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always know, go and grow where the love is.

We joyously found ourselves lost among the wildflowers of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona and blended right in.

Dress: ASOS Curve (US size 18)
Cardigan: Macy’s
Flower Headband: my personal garden, lol jk. Claire’s honestly 😂

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140423 D&E Japan Tour Tokyo Day2

-donghae say: eunhyuk and i are best friend, lets high 5. But hyuk ignored him. Then hae strip the fur coat off of hyuk when hyuk didnt notice

-hyuk say that his parents are here, hae ask if they bought ticket. Hyuk:… they did… hae: then please show the ticket

-still u, hae has his arms on hyuk shoulder when they come out, hyuk open up hae jacket and hit his chest? heart? area

-10 years, hyuk say he is hot, so he took off his jacket make it hanging on his arm, hae slowly creep on hyuk shoulder and pull down hyuk jacket, hyuk wanted to do the same to hae but hae push him away

-hyuk start to sing 10 years and fans continue, fans didnt manage to sing more as eunhae interrupted and say fans did to unprofessionally. they even imitate fans sing by singing slackingly

-love that i need, eunhae backfacing fans while walking onstage, hyuk hand wrap on hae waist, and just placed it there even when donghae turn around

-hae went down on one knee, hyuk attempt to sit on hae thighs, but when he wanted to sit, hae got up hyuk almost fall, at last hyuk still sat on hae thigh while they did rock paper scissor

-after watching new year vcr,hyuk pout dont want to get up,hae pull his wrist but he x want to,hae pretend to slap him


-hyukjae: people who came to watch us for the first time raise your hands!!
*a lot of fans raised their hands*
donghae: o.O lies!!!
hyukjae: you haven’t been to super show??
fans: been!!
hyukjae: ah then that’s okay

-hae:omma is here hyuk: yes they come again hae: did they pay? hyuk: they didnt, the seat is expensive, they got free for both days, please give bank account later. Then later hyukmom did a ♡ to hyuk and hyuk reply a ♡

-hae: we have holidays once per year usually, we are already together, unexpectedly we still go vacationg together, i know eunhyuk for around 15 years already, i know ryeowook and others almost 8-9 years

-hyuk: we really know how to do poses like tourist, out of 100 pix, 90 of them are like this. ryeowook really looks like a tourist, doesnt donghae looks like ahjussi?

-hyuk: donghae this babo say the first pic is germany, thats austria hae:thats austria too? hyuk: yes! do you know where are you now? hae: ..korea

-donghae: this is germany~
hyukjae: we already said this was austria =_=
donghae: ah, that’s right it’s austria!
hyukjae: what are you thinking of when you go out…
donghae: ……. i’m thinking of everyone~

-during oh no, the picture that eunhae took out is their childhood picture

-hae:that year, when we got back from china, i didnt sleep and went to hyuk room hyuk: it was really when i was about to sleep and he make me go with him to watch the sunrise

-encore hyuk crawl out of backstage with hae riding on his back, donghae didnt want to come down so hyuk piggyback him for around half of a song , hae face keep on stick to hyuk face

-the last ball hyukjae finally managed to throw to his dad but his dad’s hand slipped but the fans below threw it up to hyukmum and she was very happy n___n

-hyukjae: what is the most annoying about tokyo dome?
donghae: ah don’t lie!! when he first saw the concert venue list, when he saw “tokyo dome” he was so happy, yelling “what we’re going to tokyo dome?!?! why can’t the first concert be at tokyo dome?!?!”
hyukjae: i did not!!! i really didn’t know it was city hall, i just saw tokyo dome and was so surprised like “what tokyo dome?!?! o.O” and then afterwards i saw city hall ==


-this hyukjae keeps “d… d… d…” when donghae is self intro-ing. WHAT D U WANT LA! XD

-Hae wanna high five Hyuk but hyuk ignored him so he high five himself 

-hyuk wanna say he will continue to perform handsomely on stage in jap but he forgot how. then hae continued for him.

-then hae said hyuk’s brains is not good and his brain is good. then hyuk continue to speak in jap but keep forgetting

-so hae keeps finishing his line for him and hyuk shouted “I KNOW I KNOW!” in korean.

