hae you are perfect just the way you are

You know…just because you love someone doesn’t mean all your character flaws exponentially change so you can be better to the person you love. Sometimes, it takes a really, really, really long time to change something about yourself or one of your flaws, even for someone you love, even if you know that trait is indisputably a flaw about yourself. Sometimes you do change, but sometimes you relapse.

With Hae Soo, I was so frustrated with her for not trusting and not being understanding of Wang So. And yet, I understood her. How is So supposed to know that in another life, she was betrayed by both her best friend and her boyfriend? How is he supposed to know that even in this life, she was betrayed by another man she loved? And yet, she was. She was and she’s scarred.

So is not the only one that has had a hard life, and although you may argue that he’s suffered more than Soo in life, it is honestly messed up to trivialize Soo’s pain based off of So’s experiences. To each person, suffering is relative, and the worst pain you’ve ever experienced hurts just as much as the worst pain someone else has experienced. And for someone as idealistic as Go Ha Jin inside Hae Soo’s body, that kind of continuous betrayal wrecks you. So regardless of how much So trusts Soo, it is not that easy to trust once you’ve been betrayed that many times.

Soo is trying her best; we saw it when she left the letter for So about Eun’s whereabouts. We saw it when she questioned why he was smiling so much after a stressful day in court, but didn’t press it when he dismissed her concern. We saw it when she objected Ji Mong, knowing that So will be steadfast as long as she still wants to be queen. It’s not that she’s not trying, it’s that it’s just not that easy.

On the other hand, I think that with misogyny it’s so easy to be blinded by So’s devotion and hail him as the perfect, unwavering man. If you look underneath the surface, So is actually so unforgiving. Just because he completely trusts Soo, he expects her to be able to immediately trust him 100% in return. How unrealistic is that? He really shouldn’t have just walked away after telling Hae Soo she should have understood him. He should have stayed, knowing that Hae Soo can’t just follow him out because she literally doesn’t have permission to just go after a king like that. When he was deciding to kill Chae Ryung, he should have warned Hae Soo beforehand so she could prepare himself.

One of So’s character flaws is that when So believes his actions are justifiable, he acts without any warning, and expects everyone to just automatically understand him. When they don’t, his reaction is literally violent. He was taking it for granted that Hae Soo understands him better than anyone else. Regardless of how much she understands him, she’s not a mind reader.

What is so great about this drama is that it is so frustrating. It’s not supposed to paint this picture of the world bending for you just because you are in love. Everything goes wrong, and just because you are deeply in love doesn’t mean you automatically become perfect for each other or even good for each other. That doesn’t invalidate your love in any way, it just goes to show that not all loves can change the world.

The Ship Has Sailed | Bobby ~ IKON

Jiwon (Bobby of iKON)
Scenario request: “Annyeong~ can I request a scenario with Bobby where you’re an Idol and Bobby has a crush on you and he confess to you in an interview? Thank you •3• I’m worry if something oft this is against the rules but I’m on phone >~<.”
- Excuse any spelling errors. I was typing quickly. lol. :) Enjoy :D


“This way,” The woman said as she directed you and your group members towards you seats. You took a seat at the circular table, noticing the glass of water that sat waiting for you. You took it right away, taking a few sips out of nervousness.

Hae Ra, the leader of your group, noticed and chuckled. “_____, calm down, the show hasn’t even started yet. We’re early, no one is here you.” She spoke trying to sooth you. This being your first award show, your knees were shaking. The Seoul Music Awards. You never thought you would be here! You remember the hard times as a trainee. The long nights of practicing till 2 in the morning. Waking up early to practice once again. You’re finally here. Your group, Candy Hearts, debut just this year, and has grown very popular, winning your first music show after promoting for a week.

Being a 5 member girl group, you were worried that you wouldn’t meet the level that other groups are on. You weren’t expecting so many fans so quickly due to the fact that you debuted right before iKon. The YG hip-hop group that won everyone’s hearts before they even debuted.

You were pulled from your train of thoughts as the screams of all the fans in the places grew louder. You thought that someone else had arrived, but it was just you guys. You realized that the screams were for you. You smiled, making eye contact with some fans as they focused their cameras on you.

“Fan cams.” You muttered to yourself.

Hyo Mi, one of the lead vocalist in your group, turned your way.

“What’d you say?” She questioned, looking behind you at all the fans. She smiled before looking back at you.

“I was talking about the fancams. I thought they were cool whenever I’d see them on Youtube, but now it’s a little creepy.” I confessed. Hyo Mi opened her lips to speak, but was interrupted as our manager made her way towards us. We don’t even address her as our manager. She’s more like a sister. When can talk to her about anything, and she’s always looking out for us.

“_____,” She called out to me. She held her phone in her hand, staring at something in amazement.

“What is it?” I asked, feeling a bit anxious. It was at that moment that VIXX strolled in, screams ripping through the big space. You and your group members stood up right away, bowing as they walked by. They all showed friendly smiles bowing in return. They were seat 3 tables away from you.

You took your seat once again, smoothing the wrinkles of your red dress, knee length dress.

“Unni, what were you saying?” You asked turning to her as she walked closer to you, handing you her phone. She shoved the earphones into your ears, pressing play right away.

It was….iKon? You were watching iKon on After School Club. Eric was asking questions, to Bobby in particular. You listened closely.

“So, being a rookie group, I’m sure there are many people that you are hoping to meet. Anyone groups, or people in particular?” Eric asked.

The camera focused on B.I who brought the mic up to his lips as he was thinking.

“Block B.” B.I answered nicely.

“Candy Hearts.” Bobby suddenly spoke up. The camera moved to him. The other members began to snicker as Eric asked a follow up question.

“Wow, they just debuted this year. May I ask why you’re such a big fan of theirs?”

