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Daddy-Daughter Date

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“A what?” you asked, taking your attention away from the TV and laundry to give your husband, Hoseok, your full attention.

“A daddy-daughter date,” he chuckles, before placing a kiss on your cheek. “You love going on dates with me, so I figured Ha-eun would too.”

“Well that a given,” you snort, causing him to laugh more.

“I do plan the best dates don’t I?” You used the shirt you were folding to smack him, which make him laugh more before giving you another kiss, this time on your lips.

“She has preschool tomorrow though,” you inform him.

“Ha-eun doesn’t have to go, my love.”

“Why does this sound familiar?” you smirk.

“Cause I got you to skip some classes,” he nods his head, “and call in to work a few times.”

“You are a bad influence,” you smile at him before kissing along his jaw line to his ear. “So very bad,” you whisper.

“Is this a yes?” he groans. His hands grip your thighs and move you so you are straddling him. When you continue your kissing assault on his neck instead of answering, Hoseok gently grabs your face and make you look at him. “Jagiya?”

“Only if I get a date too,” you pout.

“You can have as many dates as you want,” he laughs, surging up to kiss your pout away before flipping you onto your back on the couch. “Starting right now, my queen.”


“Are you ready princess?” Hoseok smiles down at his little girl, her mouth open wide as she takes in the Aquarium. When she doesn’t answer he gives the hand he is holding a little shake. “Well Ha-eun, you ready to go in?” his smile grows.

“Go Daddy! We go!” she squeals and begins jumping around.

“Of course princess,” They walk towards the entrance, Hoseok reminding himself to walk slower than he normally did so Ha-eun could easily keep up, especially since she wasn’t so much as walking as it was bouncing. “Mommy was excited when I brought her here too,” he chuckles.

“When did you bring mommy here?” Ha-eun asks.

“Well,” Hoseok picks her up so she can get a look inside the first tank, “it was when we first started dating. I decided to bring her here so she could see all the fishies and I could watch her beautiful face light up like a thousand stars.”

“Daddy watch me too?”

“Of course,” Hoseok points to the tank, “you enjoy seeing them and I’ll watch my princess’s beauty outshine them, just like her mommy did.”

“Okay!” Ha-eun turns her attention away from her daddy and finally to the beautiful rainbow like fish that graced the entrance’s view.


“You’re only supposed to pet the fishes, not swim with them,” Hoseok gently scolds his daughter as he changes her pants, socks and shoes out for one of the spares he had in the backpack.

“But how am I supposed to pet them when they swim away?” Ha-eun pouts.

“You just wait for more to come over.”

“But they take forever!” she whines. Hoseok chuckles as he puts her wet clothes in a plastic bag and stuffs them into the backpack. “They did Daddy!” she whines louder.

“Ok baby,” he smiles, “I believe you.” After putting the backpack back on he picks her up and gives her a kiss on the forehead. “How about we look at the fishes that can swim over our heads?”

“Over our head?!” she squeals.

“Yup, over our heads.” Hoseok walks out the bathroom and heads for the tanks that have a tunnel for observation. “All colorful fishes live there, and even sharks.”

“Sharks?!” Ha-eun gasps.

“Don’t worry, they are nice sharks.” He continues to tell her all about the tanks and the fishes as he makes his way there.

“Close your eyes baby girl,” he tells her as he stops at the entrance to the exhibit.

“Why Daddy?”

“It makes it more magical that way.” Feeling the need to add more he continues. “Mommy even said so.”

“Okay Daddy!” Ha-eun closes her eyes real tight, her face scrunching up as she does.

“When Daddy says to, open your eyes ok?” he kisses her nose and then covers her eyes with his own hand.

Ha-eun’s little hands come up to press his hand further against his face. “Okay!”

“So cute,” he whispers to himself, “just like her mommy.” Hoseok continues into the exhibit and steps onto the conveyor. He watches for when it looks like the tunnel is opening up to uncover her eyes.

“Okay, open your eyes!” Hae-eun’s delightful cry and the clasping of her hands makes Hoseok grin ear to ear and steal a kiss.

“Daddy!” she whines and pushes his face out of her view.

“I stole a kiss from Mommy here too,” he informs her and kisses her again.

“Stealing is bad,” she scolds.