-hae tried to pull down hyuk’s jacket. when hyuk reach over for hae’s jacket hae pushed away his hand.

-hurr hyuk’s hand around hae’s waist when they walk up the stairs ㅠㅠ

-lmao. hyuk asked fans to sing along and stop them halfway saying feelings are very important and make fans sing again lol

-hurrr hae kneel down on one knee and let hyuk sit on his thighs hurrrrrr

-showing photos. hae: do u all miss kyu? shall i call him out? its hard to believe but he’s really here today. Lets call him out. KYUHYUN!

-then hyuk walked out singing 7 years of love. and says “i am not as good looking as hyukjae hyung”

-so ytd hae said wook is on the train and today hyuk said wook is taking the photo. WHAT IS WHAT

-*show next photo* hyuk: oh wheres this? hae: germany. hyuk: its austria! hae: oh.. austria hehe

-hyuk: i want to go travelling with the fans, cant i?

-lmao. after oppa oppa they left the stage still with the oppa oppa ending pose


-then hyukjae got up from the floor and just continue to piggyback hae

-hurrr hyuk keep pointing to yesung on the screen and imitating him biting nails

cr: @SJia13

-first time hyukjae tried to sit on donghae’s thigh donghae pushed him away but second time donghae let him sit nn

-donghae wanted fans in the pit to sit on his thigh and so kneeled down but then hyukjae came over to sit down; first time donghae pushed him away but second time hyukjae got to sit down and was playing rock paper scissors with the fans n_n

cr: 掌心witheunhae

-During introduction ment hae said in english hyuk is “my best friend”

-Hae said it was hot and almost jumped on hyuk to left his shirt !! Hyuk said its embarrassing

-Hyuk showed his mom on the audiance and hae asked if they bought tickets lol

-Hae said he is tired but hyuk said no he is ok, then hae said he is ok too

-Hae made elf say he is strong and hyuk is weak lol

-They spoke a little bit with tokyo accent

-Hae said “put your hands in the air” at the beginnin of bari 5

-Hyuk sat on hae’s legs !!!

-Pic time ! Hae is presenting ! He kissed the mic many times !!

-Same pics than yesterday :) he said it was in germany but elf are screaming “nooo austria”

-Hae said wherever they go they meet ELF ! In germany, italia… ^_^

-Hae said they met elf in bus ect and they cannot do anything without them kkk

-Hae said kyuhyun came today, and kept calling him but… Hyuk came out at the last moment singing 7 years of love !

-Hyuk sang a litte bit of sorry sorry answer hahha

-And he imitated yesung singing sorry sorry, then wook, shindong, leeteuk, min etc.

-Hyuk is introducing and said the pics where taken in austria not germany

-The pic with the luggage was taken by wook so he is not on it and hyuk said “stupid” (baka)

-Hyuk said they even met japanese elf ln their trip~~~

-Hyuk showed a pic in a cafe and talked about them drinking hot chocolate… Ok hyuk lol…

-Hyuk asked in the pic who has the most beautiful face and everybody said “donghae” !! (He is doing a kiss face on that pic)

-Hae said the bridge pic was in germany and hyuk said “NO AUSTRIA” hahah

-Hyuk said in japanese he want to meet all of us, but they cant…. But we are under the same sky ~~ CHEESY

-Hyuk is walking on the floor with his hand and hae is rinding him omfg

-Now hyuk is carrying hae !!!!

-Hae is trying to thank elf but hyuk kept bothering him with his hand and hae tried to push him too, they kind of fought with their hands during all hae speech

-Hahaha they are joking about the fact that the “tokyo dome” is the best…. But they are in the “tokyo dome….. City hall” LOL

-Hae said before the tour started “we are going to kobe, osaka, niigata, tokyo dom-… HEH ? really ? … Ah no no tokyo dome city all ! But thats ok too” ㅋㅋㅋ

-They again said members arz coming on stage even yesung and leeteuk lol…

-Hyuk said he is really happy because he can see elf faces ~ and they will do their best for the last venue before their new album !

-They want to visit a lot of places for their next tour~ and do their best ~

-During the thum kiss they showed hyuk mom, and the camera, avex, smjapan ect ect

cr: @Mininin_87