Talk about...
  1. The nicest thing anyone has told you
  2. First celebrity crush
  3. Celebrity crush right now 
  4. The thing that makes you feel like a horrible person
  5. The thing that makes you feel like a saint 
  6. The most beautiful thing about yourself
  7. the worst teacher you’ve ever had 
  8. the best teacher you’ve ever had
  9. The way you want to die 
  10. The last time you cried 
  11. The body modifications you would like to have done right now (piercings, tattoos, plastic surgery, ext.)
  12. The happiest moment of your life so far
  13. Your favorite songs at the moment 
  14. Your phone case 
  15. Your first crush 
  16. How you discovered your sexuality (or sexuality in general)
  17. An alternate universe you would love to be in right now 
  18. The type of person you wish you had in your life
  19. Where you see yourself in ten years 
  20. Your best friend 
  21. Put your music on shuffle, what’s the first thing that came up and what does the song mean to you?
  22. The cutest thing you’ve ever seen 
  23. The last tantrum of your childhood that you remember 
  24. The last thing you watched on Netflix 
  25. If you could have anything in the world right now, what would you want and why?
  26. What your parents be surprised to learn about you
  27. Your strangest pet peeve 
  28. The weirdest thing that has ever turned you on
  29. The last book you truly loved
  30. A piece of advice would you give your younger self
  31. A celebrity you would you trade lives with
  32. Strangest deal breaker in a relationship 
  33. The best year in your life 
  34. The worst year in your life 
  35. How you want to be remembered after you die
  36. What you want your funeral arrangements to be like
  37. If you could take back one action you have done, what would it be and why?
  38. Strangest thing you find attractive in a person 
  39. Scariest thing that has ever happened to you
  40. The thing you’re trying to improve in yourself
  41. Biggest goal at the moment 
  42. If you could get into any college, what school would you go to?
  43. Best gift you’ve ever received
  44. Best gift you’ve ever given 
  45. The weirdest story you have in your mind right now 
  46. Your ideal body type
  47. Your favorite names 
  48. The last text you received 
  49. A phrase that breaks your heart 
  50. Your favorite quote 
  51. Best joke you’ve ever heard 
  52. (any other question)
  • Trash
  • the Mountain Goats
  • zVarious Unreleased

Maybe, maybe it’s the clothes we wear
Our tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair
Maybe it’s our kookiness…

Or maybe, maybe it’s our nowhere towns
Our nothing places and our cellophane sounds
Maybe it’s our looseness…

But we’re trash, you and me
We’re the litter on the breeze
We’re the people on the streets.

We’re trash, me and you
It’s in everything we do.
It’s in everything we do…

Maybe, maybe it’s the things we say
The places we go and the music we play
Maybe it’s our cheapness…

Or maybe, maybe it’s the times we’ve had
The lazy days and the crazes and the fads
Maybe it’s our sweetness…

But we’re trash, you and me
We’re the litter on the breeze
We’re the people on the streets.

We’re trash, me and you
It’s in everything we do.
It’s in everything we do…

Just trash, you and me
We’re the people on the streets
We’re the litter on the breeze…

We’re trash, me and you
It’s in everything we do.
It’s in everything we do…

For everyone who hasn’t been in the FMA fandom since before the manga ended, I just want to share with you a little experience I had

The episode that the 5th Brotherhood opening first appeared in came out in April 2010, a good two months before the final chapter of the manga was released. Now I don’t know if any of you have noticed or not, but for a brief moment in that opening we see Truth in what appears to be the form of Winry:

Of course, the openings are known for having at least general spoilers of what’s to come (e.g. Greed appearing in the first opening despite not appearing for 13 episodes). So when the opening came out, everyone started freaking out about the Winry!Truth, trying to figure out what it could mean, does Winry commit human transmutation in the final arc?! We were all so distressed by this Winry Truth and then you know what it turned out to be? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING. THE WINRY TRUTH MADE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER WE ALL GOT UPSET OVER FUCKING NOTHING FUCK YOU STUDIO BONES

Hey friends, here is an autobiographical essay about some shit that went down a few years ago. It’s longer and more autobiographical than usual, so I made a separate tumblr for it.

Trigger warnings, just to be safe:

Mentions of anxiety, depression, and a brief mention of suicidal ideation. Ableist references to mental illness. Mentions of misogyny.

Also, while there is no violence of any kind, it’s a story about living with someone who does not respect physical or emotional boundaries, and about being very scared for a long time, which feels potentially triggery.

That said, I would overall consider this story a comedy? We all deal with stuff in our own ways, man.

The Ballad of Joe Yogurtsack: A True Story of Fear, Friendship, Theft, and the Worst Roommate I Ever Had

The first time I met Joe, he was standing in the middle of my kitchen, offering me stolen yogurt from a large black garbage bag.