“Mommy didn’t seem to mind,” he snickers. “Mommy loves when I steal kisses.”

Ha-eun’s brows forrow as she takes in the information. Suddenly she kisses Hoseok. His shocked but happy look makes her laugh. “Stealing kisses are fun.”

“Yes,” he cuddles her closer, “but you can only steal them from Mommy and Daddy. Okay?”

“Okay Daddy!” she giggles and turns her attention back to the fishes with a demand to go again since Daddy made her miss them.

“Best daddy-daughter date ever.”

You know…just because you love someone doesn’t mean all your character flaws exponentially change so you can be better to the person you love. Sometimes, it takes a really, really, really long time to change something about yourself or one of your flaws, even for someone you love, even if you know that trait is indisputably a flaw about yourself. Sometimes you do change, but sometimes you relapse.

With Hae Soo, I was so frustrated with her for not trusting and not being understanding of Wang So. And yet, I understood her. How is So supposed to know that in another life, she was betrayed by both her best friend and her boyfriend? How is he supposed to know that even in this life, she was betrayed by another man she loved? And yet, she was. She was and she’s scarred.

So is not the only one that has had a hard life, and although you may argue that he’s suffered more than Soo in life, it is honestly messed up to trivialize Soo’s pain based off of So’s experiences. To each person, suffering is relative, and the worst pain you’ve ever experienced hurts just as much as the worst pain someone else has experienced. And for someone as idealistic as Go Ha Jin inside Hae Soo’s body, that kind of continuous betrayal wrecks you. So regardless of how much So trusts Soo, it is not that easy to trust once you’ve been betrayed that many times.

Soo is trying her best; we saw it when she left the letter for So about Eun’s whereabouts. We saw it when she questioned why he was smiling so much after a stressful day in court, but didn’t press it when he dismissed her concern. We saw it when she objected Ji Mong, knowing that So will be steadfast as long as she still wants to be queen. It’s not that she’s not trying, it’s that it’s just not that easy.

On the other hand, I think that with misogyny it’s so easy to be blinded by So’s devotion and hail him as the perfect, unwavering man. If you look underneath the surface, So is actually so unforgiving. Just because he completely trusts Soo, he expects her to be able to immediately trust him 100% in return. How unrealistic is that? He really shouldn’t have just walked away after telling Hae Soo she should have understood him. He should have stayed, knowing that Hae Soo can’t just follow him out because she literally doesn’t have permission to just go after a king like that. When he was deciding to kill Chae Ryung, he should have warned Hae Soo beforehand so she could prepare himself.

One of So’s character flaws is that when So believes his actions are justifiable, he acts without any warning, and expects everyone to just automatically understand him. When they don’t, his reaction is literally violent. He was taking it for granted that Hae Soo understands him better than anyone else. Regardless of how much she understands him, she’s not a mind reader.

What is so great about this drama is that it is so frustrating. It’s not supposed to paint this picture of the world bending for you just because you are in love. Everything goes wrong, and just because you are deeply in love doesn’t mean you automatically become perfect for each other or even good for each other. That doesn’t invalidate your love in any way, it just goes to show that not all loves can change the world.


Don’t say a word. I know what happened. And I know why you did it. How you’re feeling right now…I think I know. So don’t be anxious. I won’t ever run away.

And I’ll Call Your Name

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [달의 연인-보보경심 려] fanfiction

  • Wang So/Hae Soo
  • Modern Setting AU

끝없이 길었던 짙고 어두운 사이로
조용히 사라진 소원을 알아
오래 기다릴게 반드시 너를 찾을게
보이지 않도록 멀어도
가자 새벽이 끝나는 곳으로

Through the night that was endlessly long and thick and dark
I know your wish has silently disappeared
I’ll wait for a long time, I will definitely find you
Even if you’re so far that I can’t see you
Let’s go, to the place at the tip of dawn

IU (아이유)  - Dear Name (이름에게)


The drowning survivor opened her eyes, not knowing where she stood on the bridge of time.

Her world was inundated by the brightness of the sun, glaring straight at her, through the open window. She took a few minutes to adjust, adjust her consciousness and her body, moving every part of herself with calculated effort. First, she looked the other way, away from the window; her head was heavy and her mind was clouded. She moved her fingers, one at a time. She moved her toes. But her body, her limbs, didn’t respond as they ought to. She took a deep breath, trying not to panic at the distress that seemed to grow in her middle, trying to calm herself down enough to understand it all, to understand anything.

