hae neck


either way it’s a win for donghae  ¬‿¬

Donghae Scenario

Wake Up

The alarm clock wakes you up at 7 o’clock on the dot. It was actually for your husband, Donghae, who had a meeting.

“Hae, wake up. You have a meeting today,” you shake him.

“Hmm,” he manages to get out.

“Wake up. I’m in the kitchen making breakfast if you need me,"you say, walking out the room. You prepare toast and scrambled eggs. Seeing that your husband still hasn’t come to breakfast, you decide to check up on him. Surprisingly, he’s still in bed.

"Oh my god! Wake up, you idiot. You’re going to be late,” you yell. All you get in response is,“mmmm.”

“Pabo,” you whisper. You try to pull the blanket off but he’s obviously stronger. You smirk as you think of an evil/awesome idea to wake your lazy husband. You go to the bathroom and to get some water. You tiptoe over to your sleeping significant other and sprinkle some ice cold water on him. He jolts awake in shock and you can’t help but laugh. It’s all fun and games until he pulls you in next to him and cuddles into the crook of your neck.

“Hae, let me go and go freshen up. You have a meeting today remember,” you remind him.

“I’m sorry I can’t hear you over my sleep,” he sasses.

“Yah,” you yell.

“Nope,” he smirks.

“Hae-,” you get cut off.

“No! Jagi, I lied. I don’t have a meeting today. I just wanted you to wake me up early so that I can spend some time with you. We’ve both been really busy lately and we haven’t had time for just the two of us in awhile,” he states.

“Wait, so you did all this just so you can spend some time with me,” you ask, in awe.

“Yeah,” he replies.

“…You’re an idiot,” you smile, hugging him.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot,” he smiles, kissing your forehead. You spent the entire morning cuddling with your husband and you couldn’t be happier.

DAY 2 Compiled Updates: 140418 Niigata D&E Tour
  • Hyukjae: donghae how do you feel towards niigata?
    Donghae: niiga….140408 Niigata D&E Tour DAY 2
    Hyukjae: niigata!!!
    Donghae: niga…
    Hyukjae: NI! I! GA! TA!
  • Donghae: I am everyone’s boyfriend, Donghae
    Hyukjae: idiot
  • Hyukjae: we came here, stay in hotel, go around by car, looking at the scenery outside, it feels like we’re just traveling
  • Hyukjae: the hotel we live in, we can see the night view as well as the sea, the scenery is very beautiful. today on the way here, we also saw the night view from the car. we think it’d be nice to come to niigata for travelling next time, and everyone can be our tour guide~
  • fans were yelling swing and Hyukjae told Donghae to dance. when he got to the part where you wrap the towel around your hand, Donghae wrapped the towel around Hyukjae’s hand instead
  • Donghae danced swing today, swung his towel and then moved towards hyuk and slung his towel around hyuk’s neck like wanting to strangle him… And Hyuk struggled lolol
  • During motorcycle “hey what’s up” (Hyukjae’s line) Hyukjae touched Donghae’s neck, then during Donghae’s line he hit Hyukjae’s chest and then they kept alternating lmao

