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oo o o oo o whats andy's relationship with the three main guys + leif (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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Their relationship had a weird start. Andy found herself feeling attracted to Nevra in such a way that she couldn´t know how to explain. 
This attraction scared her and that´s why she tried her best to be far away from him- that is why she didn´t went to the Shadow´s Guard.

Nowadays, Andy still has difficulties approaching Nevra all alone, as she thinks she will only embarass herself, still, when she has impulsive moments, she will go and talk with him. but first she somehow needs to plan what she will ask him- yes, she always plans ahead xd.

Nevra finds that side of her kinda cute and interesting as women that like him are always straightfoward with him and are always ready for bussiness, while Andy simply runs away from her feelings and tries to not bother him with them- yes, Nevra is aware of the fact that Andy loves him but never did he brought that up in a  conversation. Why? That is still something he is trying to understand as well u.u

Tho, everyone who sees them together knows very well that Nevra treats Andy very differently from all the other women around them. And no, it isn´t like a sister, it´s…something different, something that the vampire might be scared to admit….just like Andy is u.u


Nowadays, Ezarel and Andy get quite well with each other. Both of them respect each other´s bondaries and maybe it´s because of that they feel so confortable with each other.

Sure Andy gets pranked a lot by the elf but if he somehow he offends her with his pranks, she will hide his honey and won´t give it to him until he asks for forgiveness u.u

Their relationship is something that everyone keeps wondering as both have very different personalities and in the end get along.

A lil secret between us: If Andy would ever to touch Ez by accident, he wouldn´t mind at all~

Another lil secret: Ezarel kinda daydreams with Andy touching his hair- do you guys know how deep this is? Elves are very attached to their hairs and unless you´re their lovers, no one else touch it u.u


Andy always found Valkyon a very calm and respectfull person. They started their relationship not that bad compared to the others, as Andy tried her best to do her missions well.

Valkyon at first may had thought that she wasn´t fit for the Obsidian Guard, but once he saw her hadnling weapons in such an ease, he knew she was fit for it and even admired her.

Nowadays they train with each other a lot and Valkyon is always there to listen to her or simply stay by her side in a confortable silence, enjoying the presence of each other.

Andy finds confort in Valkyon´s words and presence and she can even say his hugs are the best she ever had- not like she had received hugs before coming to Eel Guard :v


A man that from day one made Andy a blushing mess from his gentleness and mannerism with her,tho, she keeps getting the feeling that he hides something, that´s probably why she cannot trust him 100%.

Still, Leiftan is someone to whom she likes to listen to his voice and advice. 

Leiftan also sometimes plans night walks with Andy as he knows how much she likes to walk during the night.

Leiftan considers Andy a kind person and simply can´t leave her alone when he notices that she has only felt pain before coming to Eel Guard.

He wants to protect her, he wants to make her feel loved, tho his over-protectivity makes Andy feel imprissoned by it, making her show to Leiftan when it´s to much.

the entire fandom has literally ridiculed us from the very beggingin and they made fun of sakura and said sasuke would never love her because she’s “lame,useless,weak,annoying” etc and they have bullied us and called us abuse apologists,mysogynists and dumb and stupid and delusional and idiots and we’ve been the underdogs that everyone ridiculed and made fun of but now guess what????? sakura and sasuke have a fucking BABY,,they KHAD SEX ,sasuke has a family and a daughter and sakura has a husband and sasuke has the love he lost long ago.n literally ears and years of shipping this have payed off and even thouhg it was hard at the times with all the atni moments and anti people we made it and now our ship is canon?????? its fucking canon???????????? in a shonen manga a romatnic ship is CANON . im sroryr that this is so bad im still fucking shaking from this i still cand hadnle thsi

She never thought he’d change but he did. Promises are always meant to be broken. He started breaking every promise he ever made when they were deeply in love with each other. The I’ll-always-be-here became the I’m-busy-I-don’t-have-the-time-to-talk-to-you-I-have-a-lot-of-commitment-today. Commitment, she shook her head. It’s as if he forgot she was one of those commitments he’d been going on about. It’s as if in his long list of things that are important to him, she was at the bottom. 