When she opened her eyes again, she was facing the wall where a calendar hung. Her vision was focused enough to read it. October, 2016.

In the turmoil of her being, a light was lit. Shining through the fog, like a lighthouse.

It was the beginning.

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I thought I would be in jail for a while. At least for a few years. You would have said you would wait. Hae Young-ah, breaking up with you was the right thing for me to do. I just..needed something to say to you. Something that would make you leave me. That’s why I did it.

I’m sorry.


My favourite moment from the finale. I’m just so glad he knows about her, that he has at least that one tiny piece of Soo.

Also, they picked this child actress so well! She’s beautiful, she really looks like she could be SooSo’s daughter - from her big Hae Soo-like eyes and pout to that slightly pointed So-like chin.

Apparently their daughter’s name is Seol which means “snow”. Which I think is so very appropriate considering SooSo watching snowfall together back in episode 4 was the first time I could see their connection and future love coming through :’)

Bulletproof Pt. 6 [Jimin]

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Hitman!AU, Fluff, Humor
Word Count: 1530
Chapter: 6/?
Description: “Well,” you say, glancing at the dagger raised in your boyfriend’s hand, to the gun in yours, and finally to the man cowering on his knees between the both of you, sobbing and pleading for his life. “This is awkward.”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

“Tell me you’re joking,” Eunji said tiredly. “Please, for the love of God, tell me you just have a warped sense of humor, and everything you just told me was a lie.”

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markhyuck!couple au

buckle up your seatbelts kids bc wowee boy smh me

ty to @minxharu for helping me and listening to me rant about markhyuck omg

-r u ready

-youre not ready

-so we all know how much i love the idea that hae is a fucking tsundere

-and lemme explain a thing ok oNE TIME

-hae and mark were sitting on a couch together and hae kept moving around and shifting

-and like, slowly hae’s hand started inching towards mark and mark was just completely clueless, one hand holding his phone the other resting on his leg

-and hae just hesitantly rested his hand on top of mark’s and looked away like he wasn’t doing anything and mark looks over and sees hae looking at the other direction and just grins bc “what a fukin idiot i love him” and holds his hand

-hae smiles just a lil lil lil bit bc he’s so whipped for mark even if it doesnt seem like it

-dont take hae to the grocery store

-like, yes, he actually knows how to be a normal human being who can cook and stuff but he absolutely can NOT go shopping for food

-one time, mark wanted to do something special together so they decide to bake a cake or something and they get to the grocery store right 

-hae grabs the most useless shit 

-he grabs two cakes, fifty boxes of chocolate chip cookies and grabs like a chicken leg 

-“hae we don’t need any of that" 


-what a character amirite wow i love him

-their contact names for each other are “haehae the tsundere” and “wannabe thug #1″

-hae doesnt really like skinship but he lets mark hold his hand in public or something


-so they were up late practicing their new dance for a comeback

-and they were like exhausted bc they spent 3 hours straight dancing

-and hae COLLAPSES on the floor

-mark knows he’s ok but he goes over anyway

-when hae opens his eyes, mark is hovering above him

-neither of them move or talk and im pretty sure hae wasnt breathing poor bby :c

-so mark finally mans up!!! and leans in!!!!! he pecks hae’s lips what a nerd

-hae is a blushing M E S S

-he doesnt do anything for a few seconds but then he punches mark’s shoulder really hard

-”YOU FUCK I WASNT READY” -hae right before he kisses mark again

-hae doesnt ask for kisses or hugs or cuddles a lot but mark always knows when he wants them

-mark either gets hella distant and teases him by not doing anything with him, which results in hae grabbing him and kissing him really hard

-OR he teases him a different way

-”hae if you want something just tell me~”

-“just.. do it!!!”

-“do what hae? hm? hmmmmmmm??????”

