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XY032 was a really verbose episode, and there were some points made about hadō. It wasn’t really possible, with only speech, to tell the exact word used: if it was meant as the very special ability of hadō-users, or as the more common phenomenon of a “wave” of any sort, since it manifests as such. A lot of occurrences of the word were also about the move Aura Sphere / はどうだん Hadō-dan (from Concombre’s Rukario), but we know that XY033 will be about 波導 hadō (wave-guiding) given the title, which has been a specific writing used to refer to the power of hadō-users in the past (DP071/DP072, same meaning as in movie 08), be it Pokémon or humans. So, wave-guiding is indeed what Concombre’s Rukario used when not launching a move.
For world-building: early on, when Rukario was testing his new strength by moving air, Corni said that what they could all feel was Rukario’s hadō; we indeed saw the wave being emitted twice in succession. Corni furthermore explained that “the thing that seemed to be wind” was in fact this: hadō. Eureka described it as “warm” and didn’t find it unpleasant at all.

Satoshi specifically mentioned that he could “feel Rukario’s hadō”, but that sounded quite neutral and on the same scale as what the others could feel, not about his special ability… However, he later noticed that the “hadō” (not saying “Hadō-dan” this time, though it was possibly what he implied) of Concombre’s Rukario was clearly stronger than Corni’s when Hadō-dan beat Bone Rush.

Ssssso, to me so far, it left room to see it alternatively as Satoshi being more perceptive, or, on the contrary, just more vocal about it. Open to interpretation as far as I could tell, so if that’s indeed the case, nice!

Actually the insistence on a materialisation of a wave that seemed directly emitted by the body (air moving), rather than magical and created separately from the user (namely, the blue energy from movie 08) portrayed the phenomenon as something more natural, and not as special and exceptional as what we’ve seen at work in the past. So I don’t know whether the two are meant to be perceived as different uses of the same power, or as a new presentation of the old use (movie 08’s Rukario was also portrayed doing far-reaching recon by using something akin to echolocation, which Arlon had trained him for). It sure made more sense as it was portrayed this time: the representative move being Hadō-dan (Fighting type move) and the representative Pokémon being Rukario (Fighting type), the surges of energy emitted (by Corni’s Rukario when practicing, and by Concombre’s when blocking or escaping moves) were reminiscent of the Type and seemed more… physical.

This episode was about Corni’s limits, showing the reverse side of some of her characteristics. We had seen Corni as successful, as (seemingly) totally working as a team on equal terms with Rukario, as having the proper behaviour with strangers; here, we see her facing a personal loss (in something that matters, the bond she cherishes), the synchrony between human and Pokémon being broken, Corni lacking proper restraint towards someone close to her (her grandfather). So, sharing a responsibility in her own failure when she, a first, seemed to be a victim of external causes. Her logic wasn’t good for what she wanted to achieve, and her inability to perceive the root of the problem made her sink deeper in it.

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