Friends With Flowers

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [달의 연인-보보경심 려] fanfiction

The flowers are her home. They’re her shelter in the whole, wide palace. Of all places, of all corners, of every room in the Damiwon, she chooses that garden, that spot. The water pot is heavy but she doesn’t mind it; this time, she waters every petal and every shade of green with the grace of a sanggung. It’s not her job to do anymore; Chae Ryung, her beloved friend, is there now and it’s a job for her rank, but Hae Soo chooses, she sneaks out. It’s a job and it’s a break — it’s her escapism. She wears Lady Oh’s clothes and it’s Lady Oh’s hairpin in her hair but she’s so out of place, so inadequate, so much less than. She loves the king for the person he is, for the kindness she’s experienced in the past and that she appreciates again, she’d be an ingrate if she didn’t, but she’s not. She’s not. She has to fake every step with Lady Oh’s steps, every movement a shadow of Lady Oh’s movements, a memory of lessons she only half-remembers because there were always so many different things Soo was always thinking about then. She should have paid more attention, she should have been diligent. But she didn’t, she wasn’t, so she tries her hardest. The hardest she’s ever tried. Don’t think about running. Stay faithful to what you decided to do. She carries the words as a prayer, a gift she was given a long time ago. Or was it a long time ago? She has no calendar in her room, her memory functions in events, in festivals, the days slipping through her fingers like water, a threatening future always looming at her from the bottom of the ocean of her blood.

It has been so long since she’s felt truly happy.

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Sie würde sich gerne wieder verlieben, doch die Enttäuschung die sie mit einem Schwein machte, trifft sie immer wieder aufs neue ganz tief innerlich. Das Vertrauen ist weg, weil sie von Männern die was versprechen nichts mehr hält. Sie weiss, wie schnell diese Versprechen brechen und ihr Herz daran wieder zerbrechen kann. Der Glaube an einem wahren Mann, der Ehrlichkeit und Reue zeigt ist fuer sie so klein wie der Gewinn eines Lottoscheins.
They find out they weren’t your original bias

[Seventeen version here]

I.M / Changkyun

Fakes a heart attack but he doesn’t really mind.
“OH MY GO- just kidding. It’s cool, I wouldn’t be my Monsta X bias either.”


“Come again?” He says, glaring daggers at I.M, who only collapses in a fit of hysterics. “It’s okay. It’s cool. We’ll see who’ll be laughing in a minute.”


10000% sure you’re lying and calls you out like, right away. 
“Girl please. I’ve seen your old tweets okay? I’ve been your bias since I was born.”


Confused, unamused, and thoroughly offended. He considers himself the complete package and couldn’t understand how you’d ever liked Minhyuk over him. It was impossible, unthinkable, surely you had had a moment of temporary insanity. Doesn’t speak to either of you for at least a week.


A little surprised but not at all bothered that you were once willing to cut your arm off for the chance to marry Shownu. 
“Oh really? Me too.” 

Wonho / Hoseok

He called you during an interview and let the MC ask a few questions. You told them that it was Jooheon who had first made your heart flutter, and Wonho could only laugh and cover his red cheeks. Are you upset Wonho? “No no, I already knew about it.” Are you mad?” “Not at all.

Shownu / Hyunwoo

As you’d been good friends before you started dating, Shownu was well aware of the fact that you’d been 100% in love with Wonho. But it was a fact he tried to keep to himself because his manly pride always died a little whenever it was mentioned.