-“you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-“i really don’t hae, you know if you really want something, just tell me B A B E”

-the ‘babe’ part drives hae crazy and he grabs mark by the collar and kisses him

-after they pull away mark’s just like “see how easy that was”

-which makes hae go “I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY WE’RE DATING”

-they exchange smol and short pecks a lot!! they always make hae blush


-shhh don’t tell mark but hae likes listening to the sound of mark’s heartbeat when they cuddle

-when mark is asleep at like 3am, hae for some fucking reason is awake and just stares at mark’s face and wonders “how did i get a boyfriend like him”

-hae is vvv insecure but mark is there to love him forever!!!!

-they probably hold hands while they sleep somehow

-mark always throws an arm around hae’s shoulders and hae like grabs his hand with his and that’s how they hold hands

-because holding hands normally is for normies!!!!!1111!111111!11111!!

-hae isn’t one for skinship (like i said earlier) but he likes buying them couple things


-he hints that he wants stuff like that

-“wow look at how cute that couple is with their COUPLE SHIRTS mark look!!!!!”

-“babe do you want like a couple shirt or something”

-“no omg!!!! i mean if you want it we could!!!!!!!!!!” what a fuckin nerd

-mark loves him so he just buys it for them

-mark likes them too so like its a wINWIN

-mark looks at hae with heart eyes

-and hae looks at mark with heart eyes!!!

-but when mark catches him, hae scowls and turns away

-it makes mark melt what a cutie!!!!!!!!!

-mark likes randomly kissing hae’s cheek to make him blush

-they can be in a library, a restaurant, a park, a bathroom whO CARES ITS HAE AND HES REAL CUTE WHEN HE BLUSHES

-mark calls hae babe a lot

-hae pretends to hate it but he lowkey loves it

-hae calls mark trash but mark doesnt mind bc he finds it cute <3

-“hey trash can pick me up something from the store too”

-”u got it babe”

-“how are they even dating” -renjun to chenle

-hae makes mark sleep on the side closer to the door

-just in case there’s a murderer man


-hae’s always like “lol bitch” but he eats it anyway


-so before they became official, they were already holding hands, etc etc

-and people just automatically assumed they were dating

-it took hae 288282 years to ask mark out bc he was so afraid

-and when he finally did it was in the middle of a grocery store bc he decided right then and there that it was the time!!!

-so hae stops him at like aisle 4 where the candy is and is like

-“mark i have to ask you something”

-“yeah man what’s up”



-and mark takes a few seconds to process what he says and another minute to think

-but then he finally says “… aren’t we already dating??”

-hae stares at him for a second and turns around to mARCH OUT OF THIS STORE IMMEDIATELY!!!


-mark laughs and grabs hae’s wrist and turns him back like its a kdrama!!!!

-“hae, yes i’ll go out with you

-even tho we’ve been dating for like 2 weeks”

-and hae’s face is so red

-like a firetruck!!!!!!!!!!!

-mark sings “YOU AREEEEE MY DESTINYYYYYY” obnoxiously to hae a lot

-markhyuck bicker like CONSTANTLY


-”your hair looks stupid”

-”youre ugly”


-their hyungs always judge them and are like “use protection”

-and mark’s always like “protection from what, from how bitchy he is” which makes hae slap his shoulder really hard and say

-“HOW DARE U *voice raised 6 octaves*”

-mark thinks he’s sassier than hae

-but hae’s just holding back bc he loves him

-if anybody hurts mark, hae will sass and roast the fuck out of whoever hurt him

-and like, mark’s not a violent person but for hae he’ll murder anybody who even loOKS AT HIS BABY FUNNY ISTG

-he embarrasses hae a lot but like w/e man

-so ya know how nct dream used hoverboards for their choreo

-and hae was like STRUGGLING on his hoverboard when they were riding into music bank

-so they were practicing on them once and hae falls over

-and the ducklings are like “OMG MOMMY!!!!!!!!”

-and runs over dramatically

-and hae being a dramatic shit is laying there with his eyes closed, clutching his stomach for some reason even tho he fell on his knees????

