hae joo im

i think one of the things that bothers me themostabout casting jum sturgess as hae joo im is that the attempt at revolution that he’s involved in and that sonmi is involved in is homegrown

it’s not white people coming in to liberate poc from tyranny of a poc government

it’s poc engaging with their government, with discourse about liberty and freedom and equality and attempting to enact change

it is literally about a slave weaponizing language as her last contribution to the world and having that contribution felt 

it is about the power of language when appropriated by oppressed classes and what it can do

this is a narrative that resonates with a lot of people, but is about people of color righting their own countries, fixing their own problems (or at least trying to)

why do you have to insert a white body into a narrative that is that amazing

why do you have to digitize jim sturgess’ face so that he appears asian

why could you not cast a korean actor there are lots of them and they are amazing


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