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When Wang So dies at the age of fifty, his final words come out as a whisper from his mouth. Soo-yah.

He wakes up, his mind blank, only the feeling of yearning for something he cannot quite define, in the body of a young man, lying on a bed in a hospital room. There’s a doctor with people who they say are his family members but he does not recognize any of them. Days pass once he comes to his senses, and they explain to him what happened. Apparently this man, no, he had his life saved from a certain death, and now he’s suffering from amnesia.

But So, now with a different 21st century name and life, is clever and strong-willed. He adjusts to his life once more. Recreates relationships, studies, and is ready to take over his father’s company. But the more he adjusts to his life after amnesia, the more he starts getting these dreams. Dreams that keep getting more and more prominent as time goes by.

He sees glimpses of a different life. He’s sitting on a throne and there’s a man bowing in front of him. He’s wielding a sword, ready to fight twenty armed men. His drinking poison and falling to his knees. He’s watching the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. And every time So wakes up in the middle of the night crying overwhelmed.

As theses night vision get more clearer, he starts researching history. And one day standing in the middle of a museum hall he sees it. A portrait of himself in Goryeo times. And all of it comes back like a tidal wave. His first words again are Hae Soo.

Wang So is now sure that she is somewhere here. And not just any reincarnation of Soo, but his Soo. He remembers Ji Mong’s last words about her and he is certain that this is where she was from the beginning. But how to find her?

Years pass. One day he meets a man, a homeless drunk who visibly recovers when he sees So’s face. Your majesty, is his first words and So laughs. Ji Mong is also the one who tells him I think I’ve found her.

Meanwhile Go Ha Jin has made it her habit to visit the museum of history, spending hours at he Goryeo Era hall. As she’s looking at a beautiful blue and red wedding gown she hears it behind her. I’ve missed you.


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Because although I already finished it I’m still not over this drama. >.<