-and the ducklings are like “D A D D O S O M E T H I N G”

-and hae’s just like “mommy sees the light kids you must survive without me it’s too late to save *coughs dramatically* *voice is weak* me *pretends to die*”

-and mark judges them hardcore and just thinks “who the fuck are these people”

but in the end mark decides to join in and is like “*sighs* ok IM COMING MY P R I N C E S S”

-which make hae come back from the dead and glare at him for a sec before he flops down like he’s dead again

-so mark runs over and is hovering over hae like hes gonna kiss him but he isnt planning to actually

-not in front of the ducklings man

-but jisung is a lil shit and pushes mark’s head down and makes them kiss

-mark calls hae princess to annoy him

-when he does, it goes one of two ways

-hae either kisses him to get him to shut up

-or knees him where the sun don’t shine

-hae’s favourite is the second one but he loves mark so he just kisses him

-for their first date mark takes them to an amusement park!!!

-hae judges him bc it’s cliche and too kdramabut he goes anyway bc he secretly wants to

-mark wins so many stuffies for hae omg

-they share cotton candy and they hold hands on rides bc mark cries during them and hae laughs but kinda feels bad so he holds his hand to make it feel better

-and for their last ride they go on a FERRIS WHEEL SUCH SHOCK!!!

-and mark has like tears in his eyes and is trying not to cry (they went on the tallest roller coaster there before getting on the ferris wheel)

-hae just takes one look at him and laughs and shakes his head

-mark blushes wITH TEARS IN HIS EYES

-cant forget the tears

-hae leans over to kiss mark and it was their first real kiss

-not a peck or somethin half ass, a real kiss

-and all mark can say after is “thank you” really quietly

-hae’s just like “for what?” all soFT AND PRECIOUS LIKE

-and mark blushes harder and says really quietly

-“for being my boyfriend and letting me love you”

-and hae just goes from “cc:” to “////O.o/////” and just says

-“why wouldn’t i let you love me, i love you so” ALL CASUALLY AND STUFF

-BUT THEN HE REALIZES WHAT HE’S SAID AND HE FREAKS OUT AND IS LIKE “omg i didn’t mean it like that i hate you omg!!!!”

-but mark just smiles knowingly and says “i love you too”

-ok so in car rides back from shows and stuff

-when all the lil kids are sleeping including mark

-hae’s staring out the window bc he can’t sleep

-and for some reason ren’s in the shotgun seat bc mark is a nice mom

-so mark’s in the back sleeping beside hae

-and his head’s like resting on his shoulder

-and hae doesn’t mind bc like w/e nothing new


-and suddenly hae feels someone tangling their fingers with his and holding his hand so he looks over and sees mark’s eyes half closed and a dumb sleepy smile on his face

-“why aren’t you asleep?” hae @ mark 

-“i could ask you the same thing” and hae just shakes his head and presses a kiss to mark’s forehead and says 

-“go to sleep baby" 

-aND AND mark nods with a dumb smile still on his face and closes his eyes to go back to sleep

-this is hurting my heart and it’s getting so long bu i have more omg

-mark probably makes hae sit on his lap

-they probably share earbuds too

-one time they were making cupcakes and mark was like

-"so we put 4 cups of flour”


-”what’s wrong hae??”


-”same thing right????”

-hae may know how to bake but mark knows how to stick to recipes

-hae ends up adding fifty cups of chocolate chips (when mark isnt looking ofc)

-“did we get chocolate batter mix hae??”


-“why is it brown then" 




-mark gives hae his jacket when he’s cold but hae’s all like “I CANT CONTROL THE WEATHER BITCH” when mark says he’s cold

-hae still gives him his jacket tho

-hae loves piggybacks but will always complain when mark gives him one

-“put me down mark omg!!!" 

-"tell me that you love me" 

-"no ew gross" 

-"im never putting you down then”


-they end up really dumb but hae loves them anyway

-tl;dr what a MESS OF A COUPLE but they love each other lots so it all works out somehow <3

The Deviant - Ch. 1

Originally posted by ksjknj

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

In Hae has grown accustomed to the grit and grime of her job: walking in the shadows, using her empathic abilities to anticipate and fight darkness. Now a new deviant threatens to throw everything into chaos. It would be easier to deal with if In Hae wasn’t so distracted by his dimples.

Rap Monster hero au
Word count: 3,166

The rain fell fast and hard, the drops so large they hit In Hae’s eye like tiny fists when she looked up to get a feel for where the moon was. She wiped her eye and cursed. It was too cloudy. She had no sense of the time now. Her phone had run out of batteries while she ran after the Troublemaker. It was the stupidest name, she thought. Couldn’t he have been a little more imaginative?

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