..he's really very handsome. he’s like putting the level of the baldies here downwards. but his height is not so tall.. haha”
He also said they’re peeing and pooping together since they’re living a group life ㅋㅋ
—  cr:tinyyhae
150409 Osaka -Day 1:

➮ hae: i want to remember everyone’s name today, shout out your names 1 by 1 while hyuk and I rest. 

➮  on first ment, eunhae were calling out random names as if they knew everyone who attended the concert ㅋㅋ later they called out their fellow smtown/SJ friends, “taemin-san? junmyeon san? xiumin-san?changmin-san? yunho-san? yesung-san? leeteuk-san?" then donghae called "sungmin-san?” but cut it and said “ah, nay, nay” (cos sungmin is in army he cant call for him huhu)

➮ Hyuk was staring at Hae’s ass (again!)

➮ hyuk’s self intro: i’m everyone’s hyukhyuk

hae’s self intro: i’m everyone’s donggu donggu.then hyuk pulled hae’s hand towards his butt and said “oh, in korean, "ddong” is..(=poop).“

➮ hae: hi everyone, i’m in charge of D&E’s- 

hyuk: aho (stupid in osaka’s dialect)

➮ Hae looked like he was scared to walk past Hyuk like scared of being hit, 2nd time Hae even walked the wrong direction

➮ Donghae acted as hyukjae’s translator but he couldn’t translate into japanese so he translated into English instead

➮ Hyuk: pls continue to mc! 

Hae: nono you do it! 

Hyuk: letting you talk more!

 Hae: nono im shy you do it 

Hyuk: alright let me do it 

➮  Hyuk asked donghae to introduce the video segment and donghae paused for a while then was like ‘you do it instead' Then he kept making noise and bothering hyuk so hyuk turned to him and said 'SIT!’ and donghae sat XD

➮ Hyuk told fans to be quiet but there are always fans calling for donghae so Hyuk said:” shh shh” and hae copied him and said: “shhhhhhhhh” (sounds like the sounds of peeing..)then hyuk started to bounce on the spot (the action that guys make after peeing)

➮ Hae: im not perfect. I am perfect because I have all of you.

➮ After Mamacita, Hae sang Hey Mamacita….. and fans sang Yayayaya, Hae said you fans only know yayaya and hehehe

➮ Hyuk lost in rock, paper & Scissors in IWD, he hit Hae and Hae hit him back,they imitated TVXQ’s ending post and Hyuk lost RPS again 

➮  During i wanna dance, hyukjae lost kai bai bo two times and the last one he argued with donghae pointing as if donghae had cheated ㅋㅋ

➮ before encore “

hyuk: ok, it’s the end for today 

hae: not yet, there’s still a few more songs 

hyuk: uh, hasn’t ended but my part has ended 

hae: >_> oh, then my part has ended too 

hyuk: see you everyone, we’ll meet next time-… no =.= see you in the next song

➮ D&E Sweater today has studs .

Donghae’s sweater u can see E clearly while the D is covered with studs. 

Eunhyuk’s sweater u can see D while E is covered with studs.

➮ Hae:Sakura and i have a good relationship (stadium was shouting that it’s their name)hyuk: why are there so many named sakura? what are you waiting for, quickly leave the stadium and go back to the trees ! 

➮ Hyuk was trying to talk to some fans and they kept screaming stuff at him but he didn’t understand and in the end just said 'I love you too!’

➮* Hae sang Kiss Kiss Dynamite slow version for Hyuk to hipthrust in slow motion *

Hyuk:everyone really like our hipthrusts..YOU ARE PERVERTS ! Come let donghae do it!So hae did the action in slow motion,then fans started chanting “lee Hyukjae” so hyuk did the hipthrust from Swing.

hae: although everyone’s pervertic, it’s good that you all express it out, Let’s be like that the next time too!

hyuk: uh, should be happy, but it’s better to think about it yourselves 

Hyuk kept asking us what we liked about their hipthrusting and was like 'seriously what is there to like? Wae wae wae?’

➮ hyuk lied on stage with his arm out to let hae lie on his arm, hae almost lied down but was too shy 

 hyuk: why do you all keep saying "one more time”? you all want the concert to start all over again?

hae: cannot -_- i’m tired. didn’t you see my eyes tearing from being tired?  then hae did a yawn

➮  Hyuk was lying on the stage and fans asked Donghae to lay beside him.Donghae said no and threw water at Hyukjae 

➮  hyuk: it’s ok if i don’t have a brain, but if i don’t have everyone- 

hae:you are happy 

hyuk :?!?! what happy?you’ll be happy without everyone?! 

hae: -heol- i’m dumb i’m dumb dumb , i said it wrongly, i mean we cant live without everyone ><

➮  Donghae: without my car, I’m okay. Without money, I’m slightly okay. 

➮ Towards the end, donghae said 'tonight…’ Hyuk said 'yes tonight?’ And drew nearer and put his arm around donghae and they kept saying 'tonight..’ Hyuk said 'what are you doing tonight?’ Donghae: 'in my room…’ Then suddenly they shouted something like 'AKAN!!’ and pulled apart 

➮  Hyuk: where are we tonight? 

Fans: Hotel! 

Hae: At my house~ 

Hyuk: /hugs/ Doing what at your house?? 

Then hae hit hyuk’s head.

➮ when hyuk was talking, hae kept blowing at the side then started yawning. when it was his turn to talk, he was talking while yawning 

➮  At the last ment, Hae kept yawning, and Hyuk tried to put his finger into Hae’s mouth, but Hae just closed his mouth in time!   

➮ eunhae srsly spent a good 2 mins talking nothing just making dumb noises and laughing at themselves and this happened several times!

➮ At the end, hyuk said 'I don’t know when we can stand on stage again but for sure, we will be here tomorrow and the day after. I hope that regardless of the time that passes, all of you will be here like this too (in future). Promise?’ Then he held up his pinky finger

➮ cr:trulyhae,eunhaes_,ddaalki,moaningEUNHAE ,ohnoeunhae,imgoodnight