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because our SoSoo ship went down so tragically, i’ll just choose to think about the parts of their moments together  we didn’t get to see

1.) in episode 14 when So took Soo out stargazing on her birthday, they probably continued to hold hands on their way to their spot (after Soo placed her hand on So’s hand like that, I can’t imagine So just letting it go)

2.) in episode 14 when they shared their first mutual kiss, none of us know how long that kiss lasted, just imagine their smiling faces after that kiss, with So being a giddy little puppy because finally she’s all his

3.) in episode 16 during their reunion, they spent two nights together and we only got to see 6 minutes of it, playing with shadows and feeding each other. what about their little talks in between? catching up on what happened to each other for the past 2 years? getting dressed in front of each other because that room was so small? So trying to sneak in some cuddle time every 2 minutes? because we all know his thing about back hugs

4.) in episode 16 during their stargazing, you can’t tell me the only conversation they had was about Pegasus. they probably just randomly mentioned trivial things that didn’t really matter but both found it interesting just because the person talking about it meant the world to them. probably laughing at each others’ stupidest jokes like a bunch of idiots. how long do you think were they intertwined like that before Ji Mong arrived?

5.) in episode 17 when Soo fell asleep in So’s room, she woke up lying down with a blanket over her when in fact it was So who fell asleep on her lap. imagine So waking up, carrying her carefully into a lying position and lovingly putting a  blanket over her, smiling sweetly at his love’s sleeping face before leaving for king/emperor duties

6.) in episode 17 when So would work in Soo’s room, or eat dinner with her, their conversations were so cute and full of fluff i bet that lasted the whole time So was there, because they bicker like an old married couple most of the time and it wouldn’t be a surprise. it would’ve been so cute to see So having to leave her room because it was getting late, and they say “good night” and “sleep well” to each other (ugh the feels)

7.) and just basically in the early episodes up until episode 8 when they would accidentally run into each other or when they go on little walks together, they never show us what happens before they part, but i’m 100% sure So walks Soo back to the palace or back to her room because he’s a gentleman like that and he is the sweetest little puppy ever

i choose to remember them like this, because i refuse to believe it was a love wasted

i know they’ll remember these memories between them forever and ever, and so will i

I am so very happy Hae Soo succeeded in protecting her daughter.

In making sure that she was raised as Jung’s daughter and not So’s, she fulfilled the wish that Court Lady Oh had made for her. The sacrifice that Court Lady Oh made was not in vain. While it was too late to save Hae Soo from years of suffering, Lady Oh’s death, indeed the deaths of every woman on the show, were seared into Hae Soo’s memory - affecting her more deeply than most of the male characters, who seemed to shrug off women dying like something Hae Soo should just get over.

But in the end, she remembered those horrifying fates well enough to know that she could never trust So with the life of her child. The only way to best ensure that the kid would be happy (in a future Hae Soo likely wouldn’t live to see), was to make sure the child did not enter the palace. And Hae Soo knew enough of So’s possessive nature to know that even if the child was born outside the palace, it wasn’t even safe to let So know he was the father. There was too great a risk he - desperate for someone to love him - would come demanding “his person” and drag the poor girl back. 

When she had to act as a mother, Hae Soo knew who she could trust, and who she couldn’t and she made the best decisions for her child. Her daughter has a better chance of a happy life because of it.

Lady Hae and Court Lady Oh would be so proud of her.

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140411 D&E Japan Tour - Kobe: 
Hyukjae revealed a pic of Donghae sleeping in his room.

Hyuk: I came back from outside and saw someone sleeping on my bed. When I switched on the light, i saw it was Donghae.

Hae: My head was hurting, so I came to his room but Hyuk wasn’t there.

Hyuk: He has his own room but still come to mine, such a fool. (c

“Be careful of Wang So.”

So I thought episode 8 was painful, okay? 



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My heart was cleaved in eight different ways. 

I have so much shit to say. 

Hae Soo’s figured it out. Wang So is Gwangjong. A king with a bloody reign, the one who killed off the rest of his brothers. (And for all of you who complained about Hae Soo not knowing her history–really? Not all of us know history that well, and it can’t all be our forte. Cut the girl some slack. In terms of Korean history, we know a hell of a lot more about the Joseon Dynasty than Goryeo because everything was recorded much better during the Joseon era, and the kings had their annals. So it’s natural that Hae Soo’s memory of 10th century is hazy. LIKE HONESTLY. But I digress). 

Hae Soo has frightening premonitions about Gwangjong. The person she has come to consider her friend, a man who has so many scars (both emotionally and physically) and is feared by everyone and called a “wolf-dog”–she sees the good in him, and she doesn’t care about the rest. And Wang So is just so happy and glad that he’s found such a person, and thus, it’s not a surprise that he is falling for her–and does fall for her. But it turns out he may not be the person she thought he was. 