The kitchen was in Minneapolis, where I was renting a portion of a house while I interned downtown. The food, he told me proudly, he had lifted from the breakfast buffet of a nearby hotel. The man was my new housemate.

Part I


Another one from the LadyNoir playlist because I’ve been playing it on loop.

English lyrics:

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This is my brother. He wanted to be a princess fairy.

He really liked the tinsel things, he wanted some in his hair. (It’s a flower he drew on his cheek. Not a dick)

He told me he needed a cape that was black so he could blend in with the night. This was the best I had

The wings came sewn to the dress. He told me they were ‘sucky’ and he would like better ones next time. He was happy with the belt though.

He told me ‘it’s easier too see with my hair out the way. It’s in a pineapple thingy’

I told him he made a very good princess.

‘Fairy princess’ he corrects me, pausing before adding ‘Can I be a blue one next?’

I love him so much <3

In Denial (a poem)

In Denial

She wrote pages and pages
In her journal
Of the many ways
She could end her life
And the many reasons why
Never once devoting a page
Or paragraph
To how she could love herself more
And hold on to what she had
The gift of Hope that was always there
In her soft hands
Glowing in denial
Above the black-inked backdrop
She chose to believe in
More than anything else.

Leda’s Voice

They don’t know that
the first time he tried it
he was a man who had
the blinding face of a god.

I fled. They blame me –
imagine I sat in the grass
by the waterside again,
earphones in, listening to

a dead man singing ‘rape me’.
I wasn’t afraid of swans.
I watched cygnets protected
by pairs, fierce and distant.

And when he attacked,
all I could think was
of the barrage of wings,
the disposable body pushed

into my mouth and eyes.
I fought and fought –
they say I didn’t struggle
enough to stave off WW III.

Numb among sharp reeds,
I birthed pieces of me,
and kept them eggshell-safe,
their new blue irises

vague starry reflections
of a god’s unnerving stare.
Their faces were not mine,
but I held them in my hands,

washed off the viscous
remnants of yolk and blood,
the small spiny feathers,
the dense terror.

Has anyone considered the fact that “Left Behind” is not just Melchior singing to/about Moritz’s father, but is lamenting and mourning his loss as well?

Like, we never really see Melchior really mourn the passing of his best friend outright. 

So I would just like to think that Melchior is kind of singing about himself too during the song. 

“The talks you never had
The Saturdays you never spent
All the grown-up places
You never went

And all of the crying
You wouldn’t understand
You just let him cry”

Idk, thoughts about this headcanon?

a confession

forgive me Father for i have 
turned people into 
pain instead of poetry
pain instead of prayers
pain instead of love,
a love like Yours
if seventy times seven
i’ve been forgiven
i’ve failed you a million times more 

forgive me Father,
i don’t deserve to open my eyes
to brighter days
i don’t deserve good
i don’t deserve beautiful
i don’t deserve You
i don’t deserve You

forgive me Father,
what’s left of me
is only half a heart
drowning in apologies
a hollow body,
a soul
feeding the life off its flesh
it’s such a sad sad shame
to still have Your blood
flowing through my veins
to still waste Your love on
a sinner like me 

forgive me Father,
I had always thought 
there were no rules to faith,
that I could love
whoever I wanted to love,
that I could be the saviour
to someone’s need to be saved,
but the words of the preacher
slit my throat open
when he told me that I had
the wrong kind of love,
the wrong kind of pain, 
the wrong kind of loneliness
flowing in me

Father, I still do believe.
I still wear my Sunday’s best
and click my black shoes
together for a burst of faith;
I still light a candle
at the wooden altar
every sleepless night,
every weary morning;
I still burn myself out
for the people who need
loving in the dead of the night;
I still try to be patient;
I still try to be kind

forgive me father 
for i have sinned
and i always do
and i always will 
and I whisper you this 
as my last thought in the evening
like a lover tells a lover promises of forever

Like a lover pains a lover,
I’m sorry

Like a lover loves a lover,
I still do love You


Today is your day.
A great day.

Renewing the cycles of life.
Smiling, always smile.
With your dazzling smile.
A bright smile.
Captivating and unequaled.

Recorded permanently.
In memory of who had
the privilege of seeing it
as your first image.

Here, The Flower,
Flower of a love,
For a very Special Flower,
You Flower.

A great day.
Today is your day.


crow play

a crow flock was on the grass, so
i asked them,
is one of you my crow friend?
i said, im sorry but
you all look the same to me.

no response from the crows, 
but as i walked away
i began to notice that
all the people near me had
a face similar to all the other people,
ha that’s funny, i said,
then, all the people near me had
the face of a black crow,
ah thank you, i said