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Speaking of drawing characters… I finally finished Tarvei! You may know him as the intrepid commander of Fort Spam, or as that darn Apex kid who keeps popping up in the sidestories. We’ll be seeing a bit more of him down the line so I may as well show you what he looks like.

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To be honest, I always thought that poptops bear an uncanny resemblance to Mawiles. Yellow (cream?)/black color scheme, mouth in a weird place, smol and cute but will wreck unprepared people (I'm a competitive Pokémon player and I once made a mistake of underestimating a Mega Mawile). So, I can see why Hadley would like Mawiles. And Oldarva with a Mimikyu is an adorable mental image and I love it 😄

The poptop resemblance is exactly why I picked Mawile for Hadley ^.^ (I had the most absurd love for them back in Ruby; I happen to use Mega Mawile myself on the rare occasion I venture competitive)

Glad you liked that one ^.^ I was thinking Eldie would prefer the sparkly ones like Diancie at first… then I realized that while she’d like them, she would find them too gaudy after a while. Her trainer class would absolutely be Pokemon Breeder.

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Everyone's favourite Pokémon? 🙃

Shoot… I can’t even decide on my own single favorite. Here are my best guesses.

Hadley’d like Salazzle, fire/poison and tough female in charge, though Mawile is a very close second, especially when it mega-evolves

Sonny’s favorite would be Chinchou. Small, glowy, and it makes the cutest noise. Also shiny Chinchou glows green, just like her

Arjun… Possibly Ursaring? Big and strong, useful for defense or manual labor (and that fur is very warm to hug)

Namina, Carnivine? It looks like a Floran ^.^;; That, or Torterra. I can imagine him taking a nap under the tree on its back

Aggy would think Empoleon is the coolest thing ever: giant penguin with steel fins

Nyota’s tricky… Oranguru, perhaps, for its intelligence. Otherwise, Hydreigon or Zoroark. Dark types would definitely appeal to her

Lumen is another hard one… but he would be really fond of Cosmog. It’s made of stars, just like him! It’s also adorable

Oldarva would be drawn to the lonely ones, like Absol and Cubone. I can see her bonding with a Mimikyu (and making it costumes)