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MY 2016 MEN

Yoo Jung Sunbae (Cheese in the trap)

Captain Yoo Shi Jin (Descendants of the Sun)

Kang Chul (W)

Xiao Nai (Love O2O)

Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds)

Kang Ji woon (Cinderella and Four Knights)

4th Prince Wang So (Moon lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)

I LOVE 2016 THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to add more #bestdramayear What’s your MEN OF 2016?


“Beating up a kind man is violence, but beating up a bad guy.. that’s justice.”

“Now, as I look at my family’s faces, I wonder if I’ll see them again. When you become a police officer, sometimes there are criminals like this, that you will risk your life to capture, because he’s not the usual bastard out there. Right now, I see in my mind my son and my wife’s faces. I know I might not see them again… If we die, who will protect our families? Who will protect them?”


This was an amazing show and will be thoroughly missed! Very well done!! 

Lee Jong Suk Says Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin Are Not His Rivals and Confesses He Had a Slump

During an interview, Lee Jong Sukshared what changed from acting in “Pinocchio” and his thoughts on actors such as Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin.

Before acting the character Ki Ha Myung in “Pinocchio,” Lee Jong Suk confessed that he rarely read news other than the celebrity section. After the drama, however, he started reading more of the local news and became interested in societal problems.

Lee Jong Suk also shared that instead of doing what he wants to do, he chose to do what he is good at. “Although I wanted to be in masculine movies, I know I fit more into romantic-comedy type of shows, which is why I decided to stick with I do best rather than what I want to do. I have a pretty face since I’m young, but don’t think I’ll be handsome as I grow older,” said Lee Jong Suk.

Moreover, Lee Jong Suk shared that he started watching the acting of other male actors in their 20’s. He said, “It’s fascinating that, although we lived around the same amount of years, all of our acting is different. Because the way we express ourselves is different, it’s fun to watch others act.” He then added, “It is possible to think of them as rivals, but instead I recognize each of them as a person. Everyone has different things, and different ways of using [what they have].”

He then talked about the two actors, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho, who are often thought of as his rivals. “There is a contrast between me and Woo Bin since he has a masculine stature, whereas I am thin. I also saw Lee Min Ho’s movie poster and he seemed very manly. I want to do something that has that manly feel, but I know my appearance wouldn’t allow that,” he said honestly.

Lee Jong Suk also confessed that he had a slump after filming “Doctor Stranger,” and said, “There was a time when I was home, I felt like a useless human being. I know I should take breaks [after dramas and movies], but I still didn’t feel like I was being a useful human being. So it was a good choice to jump right in to ‘Pinocchio’ during a time like that.”

When asked what kind of actor he wants to be remembered as, he answered, “I want to become like Park Hae Il sunbae. I want to have both the good and evil in me. That’s why I told the director of ‘Pinocchio’ that I may be good at acting as Ki Jae Myung.”

Meanwhile, drama “Pinocchio” recently aired its last episode, and has been praised for its unique storyline and quality of the drama.

 Translated by soompi


YESUNG for CeCi Magazine January Issue | 151218 | heira1106

151219 Super Junior′s Yesung Says He Learned a Lot from ′Drill′

In the accompanying interview, Yesung opened up acting for the first time.

On why he chose a dark and heavy drama like Drill as his first acting project, Yesung said, “Because Drillincludes a lot of real stories, it was rather straightforward. Although it was somewhat burdensome because the original is so brilliant, I was happy to have come across a good project. And I was able to learn a lot.”

When asked about what kinds of characters he wants to play in the futures, Yesung said, “Whether it′s a lead or supporting role, just a good role is enough. There are a lot of roles I want to try, but I want to try a role like Park Hae Il sunbaenim in Memories of Murder. Personally, I think a dark role suits me better than a bright role.”

Yesung′s spread and interview can be found in the January issue of CeCi.