Creative Examples of Hadouken Photography

What will happen if humans suddenly have superpowers? Lots of people will be blown away, as first demonstrated by some Japanese high school girls photographing themselves receiving the Makankosappo, a destructive energy wave that throws victims a few feet back.

The world then adopted the trend, showing off their own version of Makankosappo in social media, and even spawning variations in the form of Kamehameha and Hadouken memes.

You can learn the Hadouken too! It only takes a camera and a magical pose. Here in 10 amazingly choreographed photos, you can observe how to position yourself as the blaster, and as the victims. Choose your victims well: friends, colleagues or whoever’s bored, and have a slamming good tme hadouken-ing them away!

Makankosappo. So it all started here, a high-school girl casting Makankosappo blows her innocent classmates away.