  • Hyuk said today is the last concert day for niigata and fans shouted ‘dame (no)!’ then he said very cutely, 'sho ga nai… (can’t be helped)…’
  • Hyuk touch the back of Hae neck during are you ready part, hae push him away
  • During motorcycle, Hyukjae put his hand on Donghae’s neck whilst singing “are you ready” and donghae pushed him away lol
  • Donghae is so cute, during his solo he said in English, 'everybody singing!’
  • Hyukjae took his jacket off for solo, he was sweating a lot lol
  • 10 years end, Hae passionately glance at Hyukjae, they were exchanging glances until Hyuk turn away
  • 10 years, when the stairs get close, Hyuk pat the space beside him ask Hae to sit beside him, both of them smile at each other, then Hae glance at Hyuk, Hyuk turn away not looking at Hae and smile.
  • the camera caught a kid in the audience, the kid was shy so he/she turn and hugged his/her mother. Donghae imitate the kid doing aegyo, Hyuk sang a line of 10 years, Hae using aegyo voice sing along.
  • EunHae make fans sing teenage queen, they started the song twice no one sing to it.
    Hae:you all don’t know the lyrics!
  • During Love that I need, a lot of feathers fell and at the end, Donghae helped pick the feathers off Hyukjae’s head ;;
  • Kyaaaa EunHae gave the mic to a little kid in the 1st row and we sang together kimi ga naitara~~
  • Hae patted the kid s head haaaa so cute !!
  • Hyuk lost rock paper sc. He turned is back and faked to remove his belt LOL
  • Pictures time !!
    Hyuk didnt remember how to inteoduce the picture game in Japanese hahaha ELF helped him x)
    The first pic is the same than yesterday near the lake
  • Hyukjae is so freaking cute Omg. He was trying to announce that this was now the time where they showed their good memories but he couldn’t remember how to say it in Japanese. Then he put a sentence together and asked the translator if it was correct.. And she translated his qn instead of answering him
  • During scissors paper stone, Donghae said he knew he was going to win, so he took off his jacket in preparation…. And he did win hahahaha
  • They found a little boy in the audience when making us sing ten years after, and then they asked the camera to focus on the baby but the baby was shy and hid. And hyuk was asking 'where’s the baby?’
  • But the baby refused to come out so Hyuk said 'don’t cry, sorry!’ and told donghae to be the baby instead. So Donghae sang ten years in a little baby voice… SUPER CUTE
  • After kimi ga naitara they found another boy in the front row of the audience, and made him sing the chorus. The little boy kinda tried his best but he didn’t really know the lyrics haha. Then they asked him 'what is your dream?’ and the boy held his head like it hurt HAHA. then Hyuk asked 'do you want to be a singer like your hyungs?’ and the boy replied very decisively, 'NO!’
  • Oh after stumbling a lot over his Japanese, he suddenly said a completely fluent sentence and everyone started laughing cos it was obvious he was reading it from his prompter. And then he bowed and said sorry
  • Hae was hidding behind the stage LOL Hyuk told him to introduce the next pic :)
    Hae kept saying “N i i gata” insisting ont the “i i” lol so cutz
    The beer picture again lol
    The camera zoomed on Hae and Wook….. Wook has a Sausage ln his hand HAHAHAHA
    Then he zoomed on Hyuk and Kyu with the beers LOL
    Hyuk is wearing a huge hat on that pic lol like a wizard grey hat
    You ll see the hae wook photo part a bit later when my fiend have wifi again LOL
  • Hyuk just said 'I really like going on holidays’ and Donghae went like 'ahhh who doesn’t like holidays?’ now Hyuk is complaining about how Donghae went on holiday to USA without joining him Kyu and Wook and Donghae pouted.
  • Hyuk said now their tour feels like a holiday and Donghae said 'but we have to go on it’
  • When Hyukjae was talking about the photos, suddenly he started laughing and looked towards backstage and told Donghae to go away LOL then on the prompt screen korean came up and Hyukjae read it out loud - he said “wife i love you, without you, i will die, so please dont leave me.” then donghae came back up and asked who wants hugs and kisses and then closed his eyes and said “come quickly, one by one”
  • Donghae intro the beer pic, and say he cant drink, KyuHyuk drank 2000cc, then when they went to other places they found a bathroom and vomited. Hae imitate the sounds of vomit
  • Hae was laughing while closing his eyes touching his lips, he say he loves vacay and doesn’t have people he don’t like. Hyuk say when that time he and KyuWook invite Hae to go along, Hae say no, he wanted to go to USA. Hyuk say, on the plane the other two sat together, and usually he sits with Hae, without Hae with them, he is alone. Hae wanted to explain but Hyuk say you don’t need to say anything.
  • Hyuk say he loves vacay, especially vacay with members. but Donghae went to USA alone, he is alone, he feels sad. Donghae was squatting down at the floor drinking water from a straw, Donghae pouted, because of Hyukjae words Donghae didn’t want to get up from the floor
  • oppa oppa, after Donghae done his verse and its Hyuk turn to sing, Hyuk circle his arm around hae neck from the back and hugged him with one hand.
  • So ytd, hyuk held on to donghae’s ass after oppa oppa and today donghae touched hyuk’s ass hahahaha and hyuk ran backstage and donghae showed off his nice ass to us.
  • Hyuk back hugged hae during oppa oppaaaaa
    At the end of oppa oppa hae put his hand on hyuk butt and stayed that way HAHAHAHA Haes turn today hahaha
  • EunHae came out from behind the big screen and Hyukjae stayed hiding behind the big screen, playing hide and seek LOL
  • Donghae turned his back to ELF holding himself to the stage and hyuk threw a towel at him lol
  • Hyukjae was at the front of the stage, saying how it was because of the fans support that they could release an album and hold a concert, and how fortunate they were for being album to come here and meet fans. meanwhile Donghae near the back of the stage not doing anything, Hyukjae turned around and saw him and threw a towel at him LOL and hurried him to the front of the stage, saying (to Donghae) “you talk!!!”
  • Donghae says he doesn’t want to do a D&E con in Tokyo dome cos Tokyo dome is too big and he can’t make eye contact with the fans, and he prefers this small intimate venue where he can see everyone.
  • Donghae was at the front talking and also walking around the stage, and Hyukjae was just behind him following him around to the left and to the right and was making sure that the camera focusing on Donghae could also catch him in the view as well LOOOOL
  • During ten years, when the movable stairs moved together, Hyuk patted the space beside him for Donghae but Donghae refused lol at the end, their faces were side by side on the screen and Donghae looked at Hyuk until Hyuk looked away haha it was so cute.
  • They said they’ll be busy with d&e new album, sj new album and SS6 !!!!
    Haru and members VCR
    Last song Hello….
  • EunHae sat on the stage, Hyuk want to lean on Hae, Hae suddenly jump off from the stage and Hyuk ended up lying on the stage sideways.
  • Hae was talking in front and he keep on swaying left right left right, Hyuk then follow him swaying left right left right to ensure that when the cameraman capture Donghae he will also be captured inside the frame.
  • Hyukjae wanted to introduce the dancers one by one and just gave the microphone directly to each dancer and asked them to give self introduction; the first dancer was surprised, and just gave an “ah” sound into the mic. then Hyukjae said “ok, this is ah.”
  • When bowing Hae lost his cap, he put it back on his head but his hair are a mess hahahaha its so cute !!
  • Hae give flying kisses to fans, Hyuk pretend to catch those kisses and not let them fly to fans, Hae give more flying kisses, Hyuk catch those flying kisses and then put into his mouth.
  • Hyuk was talking and Hae was running around again, Hyuk say: you come here! Hae went over and Hyuk drape his arm over Hae shoulder not letting him run.
  • Hyuk gave his towel to a little boy on the first row.
    When doing the thumb kiss hae put his tumb on Hyuk’s head and Hyuk shouted “no no to everybody (minna san)” hahahah
    Just before to go hae took a tshirt from ELF ~ like a soccer blue shirt with Donghae 015 on it !!
    They left the stage !! ^^ bye bye N i i gata !! It was so fun ;)()



hae’s arm around hyukkie!!!!!!!   [video cr]