hae's face at seeing hyuk

Eunhae Interview for "ride me" :
  • -Hyuk mention about kimi naigtara being a touching ballad song and hae say when they listen to demo of that song they wanted to sing it badly.
  • -Hyuk mention about himself being attracted to ripped pants recently; hae mentioned about himself wearing leopard printed pants occasionally.
  • -Both wanted to try food in japan.. hae wanted to travel around too.
  • -Hyuk say he likes sponge cake(?) In japan and will always bring home.. hae say he likes scented candles and always lit in hotel room.
  • -Hyuk say memorable part about mv is with those sexy models[??]
  • -Hae said they requested the mv director to add in the wigs for their motorcycle mv. (We already know)
  • -Q: Attraction of the mv is..?
  • Hae: eunhyuk bold acting in the mv.
  • -Hae: everyone must watch the cheorography.. because its something only me and eunhyuk can do.
  • link: http://ent2.excite.co.jp/music/special/2014/superjunior/
  • cr: EunhaeBeMine