Bobby’s eyes shifted around for a bit, as a shy smile crept onto his lips.

“Is there something I don’t know?” Eric asked, looking at all the other members for an answer.

“______.” Junhoe answered,

“______?” Eric questioned looking at Bobby, “Is she your ideal type?”

Bobby nodded, “You could say that. I’ve never talked to her, but she’s really pretty. I mean she’s a triple threat. She sings, dances and raps. She seems really cool, I hope I bump into her somewhere.”

“Sounds like you have a crush! You should say something to her. I’m sure she’ll see it.” Eric encouraged.

Bobby turned to face the camera, his eyes looking right into the camera.

“______, I think you’re really talented. I’ve seen you around, but I’ve always been nervous to say hello. I hope to meet you at some point in the future. I like you, and I’d really like to get to know you better. Let’s go out for lunch..” He smiled into the camera before turning back to Eric who clapped and cheered along with the other iKon members.

“______, the ball is in your court.” Eric said into the camera before chuckling.

That’s where your manager ended the video. You took the earphones out your ears and looked up at her.

“When was this?” You questioned, your eyes wide. Your were a little surprised, but you could feel your heart pounding as heat rode up to your face.

“That was just this morning,” She told me, “You and Bobby are trending. Some people are ‘shipping it’. It’s quite interesting.” You chuckled nervously, getting lost in your own thoughts. You were so absorbed in the video you were oblivious to the other groups that arrive.

EXO, BTS and GOT7 were all seated. You watched as your manager went around to all the members, showing them the video.

Bobby likes you? I bit your lip, trying to suppress the smile, sneaking it’s way onto your lips.

As your manager left, your group members turned to you, gushing about how they knew he liked you. How they always saw him glances at you during Music shows. You rolled your eyes at how ridiculous they were being.

You glanced down at the watch on your wrist. 7:34. The show doesn’t start till 8. You were feeling tired before the show had even started. They started playing music as if to help time move faster as we waited for other people to arrive.

One by one, more and more people arrive. Sistar, Girl’s Day, B1A4, San E, K.will and others. You stood up each time they would entered, bowing to greet them. You were distracted and didn’t notice someone arriving. All you saw were your group members standing, so you also stood and bowed.

Epik High had arrived and behind them trailed…..iKon.

Your heart almost jumped out your chest as you spotted Bobby, who was speaking to B.I as they spoke. You quickly bowed, and when you looked up, you made eye contact. You froze for a moment as Bobby smiled, and bowed back.

You could hear your group members squealing as he did so. You bowed as the rest of iKon walked by, taking their seats at the table beside you. You had a perfect view of Bobby as he looked your way.

“You guys are matching!” Hae Ra pointed out, just as you spotted Bobby’s red bow tie, that matched with your dress. His hair was slicked back, as he wore a crisp suit. Just as you were taking in his outfit, he was taking in your outfit. The air felt tense. It was a sort of tension only you two could feel. You smiled at him, hearing a cheeky smile in return. You tore your eyes away from him, looking towards the huge crowd of fans who probably caught the whole exchange on camera.

The show soon begun. It felt like it was dragging on forever, but you were having fun. Your group won the award for Best Female Rookie Group. Hae Ra did most of the speech, while you stood on stage trying to keep from crying. After that, when you walked backstage to hand the award to your manager. At that same time, iKon made their way backstage. They were going to perform soon.

You were wiping your eyes, not watching where you were head. You bumped into something sturdy. You wobble, about to fall in the high heels your stylist selected. Two hands on your shoulders held you gain your balance.

“Thank you.” You said, looking up to see Bobby.

Your eyes widen, and anything you were about to say vanished from your mind.

“Congratulations, _______.” He spoke, referring to the award.

“Thank you,” You answered nervously as he stood there smiling at you. “I saw your confession on After School Club.” You were trying to keep the conversation going.

Bobby rubbed the back of his neck, “Yeah, I can’t believe I actually did that.”

You giggled, “I think it was cute.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” He responded, “So what do you say? Are you up for lunch? If you thought that was cute, just wait! I’m freakin’ adorable.”

“Yeah, I don’t know about lunch, because of schedules. Let’s exchange numbers and figure it out later?” You suggested.

Bobby nodded, unable to answer before his manager came along.

“Bobby, you have to go get changed for the performance. I have your phone, so I’ll get the phone number for you. Just go get dressed.”

Bobby glanced at you once again before agreeing with his manager.

“I’ll see you?” He said as he slowly backed, walking backwards.

You nodded, “Most definitely.”

He shot you once last smile before spin around and heading towards the dressing rooms. You told his manager your number as he punched it into the phone. You quickly filled in your information and saved before handing the phone back.

“______!” Hae Ra called. Oh yeah! Your group is waiting for you.

“______,” iKon’s manager suddenly spoke. A sly smile spread onto his lips.

“Just wanted to let you know….you and Bobby, I ship it.”

You chuckled, bowing to say thank you and making your way back to your group and manager.

“The ship has sailed?” Hyo Mi asked with a smirk.

You laughed in response. That was all you need to do for them to get it.

“The ship has definitely sailed.” Hae Ra spoke as if confirming it.   

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wow.... you can see the difference in the way he looks at ryeowook and the way he looks at donghae.... (if you don't know how "loving eyes" looks like, just watch eunhyuk and donghae eyes when they look at each other for you to know)



Eyes can’t lie… Hyuk eyes say everything…

The way he looks at hae.. lik-e..like he is the most beautiful-perfect thing in this world..and..i dont know how to explain it..but..the moment their eyes meet.. I-t feels lik-e.. time has just stopped, and it’s almost unnaturally peaceful and quiet..just both of them..and everything around them doesnt matter anymore..