So there are like 4 main things I want to discuss: 

  • are
  • you
  • fucking
  • kidding me
  • do you think this is a game
  • do you think this is ok
  • how the fuck
  • no

Okay, just kidding. The list is more like:

  • Hae Soo
  • Wang So
  • Wang Wook
  • Ji Mong (like all i have to say is: who the fuck are you what do you want)
  • Wang Eun

I was frustrated and upset with Hae Soo this episode. I know there are many people who are angry. Look, I get it. I GET IT. Hae Soo’s premonitions are scary. The princes and friends she has come to care for are going to die, because of another prince and friend she has come to like–because of Wang So. To her, she can’t wrap her head around the fact that this kind, good person who has a smile that could shame the sun COULD BECOME A CRUEL, BLOODY KING. Like. Loads of blood. BLOOD EVERYWHERE BLOOD FOR YOU BLOOD FOR ME

I get that she can have severe anxiety. I get that this is a traumatizing incident for her. I get the way she reacted.

But I still can’t help but feel that she was OOC or that her character was entirely wrecked this episode. This episode Hae Soo did not feel like Hae Soo. Even during the first episode where Hae Soo was terrified of falling into a body that wasn’t hers, she locked herself into her room, but she didn’t give up hope. She tried to think of positive ways to think about the situation. And following that, no matter how difficult it was, Hae Soo did her best to do her best. “I can do it” is LITERALLY like the motto of Hae Soo.

She seems to grasp that she could still change Wang So, but then it all goes to shit. She fears him. She pushes him away. 

But I think that in itself is a damage to a character. You can’t just go from “I won’t change, I promise to you” to “I fear you” that quickly. Why is Hae Soo so quick to judge and leap to assumptions? As my good friend put it, by assuming that Wang So turns evil, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hae Soo wants to help everyone when she can–she is compassionate, she is warm-hearted. She turned to So, AFTER HE KILLED PEOPLE, and said, “You may not be forgiven, but I’ll understand you. How miserable you must be feeling.”  





and everything will go to shit now. 

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I think the situation where Hae Soo is turning away from him is the worst course of action. But she’s also scared??? WHAT DO I DO???? UGH I AM SO CONFLICTED. 

Bottom line: I love Hae Soo, I understand her, BUT GIRL. WHY. 

HAE SOO you need to brace yourself. You’ve got a long path ahead of you. It’s okay if she cannot change the history, or if she can’t change Gwangjong. It’s true. You cannot change people. But you can change how you are. She can try her best to stop it. She can be kind. She can be kind enough for him that he will remember it, and perhaps, he won’t be so cruel as history has made him out to be. But it may not work–it won’t work. But at least she won’t live with the regret that she never tried. Even when we do our best, if it’s something the heavens won’t allow. What can you do? 

Also, I don’t think Wang So would just kill off his brothers for the hell of it. Okay. Gwangjong may have been cruel, but he got shit done. From what I know, he kept his power by killing off the powerful clans and also implemented a law that emancipated the slaves. 






I watch the SBS version, so the kiss was mild (but still by no means okay) compared to the International Version on DramaFever. LIKE HOLY SHIT. No. Why did you ever think this was okay? DO NOT ROMANTICIZE THAT KISS. DON’T GLAMORIZE THAT KISS. I KNOW WANG SO IS DESPERATE BUT THAT IS NOT OKAY. HAE SOO WAS CRYING AND TRYING TO BREAK FREE. THAT IS ASSAULT. 


And also, Hae Soo just decides to BLURT OUT EVERYTHING WANG WOOK. Girl, you’re not even making sense. But by saying this, she sets about a course of actions. Wang Wook is changing–the look in his eyes is unsettling. I can’t help but describe it as a hunger, for something. The way he looks at the rain. The way he looks when he’s thinking. 

What is it you really want? Do you want Hae Soo, or do you look beyond that? Is the throne calling for you too? 

Has Hae Soo set him, too, on a path that he cannot return from? Or was it something internally always there? Something that began to fester from the moment he realized that Hae Soo had helped Wang So… 


we’re all gonna get rekt 

And now, Wang Eun. 

Sweetie, I get that you don’t want to get married. My heart hurt for him this episode. I get that he’s angry at Hae Soo, but with time and perspective, I hope that he can come to good terms with her again. PLUS HIS WIFE IS SO CUTE AND STRONG LIKE HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER she was willing to take Hae Soo in as a second wife for Eun. LIKE EUN, YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS PRECIOUS CINNAMON BUN 

Okay. I’m over my anger now–

Just kidding.

I hate this show. 

It fucking ruined my life, and will continue to ruin my life.