She tried understanding him at first; it was his dream, after all. She tried playing it cool when everyone had his attention but for her it was as if winning the lottery if he ever did manage to randomly text ‘I miss you.” For months he’s been going on about how it was a dream come true for him and his band mates. She listened to him intently; admiring how his eyes lit up. 

“Girl, you’re being a martyr now.” Her best friend confronted her.
“I can’t help it. He’s living his dream.” Y/N replied.
“But how about you? Are you fine with that? Are you okay with what he’s doing to you? Honestly, fame got the best of him.” Her best friend grabbed the magazine. “See this? Look at what he said in this interview. You’re cool with him cheating on you? He practically admitted that he’s a douche! Wake up Y/N!”
“The media has a lot of ways on how they can twist what a person has said. Calum would never actually do that.”
“Oh god.. haven’t you seen the Snapchat? You two are together. His band wasn’t that famous during that time and there he was flaunting his… erm..” Her best friend was gesturing the lower part of her body.
“He said he was sorry. I forgave him. And besides, that was a long time ago.” She tried justifying his wrongdoings. When you love a person, you’d forgive him no matter what, right? Even though he’s deliberately making a fool out of yourself. Even though everything is there - proofs she chose to deny; besides, everything can easily be edited. When you love someone, you sometimes involuntarily close your eyes from the truths, see them as lies, and believe in him - no matter what.

Her best friend sat on the sofa, looking at her with pity. When a person loves you, her best friend thought, you’d do anything for that person. “Well that’s cute. Now tell me again why weren’t you invited on their trip to Bali?” 
“He said he forgot to..to..” She broke down. “Why do I love him so much? Why does it hurt loving him now? Why is everything so… so.. fucked up?!”
“Honey, there’s nothing wrong with you. Ask Calum, though.” She showed her phone to her, the instagram app was opened and it was on Calum’s profile. He posted a picture: he was with a blonde girl, they seemed so happy, so cozy with each other. And for the first time in her entire life, she felt like collapsing, she felt a pang in her heart. She felt used. Was she not enough for him? She started pitying herself. But when she read the caption: this is paradise x along with the girl’s name, she had lost it. 
“Screw him!” 

Later that night he called her. She mentally prepared her speech. She imagined herself as Joe Jonas, famous for breaking up with someone on the phone. 

“Hey, babe, I wish you were here.” He said.
“Oh, really? I don’t know.. I think you’re having a lot of fun without me.”
“Babe.. if this is abo-”
“Do you know how long have I been dodging every painful things you’re doing to me? I can handle you not greeting me on my birthday. I hadnled you cheating on me pretty well. I was so blinded by the thought that you will forever be my Calum Hood.. but..but fame happened. You’re not the Calum I used to know. You are not the sweet and caring person I knew three years ago. You were not the adorable, romantic and loving partner you were before. I don’t know who you are. And honestly, I’m fed up with everything. I think it’s time for us to part our own ways.” She pressed the end button.

She took a deep breath, crying her heart out. 

Ending something is painful. It’s like watching the last episode of your favorite show or anticipating for the last installment of a movie series based on a book. At first, you will miss the feeling of being happy, the feeling of excitement when you see your favorite character. You’d miss hearing their voice. You’d miss how much they made you laugh. You’d miss every ounce of feeling it gives you. And re-watching the movie or show isn’t the same. But somehow, you’d manage to cope up with the loss. You’d read new books. You’d watch new tv series. You’d have your very own adventure, make new memories.. meet new people.. live life.. 

There are endless of possibilities after one chapter of your life finishes. You just have to broaden your perspective and have a positive outlook on life. Most importantly, believe in yourself.