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Right. Sun-won was raised in hiding by a noble born music prodigy and I'm supposed to believe his a mere peasant...

And he coincidently grew up along side the son of a disgraced noble man who happens to have a connection to the Queen?

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“More than anything, the scene where Hae Soo takes a peek at the princes bathing… It was the first time all the princes appear in the drama, and everyone took great care to film that part. I felt pressured about filming shirtless. If I had a great body, I would’ve felt confident, but that wasn’t the case. I wanted to get ready for the nude scene but I couldn’t prepare and suddenly the filming day came… I looked at myself in the mirror and my body looked sad. And on the day of the filming, when I saw the other guys, I felt even sadder. All of them…but if I had to choose one, it’s the 9th prince, Yoon Sun Woo. He has a fit body. The princes had a lot of group scenes, and because of that, we took a long time to film. And the longer time we spent together, the closer we became.” - Ji Soo


Confidential Assignment

I like how every body is like “Oh shit it’s Wang So" and just hide your kids hide your wife. Everyone just hide.