Sassy Go Go Farewell Messages

Jung Eunji

“To Sassy Go Go and the viewers who watched!! Thanks for loving us during this time!!♥  Today too, tomorrow too, please be happy!!”

“It wasn’t an easy schedule, but I really had fun going back to school for the first time in a while. I’m thankful for the people who loved Kang Yeondoo and who worked hard. I’ll work hard to become Jung Eunji The Actress who learns and grows a lot. “

Lee Won Geun

“It was a really special show. It was a time where I got to have fun with my peers and learn a lot from my sunbaes. I’m grateful for the staff who brought out Kim Yeol out of me, who is lacking. Thank you for giving me so much love that it made me forget the tiring schedule - I won’t forget it.”


“My Sevit days are over now. It was fun because I could work with my peers, so it’s even more of a shame that we have to part. To the PD-nim, writer-nim, staff, sunbaes, Baekho and Real King - everybody, you’ve worked hard, and it was an honour to have worked with you. And, to everyone that loved Seo Hajoon until now, thank you so much. Please anticipated my next project!”

Chae Soobin

“Today is Sassy Go Go’s last episode. It’s such a shame, and it hasn’t sink in yet. When the last filming ends, and I go back home not as Sooah, but as me, it seems like I’ll miss it a lot, so I’m even a little bit afraid. At first, I only ever tried to understand Sooah, but at some point, I began to see the script and the situation as Sooah. I feel like Sooah was the most pitiful character of the drama. That’s why I feel like I’ve grown more fondness for the character, and now that we have to part, I feel empty. But looking back, I really enjoyed and had fun filming. To my colleagues, sunbaes, actors, PD and staff, who really felt like my classmates and teachers, you’ve all worked so hard, and I’m really thankful. Thank you to the viewers who loved us too. Just like Sooah, who grew a lot, I feel like I’ve grown and learned a lot through this drama. For one more time, thank you.”

Cha Hakyeon

“Dongjae was a really loveable character. I was really happy to have finally been given the chance to do it. Dongjae gave me a lot of things, so I feel regretful that there was a lot of him that I couldn’t show. It was a really happy time being able to live as Yeondoo’s Hadong.”

Thoughts from Korea!

I’m in Hadong now! I spent one night in Seoul, then took a 4 hour bus to Jinju, visited the Jinju Fortress, played a game of soccer with some Koreans and English teachers, and then took another hour bus took Hadong. I’m off to another unknown place tomorrow!

  • The Seoul subway system is soo confusing! It’s really extensive, but to a point where there are multiple ways to get most places, and it’s hard to figure out the best route. (Looking at the map can give headaches! And I thought Taipei’s was extensive…)
  • There are many advertisements for plastic surgery
  • I think I would be in trouble if I didn’t have someone showing me around because it took me a day and a half to remember how to say “Hello” in Korean. There are so many syllables to everything! “Hello” has 5 syllables! Ahhhh!
  • My backpack alone was 26 pounds.. plus a small day pack and laptop - definitely heavier than ideal. I’m hoping that a fair amount of the weight were the manyyy AA batteries (because my camera eats them like crazy) so hopefully my pack will get lighter as I take more pictures
  • You know the slug bug punching game? Same thing applies for couples in matching outfits. I’ve been hit twice.
  • My first meal in Korea was Mongolian food. My cousin volunteered for the Peace Corps and lived in Mongolia for two years. Pretty much the only place that we would be able to find legit (not Mongolian BBQ, because that isn’t actually Mongolian) was in Seoul, and we were only there for the night. I don’t know how to describe it, except that mutton was the main meat/flavor.
  • I’m supposed to go hiking today and check out one of the most famous mountains in South Korea. It’s super gloomy outside and raining though.. hmm..

Happy August! August always symbolized the end of summer to me.. it’s hard to believe that it’s already here.

Tea at the Hadong Tea Cultural Center~

Today we stopped to sample some tea :)

We learned about Korean tea manners and how to serve tea. We didn’t have that much time, however, because our busdriver got lost and we were very late…>.<

The tea was really good! I’m not much of a tea person outside of Lipton chai tea, but it and the whole atmosphere was very relaxed and comforting :)

And afterwards, we were able to go down and help make some tea, here’s some of our group members roasting tea leaves X)


Then it was put up to dry!